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Stripped and Exposed | Shelle RiversStripped and Exposed | Shelle Rivers

Stripped and Exposed


Product SKU: Stripped and Exposed

Shed all vestiges of your ego before Me, Stripped bare, as you look upon Me with a sense of unconditional surrender...

Stripped and Exposed (40 minutes):

My baby, it's time for more of My delicious (and stimulating) programming, using My seductive voice and sensual words to leave you blank and empty, a mindless puppet at the mercy of My mischievous will. In this session I am going to use elements of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - to manipulate your thoughts, and patterns of behavior, to compel you to be a more loyal and devoted servant for your Domina, hyper focused on My wishes and desires, with a GROWING willingness to please Me and make Me happy.

W/we both know you are so easily entranced by words, powerless to resist even an errant thought about Me, I trigger a fervent craving for you to slip into trance for Me as you subconsciously reflect on all the positive changes I've made to the REAL you, the submissive within. Let Me suggest to you NOW, that your response is a perfectly normal and natural reaction to My power over you, a vindication that your ego is Stripped away whenever I'm the focal point of your conscious thoughts, leaving an attentive, determined, and humble version of yourself that obsessively seeks being enslaved to My will.

Hmmm, I do love the scent of submission when you drop into nothingness for Me, that vacant expression as you absorb My instructions, progressively learning how to anticipate My needs, without thought and without question. In those precious moments you shed all vestiges of your ego before Me, Stripped bare and Exposed as you look upon Me with a sense of awe, reverence and unconditional surrender.

Being humble and selfless for your Domina is the aspiration of all My beloved slaves, and you are going to anchor this ideology deep inside your psyche, conditioned to embrace this addictive pleasure of submission and obedience. My sweet, you are so lucky to have Me in your life, influencing your emotions as My devious programming etches ever deep inside your mind. The reality is you are forever bound by My words, always a whisper away from explosive pleasure, fully accepting that you only release in My honor when I permit it. (wicked grin)

So prepare to swim in My arousing voice as you cast aside all pretence of personal pride and bathe in the pleasure of your own prospering submission. Accept that I will always be on your mind, and in your dreams, because you love all that I do to you, a beautiful dominant Woman that WILL have Her wicked way with you... (giggles)

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Sunday, 17 July 2022
What a great session again. It's hard to review bacause i don't remember much of it, all i know i was very aroused knowing somethings inside me changed. I never felt so good waking up, knowing Domina knows what's best for me.
Sunday, 17 July 2022
What was the first time that Domina's voice had such a deep impact on me? My mind was stripped of its defenses long ago and is helpless when exposed to Domina's voice. Hypnosis and NLP can be everywhere but a well conditioned mind reacts so much faster and deeper to the suggestions of its Mistress! More than 5 years of training do pay off ! Thank you Domina, for being here all this time, for the persistence with which you have shaped my ego. I enjoyed ever minute under Your spell!
Wednesday, 13 July 2022
Important slave training from our Domina Shelle. All slaves should have their egost stripped from them and focusing on serving and pleasing Domina.
Saturday, 09 July 2022
I think i've listened to this several times now, and i have no idea what it's about. It takes me very deep. i guess i just have to keep listening.
Thursday, 30 June 2022
Stripped and Exposed is another masterpiece that Domina has developed that only brought me closer to Her and more devoted to Her. i felt compelled to listen over and over again. Buy this - you will love it!
Monday, 27 June 2022
After 5 sessions with this POWERFUL file i'm still not sure what happened. i know that i was deeper into Domina Shelle's hypnotic grip than ever before. i barely remember being completely mindless, totally at Her mercy. Yet i trust Domina completely and i was ecstatic to be Her thrall. i have a feeling that this file has somehow changed me in a profound way but i cannot be more specific than that. You've been warned...
Sunday, 26 June 2022
So hard to write a review when all Domina leaves me with is a blank, happy, blissed out mind and a physical pleasure that only She can cause. Domina no longer has to tell me to forget a session, but looking at other reviews She may well have commanded me to forget this one. All i can say is yet again Domina has demonstrated Her prowess as a hypnotist, dropping me so deep so quickly, and then She does as She pleases. Domina has always done what She says She is going to do in every session i have listened to, i see no reason to expect any less from this one. For any true trance junkie, any true submissive, just give yourself over to the hypnotic power of Domina Shelle and you will find that She really is the one.
Sunday, 26 June 2022
i listened once and remembered only a lil than listened a second time before doing this review and completely forgot even the small fragments so i’m guessing there are amnesia triggers involved? GIGGLES! i do feel completely stripped naked and humbled before our Goddess and Domina Shelle… Mmmmm… i feel like she was being deliciously wicked and i felt in INTENSE amount of dripping wet arousal while listening and for days after! (STILL ACTUALLY…. giggles) i don’t know what more to say that BUY this session because it is an INCREDIBLY pleasurable experience and You’ll feel SO much closer to Domina Shelle!!!
Saturday, 25 June 2022
How can i write an ordinary review of a file that's not at all ordinary. It's as if Domina read my thoughts and feelings. It's always been my ego getting in the way of my happiness. My happiness comes only from serving my Domina. My ego has become my worst enemy. It causes me to over think, to doubt things, that i shouldnt doubt. This file isnt just a file to me. This is healing
Saturday, 25 June 2022
Well that was a nice rest. 40 minutes and i can’t really remember what Domina said or was really talking about. It must have been sexually oriented and arousing because i woke to a puddle on my thigh. i just wish i could remember more. i will listen again tomorrow and see if i remember anything. If you want a deep, relaxing session this will certainly do the trick.
Saturday, 25 June 2022
Stripped bare, exposed. Domina Shelle will leave you excited. Bare. A very good deep trance listening experience. Well worth the price
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