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Mind Fucked and Confused | Shelle RiversMind Fucked and Confused | Shelle Rivers

Mind Fucked and Confused


Product SKU: Mind Fucked and Confused

Are you ready for another mesmerizing mind fuck?

Mind Fucked and Confused (45 minutes)

My pet, are you ready for another mesmerizing mind fuck that leaves you gasping and begging for more of My control?

I know it's a rhetorical question but, as My deeply subjugated subject, I do so enjoy teasing and tempting you knowing that you're utterly powerless to resist Me.  Let's face it, I'm just so irresistible to the submissive you and My whispered words are the focal point of all your dreams and fantasizes.  And why?  Because W/we have a very special relationship, an intimate connection borne from your craving to serve at My feet and My irrepressible desire to mold you into a devoted slave.

It's the perfect arrangement, you sated and subdued and Me empowered and enraptured.  It always gives Me tingles (in all My naughty areas — giggles) to see you surrender to My will and in this session I am going to send you so deep down the rabbit hole that you're never going to find your way back.  Imagine it, lost and confused in a maze of words, only to be saved by your Siren's voice lulling you to freedom and safety, a paradise of submission and subservience.

But what's the price you ask?  Don't concern yourself with those details, My pet, focus on the prize and let Me free your suggestible mind from any thoughts of ever straying from Me.  After all I am the Mistress of your mind and it's only right that I claim what I own.  So if you are intrigued to learn more, relax, settle back, and let My words spin 'round and around a vortex of submission in your mind, a Dark Hole whose inescapable pull will lead to a future where W/we are always together.

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Thursday, 28 December 2023
Taken so deeply under by Domina, my mind literally buzzing for days afterwards. A sexy, foggy feeling that I've never experienced to this degree. I normally give files a bit of space to see how they affect me (and in the past now, to protect myself from any dangerous or unwanted suggestions they might contain) but I seem unable to do that with Domina Shelle, especially this file. It has lived in my subconscious since hearing it and even my conscious mind keeps coming back to thoughts of Domina's voice and words. I need to hear her beautiful voice more and more. The induction is enjoyable and really creative as it swirls and twists your mind deeper, although I seem to lose awareness of what's happening at some point, following her seductive path deeper inside. The music, sound quality and effects are excellent as far as I remember. More importantly though, to awake afterwards feeling so happy and submissive, wanting to listen again allready, knowing that my mind is changed for the better and to have that feeling remain.
Friday, 03 January 2020
i not remember much i just know i woke happy submissive relaxed plus more devoted than ever the bliss Domina gifts us is ever soso powerful and perfect
Wednesday, 11 December 2019
A maze - corridors with dim light - a dark room - a forest - that is four powerful hypnotic pictures in one file! My mind is busy to remember the way out of the maze but is distracted by trying to figure out the deja-vu of the maze and the rooms.... The mind and thoughts just perfectly split in this confusing trance and i end up under Domina's playful and wicked control. The sound effects are amazing!
Monday, 09 December 2019
This session creeps up on you before seizing complete control of your subconscious. The audio effects and Domina Shelle's Voice are effective at luring the listener into a deep trance via slight confusion techniques, however by the end of the session you are so far gone that you are completely at Domina Shelle's mercy. And sweet voice or not, She isn't feeling very merciful today. :P
Monday, 09 December 2019
My mind all dizzy after thiz maze. It was like being in some kind of fantasy thriller not knowing what will happen. Full of twists and turns.
Monday, 09 December 2019
Deeper than the farthest and darkest realms of the subconscious mind; Domina Shelle masterfully and blissfully leads you even deeper than the pure vastness imagination can fathom where she so skillfully and seductively takes what’s rightfully hers… After listening a few times now, I feel truly mind fucked and confused and SOO addicted… It’s difficult for me to describe just how amazing this file is and just how deep Domina is about to take you but I promise that this is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss! I love Domina Shelle SOO much! She is just SOO lovable ❤️
Sunday, 08 December 2019
The power of Domina Shelle to mesmerise the submissive mind should never be underestimated. Her talent to subdue and tease is excepti in that She will lead and you will follow. Hypnosis is a fetish for many but with Domina Shelle its much MUCH more than this, it becomes a part of who you are, your everyday reality, and it really does make you a better person. This session underlines everything I love about my submission to this amazing Woman and I for one cannot imagine a future without Domina dictating and training the submissive me.
Saturday, 07 December 2019
For those who are seeking that special Woman who has the skill and i do mean real intelligent skill to take you into another world by seducing you, by playing with you, teasing you without you knowing what She is doing then come aboard my friend, you are in for more than what you bargained for! This Woman plays for keeps but in such a soft and silky way you would never know until you are addicted. Prove me wrong!
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