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Swear Jar


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The SWEAR JAR assignment.

The SWEAR JAR assignment is intended to elevate the level of discourse in society.  Or maybe I have an ulterior motive to have you play this little game with Me.  If you use any of the swear or curse words listed here you will be required to pay $1 into My Swear Jar.

f*ck (alone or with ex.: motherf*cker)
c*ck (sucker, etc)
*ss (hole)
sh*t (head)
homo, $5 word
jesus christ (in vain)
f*ggot, $5 word
the n word, $5 word
non-English:  merde, fick dich, mierda, fangulo

So, every time you say one of these words or use in a phrase, you owe Me $1 to be paid either right away or by the end of EACH DAY.  So, you are to keep track of your words.  Look at them, again so you remember.  The words that express prejudice should NEVER be used and I am making them $5 words.  So don’t use them.

This will be an ongoing assignment for the value of repetition.  I must admit in My effort to clean up your language, the more you curse the more dollars I get.  What DO I really want?

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Sunday, 17 December 2023
i just love Dominas control over every aspect of my life and this assignment is yet another way i show my submission to Dominas Absolute Authority. ❤️
Saturday, 16 April 2016
Oh fiddlesitcks! i find i still have trouble with this when someone cuts me off in traffic. i hope i'm getting better.
Saturday, 09 April 2016
Great idea, my Domina knows what's best for me :) it will help me be a better person, and better slave
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