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Subliminized - Deep Trance | Shelle RiversSubliminized - Deep Trance | Shelle Rivers

Subliminized - Deep Trance


Product SKU: Subliminized - Deep Trance

you need this intense subliminized session... you need it, you want it, you just don't realize it yet.

Subliminized - Deep Trance (29 minutes):

My sweet, you are going to want to listen to this session OVER and OVER again...a PERFECT Hypnotic Lullaby.  An EXCELLENT Trance DEEPENER, how deep can you go... I'm going to HYPNOTIZE you, you need to be DEEPLY Hypnotized.  I have taught you how to trust Me, now trust Me, just download and listen, simply because you have been told to listen.  This is what I want, so you want it too.  Just follow the sound of My sweet HYPNOTIC voice, as I count you down, deeper down with 50-0, deep into hypnotic oblivion, a COMATOSE state of MIND...where you can just rest, and surrender to the effects of this intensely powerful subliminized programming session.

Don't worry about what the effects will be.  you need them, and you want them, you just don't realize it yet.

Download, and listen... Again and again.  This session is a mandatory session for all of My followers.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2024
"Your slave is pleased at the effectiveness of his Domina’s brainwashing. While away over a long weekend, i had the rare opportunity to sleep (go to bed) listening, each night. Returning home, i could not do so. But this morning, i found that i desperately needed to listen again. Fortunately, i had the opportunity to do so this afternoon and am feeling much more peaceful now. i don’t know what all is in there, but i hope all is equally effective.”
Saturday, 18 May 2024
This session is one of the game changers. If you listen to it over and over, you will go very deep, and go deeper and deeper. The effects get stronger and stronger until whatever subliminal messaging is within becomes permanently part of you. Such levels of submission I had never felt and it spread through my day as did constant thoughts of Domina. I cannot begin to express how powerful this session is.
Sunday, 12 May 2024
Addicting and made me feel right at home deep under Domina Shelles sexy spell… i need more!
Saturday, 11 May 2024
Have you ever dreamed of being addicted to an erotic hypnotic enchantress? My dreams have come true.
Saturday, 11 May 2024
I love this session I went very deep and needed some time after the session to wake up again. I don't remeber much of it but I'm going to listen again soon. Thank You Domina
Friday, 10 May 2024
i experienced an incredibly deep and relaxing trance from Domina's sensually stimulating audio. It is so easy to feel a safe and trusting connectiveness with Her. Under Her hypnosis, the other worldly cares and concerns of my day refreshingly, momentarily fade away. i feel total bliss in Her presence, under Her magical spell. And afterwards, after a brief rest to extend and magnify Her thoughts and suggestions, i am fully charged, confident to reach and accomplish even higher levels of achievements.
Thursday, 09 May 2024
The moment i saw this file up i felt the need to listen. i tried to stay awake while listening to find out what it contained, but all i remember is hearing Domina Shelle's voice before waking up about 5 hours later when my headphones were out of power. Thank You, Domina, for allowing me to listen and obey.
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