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Drained | Shelle RiversDrained | Shelle Rivers



Product SKU: Drained

Bask in these waves of sexual submission as you are systematically Drained by My voice...

Drained (33 minutes):

My puppy, I know you crave being controlled by Me, consumed by an overwhelming pleasure that only I can bestow upon you.  The power of My whispered words ensnares your mind, My hypnotic trap subverting your will until you're unable (and unwilling) to escape, content (deep down) to be mine, relinquishing your freedom in the pursuit of submissive oblivion.

It should be apparent to you by now that every time you CUM for Me, you beCUM more dependent on Me for your erotic pleasure, with a growing obsession to experience a more profound state of submissive bliss.  I have conditioned you to dedicate your orgasms to Me, each release stripping away more of your independence as you are transformed into a more selfless, malleable and submissive thrall, one that will inevitably surrender ALL your orgasms to My voice and My esteemed approval. (giggles)

Yes, My good boy, bask in these waves of sexual submission as you are systematically Drained by My voice, a mindfuck so visceral and vivid your hypnotic seductress will coerce you into a compliant state of mindless surrender as your body, and your seed, are offered to Me as a token of your unwavering submission to My Absolute Authority.  There is no escaping your weakness for Me, My sculpted perfection always leaves you desperate to submit, serve, and obey, knowing you have been enslaved to My will and My carnal desires.

So, prepare to be tempted, and teased, by your devious - yet benevolent - Domina as I take you over the edge, again and again, relentlessly and remorselessly breaking you down as I devour not only your mind and body, but the core of who you are, a vessel that exists for My pleasure and one that will serve and nourish Me every time you fall deeper into My mesmerizing web of submission.

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Wednesday, 07 February 2024
WOW! i feel spent after that. This was an awesome file. i wish i was younger so i could have enjoyed it more. LOL Domina really knows how to make a session so fucking hot that You just want to explode. i really loved this one. No one makes me feel like Domina does. i am so much Her slave and always will be. Thank You Domina for draining me. i belong to Domina forever.
Sunday, 21 January 2024
i REALLY enjoyed this more aggressive and demanding side of Domina! i really don't think i could have done what She made me do without it being HER in control like that!!! OMG this one is REALLY REALLY HOT and You'll be falling in love with Domina Shelle ALL over again! ❤
Saturday, 20 January 2024
Talk about bliss! Following Domina's commands exactly as she suggests will, uncontrollably cause ultimate bliss! Listen to Domina now! You will be commanded, you will obey Her you will be thoroughly taken, controlled. The journey will be incredibly pleasurable and oh so blissful as it takes your breath away!
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