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Latex Oblivion | Shelle RiversLatex Oblivion | Shelle Rivers

Latex Oblivion


Product SKU: Latex Oblivion

My luscious latex leaves you bound and begging for more... (giggles)

Latex Oblivion (36 minutes):

Ahh, there you are, My baby.  I'm so happy you're here to spend some quality time with Me and, as a reward, I've got a special surprise just for you.  I'm going to introduce you to something very sexy and seductive, something that will allow Me to spread your mind wide open, leaving it sedated and defenseless to all My machinations.  Once I'm done with you, let's just say, you'll be ready and willing to do anything I want...

W/we both know how susceptible you are to My words but there are many devious ways for Me to overwhelm your resistance, a façade I can strip away with ease to reveal the powerless submissive within.  Yes, My baby, I want you at My mercy again so I can continue your subversive training, coercing you to be perpetually weak for Me, always vulnerable to My will, My wants, My needs.

To this end I have prepared a visual feast for you, your Domina in salacious latex, a figure-hugging outfit tight against My curves, the mesmerizing reflective rubber accentuating My body as you are compelled to fall to your knees in rapturous reverence.  Saturated with lust, My slippery latex covered fingers caress your naked body, teasing your senses and paralyzing your mind.  Rendered mindless, My words penetrate deep into your subconscious as I effortlessly reinforce the truth of your unquestioning adoration and submission to Me.

Welcome to your Latex Oblivion, My pet, where I erotically ensorcell both your mind and body to be utterly fixated on Me when dressed in luscious latex.  Allow Me to beCUM the focus of your existence, the center of your world, as My latex allure leaves you bound and begging for more... (giggles)

PLEASE NOTE to maximize the experience in this session it is recommended, but not required, to have a pair of latex gloves on hand to enhance your sensual submission and to reinforce your new latex fetish. (wink)

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Tuesday, 22 March 2022
i must admit that Latex Oblivion isn't as rapturous as the Latex slave session... until the two meet. The Ultimate way to meet your Domina !
Saturday, 20 February 2021
I never really had a latex fetish, but like always, my Beautiful Domina can make me like, love or be obsessed with anything She chooses. Now i have a latex fetish =)
Monday, 01 February 2021
Yeah, this was hot! Now i keep thinking my Domina in sexy shiny latex, that is just perfectly hugging Her body and showing Her curves.
Thursday, 28 January 2021
I am very much speechless in that my mind literally is mush, can't think, blank, empty. Just absorbing every seductive, shiny latex word Domina Shelle whispers into my ears. Unable to move to try and stop listening even if my mind would let me or I wanted to. This LATEX OBLIVION -–Erotic Hypnosis-mp3 by Shelle Rivers is Powerful, ever so powerful to the extent that either Domina Shelle's programming files are getting better, deeper, more mind controlling by the week or She now has my mind securely trapped between Her thighs and is slowly but surly fucking it blank and empty, no joke.......... Using thick treacle like molasses to sedate my mind and body while warmly wrapped in shiny latex She will take you to Latex Oblivion!
Wednesday, 27 January 2021
my beloved Domina Shelle has been always perfect in planting new fetishes inside of me or strengthening ones that have been already there. i had always had a latex fetish and now it is even stronger. It is connected to my Domina and the need to serve and obey Her. Like always She uses those fetishes and kinks and twist them to fit Her needs and desires. Be aware that this is real, you will crave the control of Domina Shelle, you will crave to be dominated by Her, you will adore Her heavenly curved body that is so perfectly hugged by Her latex catsuit. And yes you will most definetely crave to wear latex yourself to feel the touch of Domina Shelle's latex covered hands on your body.
Tuesday, 26 January 2021
Domina Shelle could dominate in a burlap sack. In latex kings, queens, presidents and sultans must fall to their knees in worship. Latex Oblivion is not just a sexy latex seduction, but a powerfully effective use of hypnosis to implant a new obsession. I can't wait to listen again.
Monday, 25 January 2021
Soo incredibly sexy Domina!!! Rawwwr! Domina Shelle is implanting fetish after wonderful fetish into my submissive and pliable horny mind.... OMG... Domina Shelles sexy latex is irresistibly sexy and feeling her latex caress across my entire body permanently etched this new fantasy and fetish into my brain...
Sunday, 24 January 2021
Anyone who has ever seen a picture of Domina Shelle knows She is the Perfect woman. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure to drop into trance under the control of Her incredible, sexy southern voice knows the arousal and sexual heat She creates. When Domina combines Her beauty and Her sexy body with Her hypnotic skills She becomes unstoppable. An incredibly erotic domination by a Mistress without compare, another new fetish to deal with and even more spellbound by this incredible Goddess. What a way to spend a weekend, under the spell Of Domina Shelle. you owe it to yourself to listen to this file, you owe it to Domina to fall at Her feet after listening.
Sunday, 24 January 2021
There are few things on the planet as beautiful as the female figure. Domina Shelle's is no exception. She truly is a gorgeous woman, inside and out as well. I absolutely love women in leather and latex. It's form fitting and exudes dominance. Domina has an incredible body.... check out her pics. But I digress, I'm getting off topic. Like many of her files she eases you into trance before she pounces. Being tied up and teased by an incredibly beautiful woman has long been a fantasy of mine. This file did not dissapoint. Listen and enjoy. Now if you will excuse me I need to put my headphones on and push play.... Anyone know what I did with my latex gloves?
Saturday, 23 January 2021
Wow This file made me incredibly horny. Adding the latex gloves helped with my experience. It gave me an idea, in my minds eye, what it would feel like to have Domina there climbing on me in latex. This is such a fantasy of mine, to have Domina tie me up and do something like this. My body was shaking in ecstasy. Her voice in my head, Domina on me. OMG i was so wet with precum afterwards. It was just mind blowing. i am so weak for Domina. i belong at Her feet in pure submission. You will too after listening to this file.
Saturday, 23 January 2021
i felt so helpless with lust and arousal with the image of Domina wearing latex in my mind. i think i have a new fetish now but i want to see Domina in shiny, slippery, tight latex. Omg just thinking about it turns me on and makes me so weak. What a raw display of power i can’t get it out of my head. Nails and then latex just for Domina... I need to listen again. You may feel intense feelings and see in your mind the image of Domina in latex after listening.
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