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Pink Forest - The Journey Begins by Shelle RiversPink Forest - The Journey Begins by Shelle Rivers

Pink Forest - The Journey Begins


Product SKU: Pink Forest - The Journey Begins

My sissy gurl, I have opened up a special beautiful path for you in My Sleeping Forest...

Pink Forest - The Journey Begins (20 minutes):

My pretty sissy gurl, I am taking you on an adventure.  I have opened up a special beautiful path for you in My Sleeping Forest.  It’s a magical, enchanting place which I have infused with a comforting PINK MIST.  I have surrounded you with love and joy for your feminine sexual pleasure... My pretty gurl, you will always come to your Princess to guide you through your stimulating journey to achieve ultimate feminine fulfillment.

I am planning to bring you back to the Pink Forest by continuing a New Series of Forest sissy transformation and adventures.

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Wednesday, 03 February 2021
Thank You Princess Shelle, for making this... It feels truly wonderful to sink into the lovely pink bubbly water, after being surrounded by the pink mist; then to be enfolded in the petals of the pink rose bud.... *gently sighs* Oh such sweet and perfect, pink submissive bliss. i truly love the depth that i drop to with this, and the sensations it leaves behind. i would love to stay in Your Sleeping Forest with You, forever more. Even if i had any remaining doubts before this, i can guarantee that this would have washed them all away. So once again, thank You, Princess.
Sunday, 15 December 2019
Pink and Sweet - almost innocent! The angelic chant in the background is deeply relaxing. With only 20 minutes it is a perfect hypno treat - especially if there is little time. I love the fantasy of being changed by the pink mist. I feel the pink flower growing - growing in excitement what will be the next adventure in the pink forest!
Friday, 13 December 2019
This session is an instant favorite mine! An enchanting journey into Domina's Pink Forest to relax and embrace your feminine transformation. Listening to this is such a wonderful experience. One that i will be repeating quite a few times. *giggles*
Thursday, 12 December 2019
This intoxicating Pink Journey back into Dominas Sleeping Forest is a wonder filled and powerfully sexy experience. I felt such a sense of beauty and wonder arousing and caressing my entire mind and body as Domina guided me deeper into her Pink Sleeping Forest never to return the same… An absolute MUST for loyal sissies and sissy curious… giggles… Domina Shelle Rivers is my Idol, Absolute Authority, and Infinitely Sexy owner and Mistress of my mind forever… I dream of one day embodying even a fraction of her absolute beauty ❤️
Monday, 09 December 2019
A wonderful journey begins into the mystical pink forest. Not only i am feeling more happy and girly after listening, also i enjoyed the coziness of the pink rose bud... i can't wait to return there and i hope for many more adventures in this pink sleeping forest
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