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Trained and Drained | Shelle RiversTrained and Drained | Shelle Rivers

Trained and Drained


Product SKU: Trained and Drained

If giving Me all that you can AFFORD does turn you on, then surrender yourself to My control...

Trained and Drained:  Financial Domination--Erotic Hypnosis

Why are you here?

Is it curiosity that brought you to this page?  Is it because you actually have a financial domination fixation already?  Perhaps you are here because you feel obligated to purchase this session?

If the last reason describes you, and you don't have any financial domination desires already, then please, feel free to skip this session.

For those who know Me well, you already accept that I am an ethical Domina, who doesn't want to harm you in any way, so if you don't hold these desires already, and the idea doesn't turn you on, making you hard and horny at the thought of giving all that you can afford, simply do not listen.  Or you may contact Me for more details before purchasing.

"If the idea of giving Me all that you can AFFORD, really does turn you on, then please feel free to click the "Add to Cart" button, and surrender yourself to My control".

Let U/us play safely, and within limits that W/we are both happy with.

I will tell you that this session is VERY playful and super sexy...remember when you laughed as I told you about taking the boys lunch money back when I was a very young girl?...well, I’m older and a lot more manipulative, think hard before you listen to this session.

Notice:  This session may create a new fetish within the listener.

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Sunday, 13 March 2022
Amazing! FD is not a trance that Domina Shelle does very often. But WOW. This trance will change you life forever. Well worth it. A MUST buy!
Friday, 11 March 2022
It's always been a little dark fantasy that my Domina would become more demanding and use me harshly for Her amusement and and pleasure. This helped me get a taste of that sweet dark dream
Tuesday, 08 March 2022
Domina takes the issue of financial domination and turns it into a smoking hot arousing need. She makes it all sound so right and perfect. Not only are you programmed for Findom you also experience some very erotic feelings. Giving to Domina has never felt so good. After listening to this i wanted to do even more for Domina. It felt so good that after the file i went and sent Her a tribute. It felt great doing that. i will always do my best to take care of Domina. Taking care of Domina is like taking care of myself. Its a win, win situation.
Monday, 07 March 2022
If your impression of FinDom is that of an obnoxious, unladylike figure, standing there, looking at you with scorn, flinging insults your way as she degrades and humiliates you, while showing her middle finger, or making a letter L with her thumb and forefinger, and you enjoy that, this will definitely disappoint. That is far from what you will find within this file. Personally, that stuff i just described makes me sick. Thankfully, Domina Shelle just isn't like that. This file is very much typical of Domina Shelle's style all the way... She seduces, She soothes, She gently coaxes, and She shows that She understands that FinDom doesn't need to be obnoxious in the slightest. She makes it feel somewhat alluring, She baits and bewitches Her subject, She cares though, whether or not it might cause harm, and thus She leaves the door open, so to speak... She isn't trying to entrap anybody into becoming a full time financial slave, She isn't seeking to take what somebody can't really afford, She is simply exploring the subject with Her subject, and seeing what might become of it. Also worth noting, this isn't implanting triggers to be afraid of, that's not part of what's in here. This is simply a beautiful trance, that takes a slight diversion down a different path for a change. It's not a path that Domina wants to bind you too, if it's not to your taste, so i would say that it's very much a safe play experience. As ever, Domina shows that She is worthy of respect and trust, so if you fancy taking a walk on a very slightly wilder side for a change, give this a play. If you don't want to take my word for it, approach Domina and ask about it, She doesn't bite. Unless you beg for it... ;)
Monday, 07 March 2022
The excitement and anticipation of this file was one of the highest that i have had to any of Domina Shelle's files. Her Findom files are such a rarity that it makes this feel like a special treat.
Sunday, 06 March 2022
This didn't start out like the other files. Maybe YOU are not going to put me in a trance. All of a sudden YOU started the countdown and took me deeper when the countdown was over. What a special bond YOU created, Domina Shelle.
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