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Zombie Trance-formation | Shelle RiversZombie Trance-formation | Shelle Rivers

Zombie Trance-formation


Product SKU: Zombie Trance-formation

Trance-forming you to a mindless, conditioned Zombie...

Zombie Trance-formation (34 minutes):

Back again, My addicted servant?  Of course you are, the cum-pulsion to listen to My voice and to surrender to My sexy suggestions is inescapable, I'm a permanent part of you now.  And do I have a wonderful trick/treat for you this festival season, a fun demonstration of just how much control I have of your mind, and how willing you are to accept the TRUTH of My wicked words.

As you know, Hypnosis is the art of relaxation with intense focus, but for many just like you, its synonymous with being mindless, powerless and being unable to resist, not unlike a Zombie under the control of a decadent Domina. (giggles)  But W/we all know My erotic femdom hypnosis is even more potent than this, I'm the Absolute Authority in your mind, and I cement My control through indoctrination, repetitive conditioning and other "devious" means to reinforce and impose My will. (wink)

This MP3 session is a prime example of how I do this, captivating you with My divine presence and then subjugating your will until there's nothing left of you but a mindless, thoughtless, Zombie fixated on My every word with no thought or concept of self. It's very erotic to watch your trance-formation, from a lucid subject to a mindless Zombie, the light in your eyes fading away until there is nothing left but a glassy-eyed shell of your former self, an owned object that I can use and play with as I see fit. (Hmmmm)

Once captured and captivated, I condition you to feed on My words, locked in an inescapable loop of cum-pulsion, with a growing, throbbing, need to relinquish everything until I am your world. It's so hot to see you fall this way, surrendering to the bliss of being mindlessly MINE that this may very well beCUM a permanent part of your subconscious self. I'll let you decide if that is a trick or a treat, My pet, that is while you still can... (wicked laughter)

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Tuesday, 03 November 2020
Wow that was crazy. i loved it. Where does Domina come up with this stuff? i don't know at what point i was in trance. i was just listening, enjoying Domina's story. Soon i was getting aroused by her words. i loved this file. So creative. i love being Domina's Zombie.
Tuesday, 03 November 2020
i'm hapyy to part of Domina Shelle's zombie army. Mindless and blank. Just needing and craving Her voice.
Monday, 02 November 2020
Spooky and erotic! Dominas story telling always feels so vivid and real! Her hypnotic spell weaves in and out of your mind and completely transforms your thoughts into her world... This year Domina has a sexy trick and a sweet treat in store for you... giggles...
Sunday, 01 November 2020
Domina Shelle's Halloween sessions are always brilliant. This one is no exception. If you are a fan of mindlessness then this session is a must listen. Several times in a row...
Saturday, 31 October 2020
After listening i still feel the effects of this file. Another file that deepens my enslavement on such a deep level. I love this and now I have an insatiable need to listen to Her Voice. Domina is so Powerful it’s h
Saturday, 31 October 2020
Domina Shelle excels no matter what She does, an incredible hypnotist, Owner, Mistress.. the list goes on. She also knows how to weave Her spell through stories and this is a perfect example of how She uses that style to enslave a mind. Where Domina's spooky tale ended and trance began is very blurred, Her voice bringing the sublime pleasure that only She gives, then BLANK, PLEASURE and more BLANK. When i came out of this trance i was staring blankly in a mirror looking like the hypnotised victim of a horror film vampire, no idea how i got to the mirror, i do know Domina had something to do with it. i know Domina has left suggestions buried deep in my mind, but i don;t know what and i care less. She commands and i obey.
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