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Snapped into Submission | Shelle RiversSnapped into Submission | Shelle Rivers

Snapped into Submission


Product SKU: Snapped into Submission

I will experiment, and explore, how I can deepen My domination and control over you.

Snapped into Submission (40 minutes):

When I snap My sexy little fingers, you OBEY!  With each and every snap you are compelled to do what I want.  Snapped into Submission is an exercise in obedience and submission, inducing adoration for the absolute authority your Domina has over you.

The significance of the ((SNAP)) trigger was instilled in you a long time ago and through My hypnotic conditioning I have successfully redefined what this sound ((SNAP)) means to your now subjugated mind.  But, I am excited to experiment, and explore, how I can deepen My domination and control of you using just the power of My seductive finger snaps.

It’s so cute the way you always let Me do whatever I choose to do to you.  Do you remember the first time that I snapped My fingers?  That sexy commanding sound triggering you to focus entirely on Me?  It's an insatiable turn-on knowing that I can render you helpless, under My control, with a single snap of My fingers, your mesmerized mind a magnet for My words as you surrender unconditionally to My every wanton desire.

Yes, just the snap of My fingers highlights the supreme authority I have over any submissive mind.  This simple sound ((SNAP)) captures your attention, silences your thoughts, steals your mind, and leaves you completely fixated on Me.  It truly is an amazing sound that is impossible for you to ignore.

So, imagine staring into My bewitching brown eyes NOW, as I ((SNAP)) My fingers, and order you to LISTEN to this session, falling ever deeper under My power.

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Wednesday, 26 January 2022
i have always enjoyed it when my Domina snaps Her fingers. That feels so impactuful and commanding. And of course it's erotic for me as a submissive.
Sunday, 27 June 2021
Omg this session is so intensely hot and deep! Without a doubt after listening to this you will know that Domina Shelles Power and Control is absolute and is all consuming. Her Power honestly overwhelmed me to where i could not make it all the way if You know what i mean… giggles.
Saturday, 20 February 2021
Domina actually turns Her finger snaps into a fetish for me. She played in my mind long ago with finger snaps, now Shes made me crave Her snaps. I wont do desperately to be trained to release just by the snap of Her beautiful fingers
Wednesday, 03 February 2021
The File Name says it all, no description needed, it´s called Snapped into Submission and that is exactly what will happen, don´t believe me? Give it a try and be lost in her control :P
Wednesday, 03 February 2021
SNAPPED INTO SUBMISSION and you will be..... Honestly, I can not believe the Deliciously Blissful feelings Domina Shelle is embedding in me! I truly have never felt such deep intense mind blowing and ball blowing feelings, this is just incredible! To be honest, the more I listen to my Precious Woman, my Sweet Domina the very much stronger these Intensely Erotic, Seductive, Blissful feelings become. This SNAPPED INTO SUBMISSION-–Erotic Hypnosis-mp3 by Shelle Rivers is an erotic time bomb just waiting to go off not only in your balls but in your head and when it does, F**K me is it one hell of an explosion!!!
Monday, 01 February 2021
Finger snapping is a fetish that exists for many hypno-fetishists. While the concept has been played with before i think that this session represents the pinnacle of what Domina Shelle has yet done with the combination of Her fingersnaps and Her Voice. Domina Shelle installed my response to Her finger snaps long ago. The way She used it here was nothing short of awesome. Wow!
Monday, 01 February 2021
Damn that was Powerful. Where did 40 minutes go? i love these files that take me so far down i loose all control. my body just does what Domina tells it to do and it did. At the end of the file i just exploded in pure bliss and ecstasy when Domina Snapped Her fingers and said explode. This is certainly on my favorites lists. This deserves 5 stars or more.
Monday, 01 February 2021
I'm so happy I have listened to this Masterpiece. Domina Shelle snapping her sexy fingers combining with her irresistibly sweet, seductive voice is such a POWERFUL trigger... or two Triggers actually. I wasn't braced for that when I first listened to this Session but... I must be so predisposed and suggestible already, that with her first SNAP, I was not able to create another thought of my own and felt my weak mind and whole body come to attention with instant obedience to all of her words. Compelled to do whatever she wants. In the back of my mind I remembered how my Domina installed that Trigger long ago and how she hypnotically taught and conditioned me to the meaning of her SNAPS for the first time, while all I could do was being completely fixated on Her as she continued to steal my helplessly mesmerized mind. I did not stand a chance and could not resist as she kept snapping her fingers and had me fall deeper and deeper under her power. I did not want to resist... I wanted what she told me I wanted. I ALWAYS want what she wants and... it felt to good to give in to becoming mindless and to that tingling between my legs that Only my Domina is able to create. And as she had me all blank and empty... and so blissfully on the edge for her, she had her Trigger Bomb go off in an explosive orgasm. I was so captured and overwhelmed with pleasure and all that was left in my mushy little slave brain was the craving to be bound to my Powerful Domina, forever, and to come with her into my predestined future As her loyally obedient slave. I can't wait to listen to this Session again.
Monday, 01 February 2021
I loved this session. I never had any idea how powerful a snap could be and I believe I underestimate the power of a snap by my Domina. I went very deep and stil not sure if I remember the intire session. Thank you Domina Shelle
Sunday, 31 January 2021
The snap of Domina Shelle's fingers has always been powerful to me. A call for attention for me, kinda like a lil punishment for not being attentive enough. Now She uses this snap in Her latest trance to not only combine it to take me deeper and deeper into trance but also into submission to Her. To make those snaps more addictive She links Her snaps to immense pleasure to charge what is in my croth. Every snap from Her filling me with more submission and focus to Her as well as more pleasure for Her, that leads in the end to a deeper level of submission to Her as well as an overwhelming explosion of pleasure down inside my panties.
Sunday, 31 January 2021
Domina has firmly implanted her POWERFUL new SNAP trigger DEEP within my submissive and pliable mind... Each SNAP she gives sends more and MORE pleasure rippling throughout my entire body and sends shocks of pleasure directly to my throbbing arousal... mmm... Domina Shelles pleasure bomb is SOO incredibly powerful that my entire body has exploded into bliss by the end of this file! Download NOW and listen to one of Domina Shelles most powerfully arousing files!
Sunday, 31 January 2021
Compelling from Domina's first word to Her last, I felt helplessly compelled to listen, hungering for the next snap of Her fingers... and each snap was blissful. ‘Snapped into Submission’ has taught me the meaning of ‘obedience is pleasure’, obeying Domina lead to the deepest and most sensual of trance experiences. It ended with the most explosive crescendo, and I awoke this morning still craving the next snap of Her fingers, and still feeling swathed by Domina’s heavenly voice. Just wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Lucid..
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