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Sleepy Time | Shelle RiversSleepy Time | Shelle Rivers

Sleepy Time


Product SKU: Sleepy Time

Let's get into your pretty lil diapee and let Mommy help you to sleep...

Sleepy Time (30 minutes):

This is an Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) fantasy hypnosis session.

Mommy's ADULT Baby Girl

My baby girl, it's time for your nappie, so tired of playing big boy all the time.  So, let's get into your pretty lil diapee and little pink onsie and let Mommy help you to sleep.  you love sleeping with Mommy's voice.

Mommy knows that the outside world you play pretend-in is so big, and hard, and scary, but Mommy Shelle makes everything soft, and safe, and quiet, and sleepy for baby, doesn’t She?

It's OKAY to just be yourself with Mommy.  Listen now, My lil Princess.  Let Me rock you to sleep.  Mommy is going to help you be happy with who you more feeling guilty or self conscious.  I just want a happy baby girl.

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Friday, 15 September 2023
Such a cute and wonderfully relaxing session with Mommy Shelle. It feels good to simply exist as Dominas cute and innocent lil baby girl for a while.
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