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Sexually Dominated | Shelle RiversSexually Dominated | Shelle Rivers

Sexually Dominated


Product SKU: Sexually Dominated

I'm here to turn your fantasies into reality using sexual entrapment, and your little enslaved cock-brain...

Sexually Dominated (23 minutes):

My sweet, do you know what it means to be truly dominated, to be so out of control of your own thoughts and will?  Both your thoughts and will automatically evaporate when in the presence of someone so powerful, so relentless, that you instinctively submit to Her authority, relinquishing all self control.  I suspect some of you may believe you know what it means to really submit to the will of another, particularly in those private moments that you fantasize about Me, surrendering to the intoxicating pleasure of being My slave, My pet, My property.

Well, My baby, I'm here to dispel your preconceptions and demonstrate that My domination of your mind, body, and sex is far more pervasive and intrinsic than your conscious self is aware of.  The fact that you long for My sexy voice, My sensual touch, and the irresistible need for My domination is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  What lies deep inside your mind is a conditioned slave that yearns to be liberated, to beCUM your dominant persona, the real you living a life of servitude every moment of every day, subservient to the wishes of your beloved Domina Shelle.

Lucky for you I'm here to turn your fantasies into reality using sexual entrapment, and your little enslaved cock-brain (giggles), to corrupt and permanently change your perception of self.  you can try to resist the programming, but, W/we both know you want this, you crave the pleasure of obedience, of submission, of stroking in My honor as I seduce you to be MINE!

Ahhh, My puppet, My zombie, this is what real domination is, knowing that when I demand it you transform into My subservient pet, and with each passing day, you compulsively seek to submit more of yourself to Me, a never-ending spiral into submission.  There is no turning back, your throbbing pulsating sex is a testament to this, there is just an insatiable desire to love, honor, and obey your Domina Shelle, surrendering all that you are to Her Absolute Authority.

Now, be a good boy, and LISTEN to this session three times today and as often as you can for the next seven days. The sooner you OBEY, the sooner you will taste the bliss of helplessly submitting to My REAL domination of your mind, body, and sex! ~Kisses~

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Saturday, 01 June 2024
Through the preceding week of edging and denial, i was already pretty pent up... now this hot file made me burst in a body shaking and shivering hands free orgasm... absolute bliss when my beloved Domina makes me cum for Her this way.
Friday, 31 May 2024
This was so hot! i love it when my Domina plays with me like this. i'm just Her toy to play with.
Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Domina's voice is well. simply dominating! She leaves those who dare listen intoxicated, addicted and under Her complete control. Yet, since Obedience is pleasure, the listener Will want to listen again and again....
Monday, 20 May 2024
Omg! i'm absolutely addicted to listening to this insanely SEXY quickie with Domina Shelle! My REAL brain, my enslaved cock-brain is in full control now... it's convinced that the next listen will be the one... then the next and the next.... mmmmm... OMG Domina has me SO HORNY!!!
Friday, 17 May 2024
Domina knows what I need and listening to Her allows me to have it.
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