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Gooner | Shelle RiversGooner | Shelle Rivers



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Are you a horny enslaved gooner, My pet?

Gooner (46 minutes):

you are a horny enslaved gooner... admit it, you can't resist that urge to stroke, to edge, thinking of Me, the playful cadence of My voice compelling you to mindlessly masturbate as you willingly fall into a deep hypnotic, trance-like state, riding on wave after wave of pleasure and submissive bliss.

It's okay, My sweet, I programmed and conditioned you to react this way, each stroke erasing your thoughts, as a loyal lustful gooner slave emerges utterly obsessed with the object of its desire, a deviant Domina determined to subjugate and dominate Her prey. (giggles)  The truth is, the more you crave to goon, the more you find yourself fantasizing about Me, a perpetual loop that has you day-dreaming of being on your knees, naked, and edging in My presence while I whisper coercive thoughts and ideas into your over-stimulated mind, priming and indoctrinating you to be a selfless devoted slave singularly focused on pampering and pleasing your playful Owner.

I do love using (and abusing) you like this, a horny compliant good boy that is hard and aroused, and with just a few slow sensual strokes of his c*ck is easily hypnotized and under My control. (giggles)  Yes, My voice is an aphrodisiac, triggering you to mindlessly stroke and edge, and like a perfectly conditioned gooner slave, you comply, fixating on the pleasure as all notions of self are eradicated in the pursuit of being mine!!

And to trap you in My sexy little game, as I deepen your addiction to My sexual domination and control, I will place a very special hypnotic "gooner" cage, one that actively promotes your impulse to stroke without ever going over the edge.  Say "Thank You, Domina".  I want you so wound-up and consumed with Me that you'll happily goon your free-will away as you slip deeper into hypnotic oblivion, desperately craving to submit more and more to My wicked and mischievous plans with each passing day.

But, don't fret, My sweet...My control is your ABSOLUTE SUBMISSION. ~~Kisses~~

***Big surprise included. DO NOT MISS OUT!!!

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Monday, 13 May 2024
Making me so horny by being a gooning slave for my Domina. Lovely surprise included in this file.
Friday, 03 May 2024
i just LOVE being Dominas gooner slave! What better way to make your Domina addiction grow deeper and more uncontrollably pleasurable?! Loop over and over, goon over and over for the sexiest and most powerful hypnotist ever!!
Friday, 03 May 2024
Simply addictive and compulsively erotic. Obedience to Domina is pure pleasure.
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