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Steal your Mind | Shelle RiversSteal your Mind | Shelle Rivers

Steal your Mind


Product SKU: Steal your Mind

Prepare to be seduced, enthralled and overpowered...

Steal your Mind (50 minutes):

My puppy, imagine what it would be like if I took complete control of all of you, hypnotized and dominated, compelled to obey all of My suggestions without thought or question. Would that be the ultimate form of submission, your enslaved mind kidnapped and indoctrinated until My words become your only truths?

Yes, I know you've fantasized about this. The merest thought of being totally MINE leaves you HARD and HORNY because - deep down - you know I have the power to make this a reality, to Steal your Mind and usurp your will leaving a devoted thrall to do My bidding. The prospect of seeing you like this, so vulnerable and compliant, makes Me hot and wet too, My own personal toy to mold and play with as I wish. (hmmmmm)

The truth is I'm so irresistible to your eager obedient mind that you desperately crave to fall for Me. My words become your words, My thoughts become your thoughts, and this all triggered by My sweet seductive voice, a sexy addiction that compels you to surrender more of yourself to My Absolute Authority. Thanks to repetitive brainwashing I am the personification of your erotic yearning to submit, allowing Me, your Domina, to penetrate and f*ck your mind with impunity. (giggles)

It's true, My puppy, like a well trained pet, just hearing My voice, reading My words, or thinking of Me triggers a conditioned response, an overwhelming desire to obey and please Me. In this session, you'll learn just how literal this affirmation is and how susceptible you are to My hypnotic allure. This is true submission, My pet, behavioral modification designed to bind you to Me forever since I ALWAYS play for keeps!

So, prepare to be seduced, enthralled and overpowered. I know what's best for you so fall for Me and I'll take you so deep into trance you'll return as a devoted obedient servant, enslaved to My will.

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Thursday, 14 January 2021
Steal Your Mind is a session that seems at face value to be a hardcore enslavement/brainwashing session. It absolutely does that, but as usual the route that Domina Shelle takes to creep in an steal your mind is not what one would expect. Subtle, seductive and relaxing where one might expect overwhelming and hammer-like, this session will have you offering what is left of your mind freely just so you can feel Her take it all over again.
Wednesday, 13 January 2021
Suffocated with seduction and wrapped warmly and securely around Her little finger, what have i done to let Her into to my mind??? my nipples explode with ecstasy and my sex quivers as does myself. I am getting so addicted to these deep luxurious feeling that Domina Shelle is creating within me for real. Steal your Mind is a mind blowing beautiful blissful sexual experience which is far and away better than sex itself, you would not believe it!
Monday, 11 January 2021
Domina's magic dropped me into the deepest hypnosis I have ever experienced! And, it felt so intoxicating, addicting giving Her complete control of my mind and body. Hearing Her voice now automatically, without control, causes arousal, a super hard erection and me to willfully obey Her every suggestion! Did I mention - so much pleasure......
Sunday, 10 January 2021
This was one the deepest trances i've ever been in. icould felt when it happened and it was an amazing feeling.
Sunday, 10 January 2021
As first file of the year Domina comes up with nearly an hour of deepest and sweetest hypnosis. No need to steal anything - it feels so good that i freely and willingly give my mind to her. The file is great to drift to sleep or to rest and refuel. I respell the alphabet of my submission again and again when words pop up in my mind even hours after trance. What an amazing start to 2021! Thank you Domina.
Saturday, 09 January 2021
Just when i thought i was finally starting to understand the true meaning of words such as: blank, deep, mindless and weak, Domina sprang this on us... i soon realised the true meanings, as She took me down further than i thought possible, and that was just during the induction phase. She wasn't forceful in the slightest, far from it, this was pure mental and emotional seduction that felt entirely sweet and sensual, as She whispered soothing words that bound my will and chained my mind. During that time, i could feel myself becoming so heavy, that i couldn't move a muscle, and yet i was floating away and gently drifting, all at the same time. i wasn't going anywhere, and She knew it. The actual content and the changes She has made with it, i couldn't even begin to describe, i was that far gone. Will i ever know? All i can say is that your guess is as good as mine... In all honesty though, no matter what She has done, i simply can't bring myself to care. It can't be anything that i'd be unwilling to accept, when She can make it feels this full of bliss. i've listened to this multiple times over the past week, as i've tried to form the thoughts to write a review, and each time, i think i made the situation that little bit worse. Each play seems to take me even deeper, and the thoughts drift even further away. Steal my mind? Yes, i suppose so, if i'm willing to call it stealing when it seems that even after the first play, i wanted to box it up, gift wrap it, and simply hand it to Her, because She makes it feel so good when She takes control. i was already deeply devoted, and totally loyal, and with this, She really has ensured that i will be so forever.
Friday, 08 January 2021
This is literally the deepest I have ever gone in trance so far with my Domina . I feel so controlled as if Her presence within me has grown so much more powerful. My mind has really been stolen and replaced with Her Truths and it feels amazing. There is nothing better than living under Domina’s complete control. I am enthralled and even more deeply enslaved by Her grip on me inwardly. This is forever and I’m so grateful to Domina for giving me such a life. I must please!!
Wednesday, 06 January 2021
The static noise was kinda annoying and distracting at first, probably cause i had no clue what it´s supposed to do, i assume having listened to white noise would have been helpful, but even then after a while the static vanished into the background and together with her voice it took me so unbelievable deep, no more annoying, no more distraction, no more thinking, just nothing, a suddenly very relaxing noise and a so clear voice, ready to steal my mind, although i still don´t know how she could steal what she already stole, but somehow she did it again, i realy look forward to what she comes up with on this New Year ^-^
Monday, 04 January 2021
Domina Shelle is at Her devastating best in this session and if this a marker for what we should expect for 2021 then we are in for an amazing experience in the Femdom and erotic hypnosis genre. Like others have commented, Domina continues to amaze me with not only the variety of sessions She produces but their incredible intensity in depth of trance and potency of suggestions. This session probes at your weaknesses, weaknesses Domina has carefully cultivated in prior sessions. Before you are even aware of it She is in total control lulling you down into a trance so deep you feel utterly powerless to stop Her. Not that you want to of course but knowing you could not even if you wanted to is a testament to how skilled She is, using the combination of Her sexy voice and those carefully chosen words to remove any resistance to what She is doing. i am so comfortable with Her voice now that all Her keys phrases act like triggers stripping me of my will and all i long to do is surrender to Her magnificence. Everything you read about Domina in these reviews about Domina are true: the positive way She makes you feel, the compulsive desire to serve and please Her, even the playful tone in Her voice signalling you are much deeper that you thought. She really does become a part of you and once She has touched you, like only She can, there really is no going back. Thank You Domina for stealing my mind it was an experience i ill never forget and will happily repeat.
Sunday, 03 January 2021
Deeper than deep... Domina Shelle will steal your mind and take it soo incredibly deep into her world that you'll never again have the ability to even think about wanting it back... She owns it anyway after all... giggles... I don't think I've ever fallen that deep in my entire life... Right when I thought I couldn't fall any deeper, Domina took me down farther than I could even imagine... Mmm... and Every second was filled with complete and absolute bliss... ONLY Domina Shelle has this level of complete control and power over me... What an amazing start to the New Year! I LOVE Domina Shelle! ❤
Saturday, 02 January 2021
If this is an example of what to expect in 2021 i can hardly wait. This is Domina at Her devastating best. A voice that sounds like an angel, dripping in sensual, feminine power, you just listen and She steals Your mind, then your body, then your awareness. Soon you are like a puppet on a string, responding to every nuance of Her suggestions and you just shiver in pleasure. Domina did not need to steal my mind, i had willingly given it to Her but this file reminded me of why i live to please Her. This is true hypnotic enslavement by the Mistress of hypnotic domination, Domina Shelle Rivers. WOW!
Saturday, 02 January 2021
Thanks for this session. It is fantastic.. Never felt so deep before. Her soft voice, her constant deepening… don’t know what she did here but I need more of it… please… Extreme deep trance. Extreme deep connection to our Princess.
Saturday, 02 January 2021
How does She do it? Domina keeps giving us these new sessions with each one being so different, fresh and special. And, Steal your Mind is no exception. This one is so relaxing, soothing and sensual. However, do not be deceived, it is also very powerful. i was left aroused and inside a deep yearning for my Domina, with feelings i haven’t experienced since my schoolboy days. This will definitely be one of my go to sessions that i will be listening to over and over again. What a wonderful way to bring in the New Year.
Friday, 01 January 2021
What a wonderful file to kick off the New Year! So much bliss in falling for my Domina. I'm so glad to have her stealing my mind and even give my left hand a workout. Highly Recommended!
Friday, 01 January 2021
Another 5 star session from Domina with this loving recording .She has brought me through a very difficult 2020 and i very much look forward to this New Year. It's so true that very deep inside me, i have this overwhelming desire to obey and please You. There is no better feeling in the world. Thank You, Domina Shelle.
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