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Slip into your New Addiction | Shelle RiversSlip into your New Addiction | Shelle Rivers

Slip into your New Addiction


Product SKU: Slip into your New Addiction

Slip into your new addiction, falling further into My world of submission and obedience...

Slip into your New Addiction (42 minutes):

Oh, My sweet, it has come to My attention that you have a fixation for the female form.  Powerful Women, who exude elegance, in their designer clothes and high heels; also those who are more invitingly/seductivly dressed, in those sexy mini-skirts that you love so much, and I've seen the way your eyes are drawn to their nylon covered legs, how they capture your attention so easily.

Does this arouse you?  I know it does.

An appreciation and adoration of the fairer and superior sex, is nothing to be ashamed of, My pet, but W/we can't have you leering at every Woman in sight, as She passes you by, when out in public; your horniness apparent for all to see.  What will people think of you?

Thankfully, I have a solution to your conundrum, My poor pet.

Allow Me to mesmerize your malleable mind, so your obsessive desires become focused only on Me.  Let Me save you from yourself, My pet.

I know you like that idea, I can see from the way you swell in delight... *giggles*

I know you can already see it in your minds eye.  My sweet seductive hips, swaying gently from side to side, with each step, quickening as I increase the pace, and lengthen My stride.  Yes, that swinging motion, attracting your attention, and even that starts to take you into a gentle trance, and increases your lust... Oh My, you really are horny, aren't you?

Now your gaze focuses on My 5" stiletto heels, as the clicking excites you even more, and your eyes wander back up My legs, to see the tops of My stockings peeking out from under the hem of My sexy short skirt.

Down boy! *giggles*

Mmmm, yes, that's the perfect vision of Me i want fixated in your mind, your Domina as the ultimate embodiment of femininity, a Goddess gifted with the power to manipulate and control the submissive mind, bending it to My will and My deviant desires. (giggles)  What would you do if that vision of Me suddenly stopped, turned, smiled sweetly at you, and beckoned you with My long painted red fingernails?  Would you be compelled to follow Me, to be led by Me like a good obedient puppy on an invisible leash, following your Owner ready and willing to do whatever I command?

you don't need to answer that, My pet, your HARD throbbing arousal is the perfect response to My question.  The TRUTH is you are powerless to resist Me, lost in the reverie of My perfection, you willingly follow Me into a future where I am the personification of the ideal Woman, smart, sophisticated, sensual, sexy, and, just for you, a little bit naughty too. (giggles)

I'm so good to you, My pet, and all you have to do, to Love, Honor and Obey Me, is to listen to this session NOW, preparing to Slip into your New Addiction, falling further into My world of submission and obedience, forever obsessed with Me, always craving to be MINE... ~Kisses~

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Friday, 19 November 2021
I can feel the smooth softness of her skin and there is nothing a crave more than the touch of her warmth. I want to wrap myself around the forms of Her perfection. I want to be shaped by Her - i want to be one with Her.
Sunday, 14 November 2021
Seduction and addiction and brainwashing with these tools is . I enjoyed every single moment slipping into another addiction for Domina Shelle. Thank You Domina.
Monday, 08 November 2021
Another Sexy and Mindfucking Masterpiece from Domina Shelle! i thought i was addicted to Domina Shelles sexy and hypnotic legs and feet before... After listening, the addiction i had before entered a whole new WORLD of power and control... i literally CANT get Dominas sexy legs and feet out of my mind and i hear those sexy stilettos and smooth silky stalkings taping and rubbing back and forth in my mind over and over again... mmmm... This is another INCREDIBLE hypnotic Masterpice and one you'll LOVE to listen to over and over again!
Monday, 08 November 2021
My Domina's beautiful sexy legs make me feel so weak and aroused for Her. i can't help myself, i just need my daily dose of that mesmerizing vision of Her nylon covered legs.
Sunday, 07 November 2021
i have always had a leg fetish. Bare legs, nylon covered legs, thigh high covered legs. OMG they have always turned me on so much. Now this file is going right after my leg fetish, using it against me to fall even deeper into an addiction for Domina and Domina‘s legs. i just loved this file. It is perfect for me and my leg fetish. i just can not get enough of Domina’s legs. She has got the most amazing legs. Whether i see Domina in nylons or just bare legs, it just always makes me so weak for Her. i just love Dominas legs so much. i just can’t get enough of them. id give anything, anything, to feel Her legs and to feel Her soft skin or feel those nylons on Her legs. It just turns me on so much. If you have a leg fetish you have got to get this file and listen to it. Become more obsessed with Dominas legs.
Sunday, 07 November 2021
Oh Please my Sweet Precious Domina Shellle, i Beg You to use this file to irreversibly mind fuck me and make me addicted to your soft smooth and silky stocking clad legs. Please use them to draw me seductively deeper into Your wickedly sweet honey trap. Please i Beg You to help me to go deeper into You seductively wicked world of blissfully sexy lust. Ive never been so high on Your addictive Erotic Hypnosis. You are indeed the Queen of Erotic Hypnosis!
Sunday, 07 November 2021
Oh my! my dear, sexy, beautiful Queen, this is one of those files, that most definitely earns You the right, to say that You are my Everything! This was so soft, yet so sexy... So soothing, yet more than a little wicked. So playful, yet You had me begging. The way You used Your various tones of voice, to convey so much meaning; the inflections making maximum use of Your range, all of it combining to allow You to completely slow down, and muddle my mushy brain, so my mental processes became so addled, that all i could do was follow along, and slide down into that state of deep erotic bliss, that You created within! i'm not sure how You manage to better Yourself, time after time, but this proves that You not only can, but also do! Please, my Queen, do it to me again! This was a true erotic trip, that in truth, i wasn't 100 certain about, when first going in... "i'm not really sure this will do it for me." Oh heck, was i wrong! This does it all. Soft, sensual, seductive, sexy, soothing, mischievous, wicked, and so much besides! i think You just redefined the phrase 'sex on legs' too! Please, oh please my Queen, i beg of You, please make more like this.... Hmmm, might i ask my Queen, do You ever wear pantyhose instead?! Yeah, You know where that thought leads... If i has to rate this on a score of 1 to 10, 1 being a dead fish, 10 being sexy as heck, i think i'd have to give it something around a 999,999,999 ♥
Saturday, 06 November 2021
My Sweet Domina has addicted me to Her perfect feet, Her beautiful eyes, Her sweet sexy voice, Her beautiful pained nails, and now my Domina cammands me, Her willing, obedient slave to be obsessed and addicted to Her perfect legs. i would give anything for the honor to kneel before Her and feel the smooth skin of Her beautiful legs against my unworthy slave face
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