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Shiko Shiko Manzuri | Shelle RiversShiko Shiko Manzuri | Shelle Rivers

Shiko Shiko Manzuri


Product SKU: Shiko Shiko Manzuri

Put on your earphones so My voice will echo in your enslaved sissy head...

Shiko Shiko Manzuri (31 minutes)

My sissy gurl, it is time for you to find a quiet, warm SOFT place, ensuring you are naked (with the exception of your little pink panties) and a (vibrating) butt plug in your tight little sissy hole.  Giggles, who knows?  If you are a good gurl your Domina might even allow you a sissygasm...

Put on your earphones so My voice will echo in your enslaved sissy head as you experience 30 plus minutes of increasing pleasure.  Feel the edge of sissy bliss as you massage your clitty.  I love you wet.

you know you crave can't deny you need this, My pet.  Listen, My baby gurl.

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Monday, 01 July 2019
A little slice of sissy heaven. *giggles* Shiko Shiko Manzuri is a very fitting name after looking up what it meant. I just love being Domina's slave girl and this session definitely helped me along that path.
Saturday, 01 June 2019
Domina Shelle newest sissy file is of course a must have for any sissy who like to touch herself inside her pink panties ... giggles... my lil sissy clitty is a bit sore now but therefore Domina did let me feel the pleasures of female masturbation... and it felt so good and sooo right! Thank You my beloved Domina Shelle ♥♥♥
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