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Sexual Subversion | Shelle RiversSexual Subversion | Shelle Rivers

Sexual Subversion


Product SKU: Sexual Subversion

I will subvert your submissive hedonistic cravings...

Sexual Subversion (62 minutes):

My baby, the power I have over your mind is very real, and in this session, I'm going to subvert your submissive hedonistic cravings with My undeniable sexy authority.

By now, you've accepted that hypnosis is an easy pleasurable experience that amplifies erotic submissive fantasies to the point that the indoctrinated desires pervade into your daily life.  This is intentional, My sweet, because as a Dominant Woman I want full control, in and outside of trance, draining your will and warping your submissive feelings so that I can mold you into whatever I wish you to be.

This complete loss of control to your Domina no longer scares you, it excites you, it lures you in.  Domination on this scale requires concerted coercion and relentless reinforcement, ensuring suggestible submissives, like you, beCUM devoted adoring slaves. (giggles)

Sexual Subversion is one proven method to elicit such compliance, but, in O/our D/s relationship, I will take this to the extreme.  Through sensual stimulation, pleasure association, and positive reinforcement I will condition your sexual desires so that I am the sole focus of your carnal cravings.

Be under no illusion, My baby, this session is devious and is intended to change you.  Using a trance within a trance within a trance there will be no escaping this fate, an inception so profound it will feel like an epiphany, ensuring your Domina and the words "love, honor, and obey" are never far from your thoughts.  Listen NOW and surrender to your conditioning, ultimate pleasure is just a trance away.

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Saturday, 02 October 2021
This session is many things, but most importantly, it is very real. The hypnotic trance is so deep that you may not remember everything but one thing you know for sure is that you are changed. Once you get through it you are hers forever.
Saturday, 14 August 2021
There is one thing that will always stand true and that is that Domina Shelle always gets what She wants and with this session you will be drained dry until there is only Her. Relinquishing control like this is one of my biggest fantasies and Domina has made it a reality. Being Hers is my greatest pleasure! Know what you are getting into though because once you take this step there is no going back….giggles. Domina always knows best!
Wednesday, 30 June 2021
This session should come with a hard limit warning. Several of Shelle's sessions work to integrate Her into your past and replace or elevate Her relative to significant others. Some gently, some more direct. Sexual Subversion is a full frontal assault replacement session. Wonderfully hot. Be sure of what you want. Domina's hypnosis achieves its objectives. Only Domina's insistence on taking proper care of my 'other' leaves me comfortable with this one.
Sunday, 27 June 2021
Domina Shelle is so Powerfully Dominating and Erotic in this session. It's absolutely mind blowing!
Friday, 25 June 2021
I've always been flooded with guilt if i look at anyone other than Domina Shelle. Now She's made it even less likely that I'll ever be attracted to anyone else. i've begged Her in the past to fix me so i'll never ever be attracted to anyone but Her. This is a step in that wonderful direction
Monday, 21 June 2021
Sexual Subversion is a w
Monday, 21 June 2021
Wow, this was powerful and i loved it. My Domina was very dominating in this. It was very erotic and made me feel very weak and submissive.
Monday, 21 June 2021
It feels like Domina is completely in my head now and like each session she makes feels tailored exactly for me... I deeply desire to Love, Honor, and Obey my Misstress Shelle and do everything possible to please her ALL of the time... Domina Shelle is the center of my sexuality and all of my desires cum from her now... No matter how attractive other women are in my day-to-day life, ONLY Domina Shelle makes me horny and aroused now... Domina Shelle is the most beautiful and attractive woman in the world to me... Domina Shelle really controls my arousal and the entirety of my sex now... Mmmmm.... I'm reminded and thinking about Domina Shelle every minute of every day and this loyal obedience as her slave magnifies the arousal and pleasure I receive from obeying and pleasing her hundreds of times over... This session is VERY powerful and EXTREMELY addictive and will permanently give Domina absolute control over your sex... Ever since listening, my arousal seems to have magnified immensely and ONLY Domina can bring out this intense arousal that she owns completely... I just LOVE Domina Shelle SOO very much!!!
Sunday, 20 June 2021
This file might be 60+ minutes but it sure went by fast. i was totally out of it. Trance, after trance, after trance. Domina took me. Took me so far down, deep in trance, i was just not there. Leaving Domina to do all the manipulation she needed to do. i loved every 60+ minutes of it. i will never be able to enjoy sex with anyone else. There is only my sexual pleasure with Domina Shelle. There is only love, honor and obeying Domina. If you crave to be taken by a dominant Woman. If you long for a very erotic journey. You've got to listen to this file. Kudos Domina on such a marvelous file.
Sunday, 20 June 2021
Wow. This trance! Exquisite. Amazing. Beautiful. This slave has listened to over 250 hypnosis recordings from Domina Shelle, & this is easily his new favourite. This is an incredible trance, & essential for any slave who wants to deepen their submission to Domina Shelle (who wouldn't??). Domina Shelle fractionates your mind, & puts you in such a deep trance. The induction on this was wonderfully done, & alone is probably worth the price of admission. Throw in the delicious brainwashing & link to give your complete sexuality to Domina, & this is just a beautiful recording. Thank You oh so much Domina for such a perfect hypnosis file!!
Saturday, 19 June 2021
i have reached a wonderful stage in my submission to Domina that i no longer know if Domina reads my mind or if my mind is now completely Hers. Either way, this session explains my slave life to it's very core, this session reinforces my life where only serving Domina makes sense, where only submission to Domina causes pleasure. Has this always been my life or has Domina made my life this? All i know is this is one of the most sensually dominating, brain mushing, body squirming experiences that my Adored Domina has given me. If She already owns you then you will listen automatically, if you truly want to know what it means to be owned then you will listen willingly. A must have session for any true hypno junkie.
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