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Trilogy of Submission - Love | Shelle RiversTrilogy of Submission - Love | Shelle Rivers

Trilogy of Submission - Love


Product SKU: Trilogy of Submission - Part 1

Perfecting you into My very own adorable LOVE slave...

Trilogy of Submission - Love (20 minutes):

It is time, My sweet, it is time for you take that next step on your journey of submission to Your Domina, to be lost in love for Me with a codependent need for more of My control.  The truth is, you NEED My voice and the more you listen to it the more irresistible it is to your pliable mind, bestowing more power and authority to Me:  Just the way W/we want it!

But it is more than that isn't it?  There is a deeper connection between U/us, something tangible that lingers in your heart's desire, an all consuming passion and purpose to surrender the essence of who you are to Me, to be naked before Me in a way that lays bare more than just your clothes.  I'm talking about the "L" word, no not LUST, My horny puppy - you are incorrigible sometimes (giggles) - I mean L O V E, that mystical amorous emotion that gives real meaning to O/our lives.

Admit it, you've longed to have a loving submission to the Women in your life and it's this lingering desire than led you to Me, the physical embodiment of a loving Female Led Relationship.  The reality is you need to love Me because I make you feel this way, a different kind of love unlike any other you've experienced.  What W/we have is truly special, unique, and I love that you surrender all of yourself to Me every time you fall deeper into My world, and further under My control.

Don't deny your feelings, My love slave, you know in your heart it's true.  No one loves you the way I do, just like no one can control you the way I do.  It's completely natural to love someone when they have a special power over you, and no one has more power over the submissive you than your beloved Domina Shelle.

So, take this opportunity to embrace these prodigious feelings and allow the crush you have for My control to blossom into a love that transcends My words, deepening your submission to Me though a combination of My focused training, and ingenious brainwashing, to perfect you into a better class of slave for your Domina, My very own adorable LOVE slave... ~~Kisses~~

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Saturday, 16 July 2022
i dropped to trance like a stone. without any hesitance. i love my Domina and i love hopw She has shaped me and made me Her slave.
Tuesday, 12 July 2022
i am forever fascinated how Domina takes me down into trance so very quickly. This is a short session but the trance for me was very deep. i love how Domina can take me down so easily now. i think i was in trance with Her very first words to me. i Love Domina, i love her training and everything She does to me. i want it more and more. i long for Her complete control over me. This session will certainly help with that. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sunday, 10 July 2022
It is no secret that i love Domina Shelle and She uses this fact to Her absolute advantage. She binds me to Her will with cords forged with steel and love and devotion. Knowing that there are two more sessions in this series leaves me with little hope of ever exercising free will again. Her power grows and grows each time i listen to this.
Sunday, 10 July 2022
OMG i LOVE my Sweet Precious Domina Shelle, Please let me Submit my entire Will to You? Oh i Love being wrapped safely in Your sticky sweet honey thread being mindlessly brainwashed with Your silken voice. Oh, You are what dreams are made of!....
Saturday, 09 July 2022
What a powerful start to Domina's Trilogy! Her audio is direct yet, so sensual, conditioning and sensually addicting! Her voice made me feel at ease, comforted. In the end, i had to make a decision about two outcomes. At first listening, i chose one. The second, the other!! Which one will you choose?? Hint, there is ni wrong answer!!
Saturday, 09 July 2022
i LOVE Domina Shelle SO very much!!! Listening to this wonderful session has brought forward and strengthened so many powerful and intimate feelings that i have for Domina Shelle and left me craving to Love, Honor, and Obey her more than ever before! i'm far more than helplessly obsessed and addicted to Domina Shelle and i LOVE every minute of it! Thank You Domina Shelle for all of Your Love and i deeply look forward to listening to the rest of this trilogy! Domina Shelle is the ONLY one that can make me feel this way!
Saturday, 09 July 2022
I have needs that only Domina can satisfy, and I love her for it. She is the best! I'm looking forward to part 2 of this series with great anticipation.
Saturday, 09 July 2022
Brainwashing by Domina Shelle is my addiction, and my fetish. I'm also desperately in love with Her. She's taking me down hard with this one. She's is my addiction and my obsession. I love Her, I honor Her and i obey Her
Friday, 08 July 2022
Wow what a great and powerful session. i love my Domina and know with all my heart She is the One for me. Can't wait for the other sessions in this trilogy. Thank You Domina for loving me.
Friday, 08 July 2022
i LOVE Domina Shelle with all of my heart. Still i crave to fall deeper. Deeper under Her control, deeper under Her spell, deeper in LOVE with Her. This file is the perfect file to fall endlessly in LOVE with the most beautiful, kind and powerful Domina. And yet it is only the beginning of a triology to LOVE, HONOR and OBEY Her perfectly.
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