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The TRUTH about HYPNOSIS | Shelle RiversThe TRUTH about HYPNOSIS | Shelle Rivers



Product SKU: The TRUTH about HYPNOSIS

The TRUTH about HYPNOSIS is you will actively aid Me in your own subjugation...

The TRUTH about HYPNOSIS (44 minutes):

My darling slave, have you ever wondered what hypnosis really is and seriously considered the veracity of popular beliefs about what it can and cannot do?

This may appear an odd question to pose to one like yourself, a submissive utterly fascinated by being rendered powerless with just the sound of My voice.  This is the basis for your hypnosis fetish and, as a highly skilled hypnotist, I use this to manipulate and subvert your mind, promoting Myself as an absolute authority figure, someone you should always Love, Honor, and Obey, transforming a fascination into an addition.

At this point you are probably reminding yourself that hypnosis cannot make you do anything you really don't want to do, so there's no real risk right?  Wrong, My poor deluded pet, that is a very naive assertion to make when you allow a powerful dominant Woman unfettered access to your mind.  Popularised anecdotes about hypnosis actually underline your ability to remain in control and, in this session, I will dispel the perceived limitations of hypnosis explaining just how vulnerable you are to a persuasive deviant Dominant, like Myself, someone proficient at conditioning the mind to accept My suggestions as your own ideas! (giggles)

From the very first time you surrendered to My words you were destined to be MINE and as I make greater changes to your personality, and modify your behaviors, it is only appropriate (and ethical) I explain why these changes are happening even though you are utterly powerless to stop the trance-formation.

The Truth about Hypnosis is you will actively aid Me in your own subjugation.  And to help you embrace your future as My owned submissive servant W/we must first allow you to reconcile your past, accepting that I, as a Master Hypnotist, now have complete control over your thoughts and desires.  Only through acceptance will you find peace and prosperity on your journey into blissful subservience and loving enslavement.  So, give in to the compulsion and allow Me to replace any lingering resistance with passion and pleasure, as I take you deeper into My world of real, perfected, submission.  Kisses, My sweet

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Friday, 01 October 2021
Not only the Truth of Hypnosis, but truly the Truth in how powerful and amazing our Domina Shelle is. Everything said in this session made me smile and feel so good because I knew it isn't only what I want, but it's what we both want. Domina knows best. And sessions like this prove to me I will never be able to be without her.
Saturday, 04 September 2021
my experience with this session felt very smooth, relaxing and arousing. i remember falling into a light trance so fast and smooth under Domina’s sweet southern voice and words. Then before i knew it i was deep and falling deeper with each word. The truth about hypnosis made me only want to sink deeper into enslavement to Domina Shelle… knowing that i am forever enslaved with no way out and being programmed made me more aroused and horny… giggles! Domina is so sweet and is crafting masterpiece after masterpiece. i wouldn’t my mind and body to be in anyone else’s hands but Hers… Forever… giggles!
Monday, 02 August 2021
Falling into trance to find out the truth of why you’re doing it is a truly odd experience. But it’s a blissful reveal and a truly wonderful feeling to have no choice but accept your fate as Domina Shell’s loyal servant.
Tuesday, 27 July 2021
I knew it! There is a catch! And still i want and need Domina to play inside my mind. To hear Domina speak out load what she did to me and is doing to me grants me a mixture of unease, confusion and horny burning arousal at the same time. It is just irresistable. Yes Domina, I agree!
Friday, 23 July 2021
The more Domina explains what Her dominance goals are with Her Submissives and how She will accomplish Her goals, the more enticing, erotic and addictive it is to listen Her voice and serve Her. She is AMAZING!
Monday, 19 July 2021
Truth. You will never be the same after this trance. Domina Shelle breaks it down, and tells you exactly the truth. This is a MUST buy session, that will leave you drained and wanting more.
Sunday, 18 July 2021
Yet another surprise from Domina Shelle, with this... The Truth About Hypnosis, and how it affects the way any of us interact with Her, and how it affects our place in Her world. The concept of the file is incredibly simple, or so it seems, and yet She managed to spring so many surprises on me... She starts off by asking some simple questions, about what is hypnosis, and have i ever thought about it? She explains that many people don't know, and simply allow Her to hypnotise them, and i have to confess, that despite many years of enjoying being an hypnotic subject, i have to count myself among them. i've never thought about it, and in all honesty, even after listening to Her explain, i'm happy to say, most of it still eludes me. There's no need to know what happens when i flip a switch, other than the light works, and that's how i feel about being hypnotised. Fortunately, Domina takes me so deep with this, the content mostly bypasses my conscious mind. i have vague recollections of little snippets, and i remember how much fun She seems to be having, yet whenever i play the file, it all seems to come rushing back as i drop again... There were parts i recall, She asks whether i agree or disagree, but i can't recall exactly what to, i just remember agreeing with every word She said, but were they statements or questions? i can't be sure. There's a cloudy memory of Her explaining what She does and why, and i remember that caused a huge erotic thrill. What i remember most though, is that every time i play this, i want to play it again, and let Her have as much fun as She wants, within what used to be my mind; that space that is simply now Her playground. Such a fantastic file, an experience i don't truly remember, but want to enjoy, again and again. Thank You so much, Domina. ❤
Sunday, 18 July 2021
I always knew in my heart what Domina tells us in this file. i've listened to this file so many times. i've even looped it in my sleep. Domina can plant so many new fetishes in your mind. She's tuned me into an obsessed foot slave who begs to be in chastity. i never had any desire to be a chastity slave until Dominas feet started driving me to my knees, and my only desire was to kiss them. i know Domina has hypnotized me so many more times that I can recall. i have so many of Her triggers in my brain. i really am Her mindless drone slave
Sunday, 18 July 2021
They say that the Truth is stranger than fiction, well let this Hypnotist tell you the truth about Her kind of Erotic Hypnosis and yes it is the truth and yes it is stranger than fiction. She is an expert hypnotist of which i will vouch for but She is so many more things than just that, She is a whole new world of mental delights of which you will not come across often. Listen to the truth and you will be amazed what She can do!
Sunday, 18 July 2021
This was so good. i love how my Domina has changed me over the years. She has made me a better person and much better slave for Her.
Sunday, 18 July 2021
This session was absolutely incredible! i know Domina educated me about the misconceptions and truths associated with hypnosis. Showing me how natural and wonderful it can be to Submit and Obey to Her, how good it feels to belong to Her. i can't help but listen to this session over and over again. it makes me so happy and i always wake up feeling amazing, so happy and weak for my Domina. A must listen for anyone who has ever enjoyed listening to Domina Shelle!
Sunday, 18 July 2021
If you are interested in Hypnosis, you might want to listen to this, it´s quite interesting to get her insight on Hypnosis, of course if you agree to all she said or not is up to you, honestly for me personally not everything was the truth at first, but with a bit of thinking, understanding and extending it a bit further it became clear that everything was the truth, i could give examples and keep on going, but i am not going to, just listen and see for yourself if it´s the truth or not to you
Saturday, 17 July 2021
This is one of the more educational sessions from Domina Shelle. One by one She breaks down what are the misconceptions about hypnosis and what is the truth about hypnosis. Throughout the session Her voice is very soft and easy to understand. With very simple words She clarifies, explains and asks questions. Strongly recommend to anyone who has been wondering what hypnosis is really about.
Saturday, 17 July 2021
Domina Shelle truly is a MASTER HYPNOTIST! Her sessions are masterpieces of art and our open and submissive minds are the canvas! I was incredibly aroused throughout this entire file and well into the next day. As Domina was explaining exactly what hypnosis is and what she is doing to me, for some reason my poor brain just couldn't do anything about it but OBEY completely... I seriously think that Domina has permanently hypnotized me at some point... The moment she speaks, I've already fallen into such a deep state of trance... Domina Shelle is AMAZING in every way, shape, and form!
Saturday, 17 July 2021
i love this new session of my beloved Domina. It's so wicked and arousing when She reveals Herself being a lil devious with Her hypnosis. i just love when She molds my mind to become weaker and more open to Her suggestion to make me a better slave for Her. Once more She proves that there are no limits for Her hypnotizing Her prey. She truly is the Goddess of Hypnosis.
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