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Sexual Exploitation | Shelle RiversSexual Exploitation | Shelle Rivers

Sexual Exploitation


Product SKU: Sexual Exploitation

What sane man hasn’t fantasized about being sexually exploited by a sexy, beautiful Dominant Woman?

Length: 32 minutes
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Knowing your perverted mind, I’m guessing you might just crave the thought of a little Sexual Exploitation by a sexy, manipulative and powerful Woman.
What sane man hasn’t fantasized about being sexually exploited, taken advantage of by a sexy, beautiful Dominant Woman?  TEASED and TAUNTED and played with...the idea of a beautiful Woman trapping and ensnaring you is so AROUSING, isn’t it, My pet?  I know you want this, this excites you and makes you very aroused. ***Giggles***  you are aroused aren't you?  I do love playing in your mind and in your pants.

Are you ready to be your QUEEN of SEXUAL manipulation and MIND FUCKERY?  As you FALL Deep under My control in this POWERFUL 32 minute HYPNO EROTICA session.  Give in to ME as this is one session that you can NOT miss.  Listen as My Hypnotic words drip from My sweet lips. Giggles...Just ignore the whispers.

This session is what the concept of EROTIC HYPNOSIS is all will leave you squirming!  I LOVE IT!!!


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Wednesday, 25 March 2020
Sexual Exploitation This is a hidden gem which I found in my library of Erotic Hypnosis. Starts so smooth, sexy and hypnotic yet Domina Shelle eases Her way into taking control of your mind very quickly using some of Her tricks...... She WILL use Her tricks to manipulate and exploit you but in such a beautiful and seductive way you will just melt and give in. She uses every part of Her body and I do mean EVERY part to seduce you so descriptively and deceptively, its like She is actually doing it to you!! The feelings She MAKES you have are incredible, sexually erotic and teasing mmmmmm. Domina Shelle's programming is so smooth and seductive you don't stand a chance of getting away once you have taken a bite of Her apple.......
Sunday, 22 March 2020
This is a remarkable session in that Domina Shelle hides nothing about Her intent, how She is about to subvert your will to exploit your male submissive weaknesses in order to subjugate you and, ultimately, enslave you. Her gift to implant intrigue in the listener to play along is skilfully done and it is a testament to Her persuasive abilities that you quickly get enraptured by the narrative and the suggestions She bombards you with. using a combination of subtle tease and denial you are swept away by the possibility of being in the presence of Domina, Her date for the night, and the lust and adoration that She triggers in you is a sign just how adept Domina Shelle is in exploiting your desires for Her. It is beautifully executed and by the end of the session you realise just how outclassed you are. But, honestly, you will not care because the compulsion to be immersed in her presence again, to hear Her sexy sensual voice, will guarantee you will listen again and again and again...
Monday, 06 January 2020
It should be considered a warning when Domina Shelle discloses the mechanism of "Sexual Exploitation" just like the torturer shows off his tools to the victim. But there is no anxiety - Domina's sweet voice lets me slip down into warm hypnotic sleep to find one of the most delicious mind f❤️cks i ever experienced! Erotic Hypnosis can be not only pleasurable but also informative and instructive. And who knows better the ropes that tie a male's mind than Domina Shelle?
Thursday, 19 December 2019
Simple and yet devastatingly effective this session is a must listen. Since my first encounter with Domina Shelle i have always had a reaction to Her presennce. I adore how this session capitalises on that. It's wonderful.
Sunday, 01 December 2019
This file left me very very aroused and longing for more. Domina Shelle is so incredibly sensual and attractive that She drives me crazy with desire for HER.
Monday, 25 November 2019
Such an incredibly deep and sexy trance! Being sexually exploited by Domina feels like the warmest and sweetest embrace of love and never ending arousal... *heart* This file is profoundly addicting and will leave you changed forever... I love Domina Shelle SOO much! ❤️
Sunday, 24 November 2019
Sexual Exploitation left me all horny and aroused for my beloved Owner Domina Shelle. i crave to please my beloved Domina and make Her happy whenever i can. Though i do not see this as exploitation, it is an act of worshiping und surrendering to my Superior as all of Her desires should be pleased all the time. The pleasure i gain from pleasing Her as well as the love She has for me and that i feel for Her is all i need to Obey Her and stay loyal to Her. The fact that this submission arouses me is only another benefit sweetening my servitude to Her.
Sunday, 24 November 2019
This rarely happens to me, but i have no memory of what happened. i remember that Domina started to hypnotize me and then nothing. Total blackout. Did i fall a sleep? i don know. i dont know what happened. i was all hard and horny when it was over.
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