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The Unethical Therapist - Purple Pill | Shelle RiversThe Unethical Therapist - Purple Pill | Shelle Rivers

The Unethical Therapist - Purple Pill


Product SKU: The Unethical Therapist - Purple Pill

Unethical, HYPNOTIC, wicked and MANIPULATING...

The Unethical Therapist - Purple Pill (36 minutes):

Unethical, HYPNOTIC, wicked and MANIPULATING...this is not child's play.

Dr Shelle takes all control with Her Unethical HYPNOTIC wicked mind manipulation.  She has decided that it is against your best interest to know the contents of this session.  you are directed to just listen and TRUST that She will help you with any issues that She may find during your visit.

Clinical notes from your Therapist:

I could express some degree of surprise that you are returning today, but W/we both know this was inevitable.
I know that you need My help time and time again and that you need frequent sessions of My therapy to guide you.  I am always here to assist you in any manner possible and it pleases Me that you are willing to receive and accept all of My treatment.

W/we both know that only I can help you, and that I know what is best for you...
There is no reason for you to explain, your mind is an open book to Me, I know exactly what is going on, and the resolution you seek... Any other therapist wouldn't know how to help you, but I specialize in these areas, Plus, as you know I have My own unique techniques and ideas of how to treat you.

I have a special prescription for you, see you in My office.

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Sunday, 06 March 2022
I love lying down on Domina's white couch and then waking up later, horny and wondering what just happened. She is the perfect therapist for me.
Wednesday, 02 March 2022
Purple Pill continues Domina Shelle's purple brainwashing and it is definitely becoming my favourite colour. OK, there's no official series, just a growing playlist of brainwashing files that feature the colour. Purple Pill capitalises on the addictions installed in Doctor Shelle's other Unethical Therapist files while also increasing their effectiveness. It is a well constructed, sexy and dominating session on my favourite piece of pale furniture. I loved every second of this one.
Saturday, 26 February 2022
I don't remember everything that happend during my time with Dr. Rivers but i do know i loved every second of our time together. She knows what's best for me
Monday, 21 February 2022
OMG Domina how can 36 minutes go by so fast. That was extremely nice.... Erotic. You read my mind on this one. Being pulled between Your legs, feeling Your nylons against my face. OMG Smelling Your sweetness. This is truly a fantasy and dream come true. i woke all wet again. Thank You for dominating my mind and my sexual desires. All i ever want is You. Sexually, all i ever want to do, is please You. No one else. i love You Domina.
Monday, 21 February 2022
This is such a powerful session by Domina. First, I need to thank Domina for increasing my all-encompassing devotion. As she states, she wants all of you. This will lead the listener far deeper into submission. My feelings of submission, devotion, and erotic desire for Her has risen monumentally from this session. Some of Her hypnosis is more addicting than others? Her subjects will never be able to stop listening. It builds from recent sessions but it is like an amplifier of all things Domina. Barely anything will exist in one’s mind but Domina and assuredly you will desire no one else. Like no height of desire you will ever feel and you will never want to stop feeling.
Sunday, 20 February 2022
Don't remember much about this session. My therapist put me in such deep hypnosis that i forgot most what happened. But i felt great when i woke up. i need to see Her more often.
Sunday, 20 February 2022
Another incredible sexy and powerful Masterpiece from Professor Shelle Rivers! This is incredibly powerful and expertly crafted to take You to a whole new level of submissive pleasure and bliss… i don’t want to spoil anything and i don’t really remember that much other than the intense an incredible pleasure i felt both during and after listening… I NEED to listen to this over and over! It is incredible!
Sunday, 20 February 2022
From the very beginning with Comatose, i just love my therapy sessions with Dr. Shelle Rivers. She always has the right treatment for me and every session with Her is a unique bliss. Also this time it is an overwhelming and also arousing pleasure to get treated by Her. Thank You Dr. Rivers for helping me to become a better person, i can't wait for O/our next appointment.
Sunday, 20 February 2022
i lie back and surrender to Dr. Rivers, as though i could have a choice. A long time ago my Domnia took away my choices and made my life perfect. This file builds on that foundation, taking me deeper into Her control and deeper into my submission before Her Perfection. i would never give away a spoiler to one of Her sessions, but i can barely remember this session. More and more i find that i don't listen to Domina's sessions, i experience them. This session is no different, deep trance, blissful submission and extreme physical arousal and pleasure. i am unsure exactly what Domina has done in my head this time, but i care less. my mind is Her playground and i love it when She plays. Domina may be playing in my mind, but she is not messing about, this is for keeps, Domina Shelle is the real deal. If you know Domina, you have already purchased this session, if you are curious, you need to purchase this session.
Saturday, 19 February 2022
i have one major complaint about this file: Despite my best efforts, i keep awaking from trance at the end of it forcing me to come down off the sexual high this file induces. Please Domina please let me stay under indefinitely instead! i so don’t want to ever cum out of this high ?
Saturday, 19 February 2022
Brilliant, Brilliant and Brilliant again! i never thought id find the perfect Erotic Hypnotist who pushes all my buttons so expertly. This file is not only very strong but my every dream come true. i won't give the game away but if you only get one file then this is a must get! i cant believe how erotically blissful this file is, it's not so much a work of art but a pure masterpiece. i'm living the dream......
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