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Dark Room - Warped Mind | Shelle RiversDark Room - Warped Mind | Shelle Rivers

Dark Room - Warped Mind


Product SKU: Dark Room - Warped Mind

Twisting your reality until your warped mind slides ever deeper into My dominion...

Session Length: 42 minutes
Sample: LINK

Ready for a WARPED MIND...Back for more brainwashing, indoctrination and mental manipulation, My subject?  Of course, you are.  you can't stop it.  I told you this would happen.  My voice, so addictive and My control so invasive, you are forever lost in My world, knowing I fuel your need to submit and surrender every day... (Giggles)

And why are W/we here, My pet?  Because, during one of My prior sessions, you let Me into the private refuge in your mind, that exclusive sanctuary where you escape from outside influences and secretly fantasize about your deepest erotic pleasures.  But you underestimated My skill with hypnotic insurgency and infiltration, and I took control of your fantasies using them to coercively influence the core of who you are.  With repetitive deep hypnotic conditioning I have transformed your inner sanctum, your private place, into whatever I desire to be, all with the goal of furthering your submission to My domination and control.

And here W/we are, another session to warp your reality and what better place to do it than in My Dark Room, your private refuge transformed into a paradoxical realm where My suggestions infinitely reverberate through your mind, opening you up to unquestioning acceptance and reflexive obedience.  The Dark Room defies your conscious and unconscious mind, allowing Me to subdue all your inhibitions, leaving you open and aching to surrender to whatever I wish.  This naked exposure to My power and your pleasure addicts you to the thrill of obeying Me no matter what I suggest and this quickly beCUMs a very REAL and POTENT connection between My voice and your unresisting physical self.

In My Dark Room I will again twist your reality until your warped mind slides ever deeper into My dominion.  But do not despair, My puppy, I may be omnipresent in your mind, but I am also a generous and benevolent Owner!  I recognize and reward submissive obedience and, although, you may not recall the details of My deep conditioning in this session, you will wake from trance with an intense, fervent and, dare I say, explosive desire to submit even more of yourself to Me. (Giggles)

In fact, I'm so confident that these euphoric waves of bliss will overwhelm you, they will wipe your conscious mind clean of any thoughts to resist My conditioning, leaving you only desperate for more.  Now be a good subject and submit yourself to the deep mental reconditioning you know you need from Me, and only Me.

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Wednesday, 09 March 2022
im not sure what happened in this. i remember Dominas finger snaps. i woke extremely aroused. But i can't remember anything about what happened. Its a bummer when that happens. LOL
Friday, 24 September 2021
My memory of this masterpiece is very hazy… I remember going into a deep and intense trance… Like under anesthetic… I felt Dominas unmistakably sexy and powerful southern voice twisting and warping the deepest levels of my mind… Than seemingly as soon as it started, I woke up, feeling incredibly aroused and forever changed…
Tuesday, 03 March 2020
This one is unusual. There is simply a switch off point, then she revives me at the end. i haven't a clue what lies between. And the effect is so complete that i have no desire at all to search for the missing bits...
Sunday, 07 April 2019
The third session in the Dark Room series this is another incredible example of hypnotic indoctrination and subjugation, where Domina Shelle again expertly dec, i now find that for Domina Shelle She can have me deep in trance in a few minutes. Now i've listened to well over 100 hypnotists in my time and some for many years and nobody gets me as deep as Domina Shelle does.  May be its that wonderful Southern accent, or the carefully chosen words, but what ever it is i now get lost in sessions, just wanting Her to take me where ever She desires. It's been a long journey for me as a submissive but in Domina Shelle i feel i struck gold!  Sessions like this one are transformative to those open and receptive enough to embrace submission to someone that will utterly dominate you mentally.  Once She has access to you mind anything is possible and thanks to Domina Shelle's sessions that's what i'm discovering.  i strongly recommend this session to all listeners seriously interested in submission and you really need to listen to all the Dark Room sessions to get the maximum effect.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
Sunday, 31 March 2019
A voice from heaven, Domina guides you into the dark spaces of your mind. It's so sweet and casual, like She's talking only to me. Then following instructions into a state of bliss and sheer loving pleasure. There is nothing i wouldn't do for Her. WOW Thank You, Domina.
Friday, 29 March 2019
"Bent or twisted out of shape, typically as a result of the effects of heat or damp" Yes with this file you will be bent. Your brain will be bent, wet, hot and warped into what your Domina wants. Sultry and seductive, dark, warm and wet... they all come to play. If you haven't listened to dark room's 1 and 2 I would suggest you listen to them first. You will enjoy this one so much more. It will be well worth your time. Now if you will excuse me I need to put my headphones on and press play.
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