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Sensual Submission | Shelle RiversSensual Submission | Shelle Rivers

Sensual Submission


Product SKU: Sensual Submission

SURRENDER as My Domination envelopes you...

Sensual Submission (22 minutes):

It is time to snuggle up, My sweet, to get close to Your Domina and allow Me to lull you into a dreamy state of adoration and lust.  Just focus on My words as you imagine My kissing you, caressing you, pulling you in close for another unforgettable sensual encounter with the one you love, honor, and obey above all others.

Yes, My baby, let yourself go and surrender to the insatiable craving to submit, serve, and obey as My aura of domination envelopes you, consuming every fiber of your being, as the bliss of submission pulls you deeper than deep into My world, a haven for the real enslaved you.  There is no point trying to resist My sensual, loving embrace, O/our intimate D/s relationship is too strong, a profound sexual connection that touches your heart and soul leaving you only desperate for more...

Ahh, My pet, just feed on the relaxing energy imbued by My words as your arousal grows, your beacon of surrender, an ever-present reminder that you are forever MINE, lost to My sensual domination and control.  This is a Sensual Submission, so intense, it will progressively build into crescendo, an unstoppable explosive orgasm so mind-blowing it will bind you to the TRUTH that you will always give Me what I want and in return you will be allowed to feast on the MANY pleasures of obeying Me. (giggles)

That's it, My slave, relax and submit to My power.  In these precious moments W/we spend together, allow time to almost stand still, where minutes feel like hours and hours beCUM days, each second a sensual embrace as your sexual and erotic desires are focused entirely on Me, on serving Me, on submitting to Me, and obeying Me, and only Me!

Obey Me NOW, and listen to this session.  Nourish your sexual need for submission as O/our sensual encounter consumes you with a passion and a purpose to be My forever faithful servant, lost in lust to a mesmerizing Domina you ardently adore.

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Wednesday, 05 June 2024
How does 22 minutes seem like forever. Domina leads you through a mind blowing experience. No one makes me feel the way Domina makes me feel, no one. i am forever owned by Her. Thank You Domina for that experience. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sunday, 02 June 2024
Wow! This session is so potent and arousing beyond belief!!! Domina Shelles' beautiful masterpiece took me on a relaxing floating journey that seemed even to bend time itself... Mmmm... feeling good for SO long... i still feel it long after listening... Domina Shelle knows what's best for Her slaves!
Saturday, 01 June 2024
Listening to this file is like finding a treasure map. Let Domina show you the way to bliss.
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