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Mind Conquest | Shelle RiversMind Conquest | Shelle Rivers

Mind Conquest


Product SKU: Mind Conquest

An overwhelming, irresistible and inevitable conquest of your mind...

Mind Conquest (22 minutes):

My devoted servant, I want you to imagine My sexy erotic words invading every muscle and every nerve in your body, restraining you to the point that you're completely immobilized, unable to move without My express permission.  Prone and vulnerable, savior this feeling of powerlessness as your body and mind collapse, from the inside out, as I seductively dismantle your resistance to My spell-binding hypnotic charms. (giggles)

There is no escape from this aural assault since My words will, quite literally, conquer your mind.  The cells in every recess of your body will be infiltrated, subverted and any thought of resistance broken apart, as I progressively imbue your mesmerized mind with the very unique properties of the R Factor.  The mysterious R Factor will permeate through every molecule of your being, overwhelming your defences, leaving your compliant suggestible mind defeated and wide open to some new TRUTHS.

Blank, mindless and totally submissive, My words will penetrate deep into every crevice of your existence as I claim you, imprisoning your subconscious mind and supplanting your conscious will with an insatiable desire to serve and please only Me.  To seal your fate I complete My mission with a fitting crescendo, a mind bending climax that leaves you lost in awe of Me, your mind and body vanquished, as you SURRENDER it all.  There's no escaping this Mind Conquest, My enslaved thrall, My words are as unstoppable as your adoration and devotion, and as inevitable as your fantasies to kneel and Serve your Domina Now.

This session is a beautiful descent into mindless enslavement, a perfect way to reinforce My hypnotically binding chains, extending My influence and your dependence on Me.  This is hypnotic relaxation and seduction at its finest, an overwhelming, irresistible and inevitable conquest of your mind.  No one will be able resist, even in the slightest way, so let Me take you on another memorable voyage into real submission and subservience to a powerful Domina...

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Friday, 08 January 2021
For some reason with this it took me a l
Friday, 25 December 2020
This left me stunned. There was a sense of incredulity that it was only 22 minutes, because it felt eternal, in the best possible way. Domina dropped me so easily with this, and then She created such a profound sense of relaxation that there would be no hope to resist, even if i wanted to, and She had me totally subsumed into Her world, with Her every softly spoken word; yet whilst in that state, She also gave me massively heightened state of arousal, that brought things to a will binding, and mind melting ending. If this is what She can do with 22 minutes, imagine what She will do to You during a lifetime of servitude to Her... This is definitely a 'must have' file.
Thursday, 24 December 2020
What can I say? This file is pure arousal and bliss. VERY relaxing and beautiful indeed. My mind melted away before I knew what was happening, I absolutely loved it and can’t recommend it enough to you! This was review by CheeseOnToast, a devoted slave.
Sunday, 13 December 2020
Short and oh so SWEET! Domina Shelle is a highly skilled hypnotic surgeon able to take you down into an extremely deep, fulfilling, and arousing trance before you are even aware of what is happening... As the R factor took me to the peak of blissful trance, the A factor penetrated my mind and body, little bubbles taking over from both the inside and the outside simultaneously... The sheer and intense arousal from Domina Shelles Mind Conquest will addict you to her forever... It's your lucky day! giggles... ❤
Sunday, 13 December 2020
Domina Shelle's voice lures you in and then her words enslave you into submission. I keep going deeper and deeper for her. Listen for yourself and experience her control for yourself.
Sunday, 13 December 2020
OMG my Precious Domina Shelle, this is just AMAZING..... Oh Please take me deeper and take my mind away and replace it with more of your words. its Pure bliss not having to think but just melt and listen to Your smooth silky words as they march deeeper into my mind taking me away. This is just soooo magical, i want to make You my world, Please help me do this? You are just ADORABLE!!!
Saturday, 12 December 2020
I simply cannot put this recording down. I've surrendered into it 8 times so far today.
Saturday, 12 December 2020
This was amazing. Short, seductive and devastating, Mind Conquest takes only a few minutes for Domina Shelle to completely dominate your mind without using a single forceful word. Every breath you take during this session and afterwards is a step deeper into submission to Domina Shelle.
Friday, 11 December 2020
22 minutes. That's all it takes for Domina to take you. 22 minutes that feels like 5 minutes. 22 minutes to bring you into deeper submission to Her. This file made me long to be in my teens or 20's again. i think the out come would have been totally different. i can only imagine how someone in their teens or 20's would handle this. i can only try to remember the dreams and the wetness i felt while dreaming. i miss that. This file was amazing. It brings back those memories of how erotic it feels to dream and well, you know, wake up with a mess in your shorts. i Love Domina so very much for reminding me of those days. Thank you Domina. You are a blessing. A true Goddess.
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