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Subliminized - Mistress of your Mind | Shelle RiversSubliminized - Mistress of your Mind | Shelle Rivers

Subliminized - Mistress of your Mind


Product SKU: Subliminized - Mistress of your Mind

There's no escaping My addictive subversive influence...

Session: 27 minutes
Sample: LINK

My deeply conditioned and programmed subject, I am the Mistress of your Mind and no one can make you feel the way I do!  My hot, wet, whispered words enraptures the submissive you, allowing Me to send you effortlessly into deep forgetful sleep, your conscious mind relaxing into nothingness, blank and empty, open and suggestible, ready for another MIND FUCK by your decadently devious Domina. (giggles)

Hmmmm, I do love seeing My HARD and HORNY pet so naked and vulnerable to My control, slipping so easily and deeply for Me, your THROBBING c*ck betraying your body's undeniable surrender to the bliss of My sensual domination.  Of course, this reflexive response is intentional because it leaves you powerless, highly suggestible; your subconscious mind open to Me, ready and willing to follow all My subliminal instructions as if they were your own ideas.

Isn't that so wicked and sexy, knowing you are incapable of stopping Me from fucking with your mind, having no conscious recollection of what I've done to you and why?  In this session you will surrender to My SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING believing this is what you truly crave and, as you stroke for Me, I will happily sate this desire, further subjugating the submissive you embracing that I'm a permanent part of who you are now!

My subject, this is very REAL and there's no escaping My addictive subversive influence, just an ever GROWING admiration and craving to lose more control to My deep hypnotic conditioning.  Prepare yourself to be fundamentally manipulated and brainwashed.

Session includes:  Subliminal Programming, Binaural Beats, Mind Manipulation, Hypnotic Amnesia, and no WAKE command.

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Monday, 24 January 2022
This is good file to listen late at night so you can just fall in a trance and then just continue having a good night sleep. This is because pacing is slower in this file than many others. It feels very natural to just continue sleeping.
Thursday, 25 November 2021
i have no idea what happened in this file. i woke up and i was extremely hard, wet and horny. How can i review something that i can't really remember. i know as i write this i am still a little hard. This is really the second time i listened to this file. The first time i couldn't remember anything either. Now here i am trying to write something again, but i can't really comment, other than i was very hard and wet at the end. im sure it was a good time based on how my c*ck felt afterwards. So, if you want to be hard and horny for your Domina and not remember what happens to you, then buy this file and enjoy the ride.
Friday, 29 January 2021
Another of those files, that truly shows, that whatever Domina does, She does it well... "Whoa, was that really 27 minutes?!" It feels that it's as if no time has passed at all, yet at the very same time, it feels like i have just slept for hours. There's an awareness that i haven't actually slept, but there's simply no recall at all, of whatever She just did. There's an occasional remembrance of a word here or there, but it's another of those files, that trying to remember, is like trying to catch hold of smoke. The harder i try, the more it slips away. There's no clue in my mind, exactly what She has done, but i do know that it feels wonderful to drop so deep, and rouse feeling so happy, yet be so completely blank.
Wednesday, 17 July 2019
This is the forth “Subliminized” file and I love them all! One star for Mistress voice: There are several layers: one that instructs the hypnosis session – another one that whispered sexy and nasty things in my ears and distracts my conscious mind – and the others that I do not really figure out but I feel that they are there. - second star for this creepy feeling. A third star because Domina says “Fuck” - I LOVE when she does that! And the 4th and 5th star how she actually fucks my mind because I cannot during the recording I wonder what she might say to my subconscious and after the file I wonder all the time if she actually did something at all and when I might recognize.
Thursday, 06 June 2019
I don't remember anything specific what this recording is about. But every time after I listen to it I feel very calm, content and safe. Not sure whether it has anything to do with listening to this recording or not.
Friday, 19 April 2019
Do you doubt the power of subliminal messaging to an entranced mind? Well if you do try this session and Domina's other Subliminalized sessions and be prepared for a shift in you perspective. It will take a number of listens to feel something change in your psyche but after 7 days of repeated listening you will sense it, your mind being subtly manipulated and a distinctly stronger yearning for everything related to Domina Shelle. The hypnotic amnesia is effective, even for one like myself that tends to recall the content of sessions, and i suspect this is because the subliminals are so effective it just difficult to recall any details. This is definitely a session for those intent on being enslaved by Domina Shelle since She will become your everything.
Tuesday, 09 April 2019
Everything Domina Shelle does is 5 stars. Her soft, silky voice opens your mind with complete trust. You want to tell her all your vulnerabilities. She proceeds methodically bringing you under into a comatose state until it's too late to stop. She trains your mind to sleep by listening to her voice. Eventually, your impulse is to want her voice to penetrate your mind as much as you would enjoy penetrating her pussy. You literally begin thinking during the day about how she's slowly and methodically breaking you down until you beg her to be her devoted slave. The funny thing is you really can't explain here in words why. There is nothing like Domina Shelle. No one will make you feel as erotic are make you more seduced than your sultry hypnosis.
Tuesday, 09 April 2019
Domina Shelle will implant suggestions in your mind. But you will be too horny to notice. Her words will put you to sleep. And in this state you will be more open, so that she can make positive changes.
Saturday, 06 April 2019
Five stars. Overjoyed to be so weak & helpless to resist Princess Shelle’s control. Her brainwashing is so powerful. that She can implant any thought/desire/fetish or fetish without me even remembering. So arousing to be so weak & vulnerable to her every whim.
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