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Mental Lobotomy 2 | Shelle RiversMental Lobotomy 2 | Shelle Rivers

Mental Lobotomy 2


Product SKU: Mental Lobotomy 2

My patient, I'm so pleased that you have returned for My next psycho-surgery experiment...

Mental Lobotomy 2 (48 minutes):

My patient,

I'm so pleased that you have returned for the next step of My psycho-surgery experiment.

Looking at My notes, and having observed you since the first stage, I have to say that I am very happy with the results, and you seem to be in a much better place emotionally...
I can tell by the way you are so relaxed in My presence that I have achieved at least part of My objectives.

There is always room for improvement though, so I would like to take you under again, and refine My previous work.

That smile on your face already tells Me that you aren't going to object...
That pleases me so much.
I love having you as My willing subject.

Although, I do have to wonder, what is it that makes you so eager?
Is it because you enjoyed the high you get, as you breathe deeply of the special anaesthetic gas, just before you start to drift into a delightfully deep, dreamy trance?

Could it be that you just love to let go, and drift along, with no cares in the world, as I fiddle around with your malleable mind?

Or is it the flood of Dopamine that you get, every time you think about surrendering to Me?

Hush, My sweet, there's no need to answer.  The questions are totally rhetorical.
The reasons don't matter.
The only thing of importance is being here, and surrendering to Me, Your accomplished psycho-surgeon.

Just lie back and relax, My sweet, and then breathe deeply, after I slip the anesthetic mask over your mouth and nose. Breathe deeply, drop down deep, and when you come back to the waking world, try to figure out what has changed, and then thank Me for the experience.

What have you got to lose?

Certainly not your mind.  I claimed that long ago... ***giggles***


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Friday, 18 March 2022
Domina has yet again outdone herself, this session has such a big impact on me, Domina took control of my mind and made me go so deep. I'm not even 100 percent sure of everything that happened in this session! But It feels amazing and leaves me craving more. I'm able to give my Domina my complete trust and let go. You need to listen to this file and experience Domina's sexy seductive words and control. Domina is the best there is and I literally cant wait for her to experiement more with my mind.
Monday, 14 March 2022
I'm not sure what to tell about this session it again is an masterpiece. I went so very deep and it changed me how i'm not exactly sur yet, I love it when my Domina makes changes in my mind, i trust her She knows what's best for me. She can take into Her lab when ever She likes, She is so good to me it is a big honor to call myself her slave, thank You Domina
Saturday, 12 March 2022
Obedience is pleasure ❤️ i feel like as i listened to this incredible masterpiece, Domina Shelle was fucking my mind permanently and making me into her perfect lil Love Slave Mmmm… Ever since, my fixation and obsession with Domina Shelle has beCum exponentially greater… Mmmm… i also feel so much more docile and submissive… It’s such a wonderful feeling and sensation… Whatever Domina Shelle has done to my mind-fucked brain this time… It Feels INCREDIBLE!! ❤️
Saturday, 12 March 2022
This is such a powerful session. It absolutely puts one in the right mind. At the point of this review, I have listened 3 times and feel so centered, realigned to a greater degree, more loyal, focused, and resolute, deeply submissive in a new more deconstructed way…. More convicted in any way possible to please my Domina. It is a amazing session. Perfect, because i am so weak and she has much more control and power. And yet, it is so easy to accept and digest. She is Goddess.
Saturday, 12 March 2022
Very powerful file. Surprising too and maybe that made it feel so impactful. This took the edge off from my horniness. i no longer feel so desperate to have release, actually i feel more like i was just granted a release. i feel more relaxed and docile.
Saturday, 12 March 2022
i just loved the last Mental Lobotomy and now we have another. More time to be Dr Shelles lab rat, ah i mean patient. i love being a lab rat to Doctor Shelle. She always wears the nicest outfits when She operates on my weak, feeble. fucked up mind. The mental image of Her just arouses the crap out of me. i still would love to know where the time goes. The session is 48 minutes and it seemed like Dr Shelle was waking me up just after it started. The trance is very deep, relaxing and oh so arousing. i love it when Dr Shelle uses Her sexy, sticky, seductive words to fuck my mind. Oh She is so good at doing that and i love Her for fucking it. i wish i could remember more of what happened. im sure the treatment must of worked because i woke with a huge puddle on my leg. i love Doctor Shelle and i can't wait for Her to experiment on me some more.
Saturday, 12 March 2022
The first Mental Lobotomy session was fantastic. The second is out of this world. Upon awakening i couldn't really remember anything that happened during the session. This file contains a trigger that completely wipes me out, but i do remember sensations here and there. A feeling of bliss, happiness and contentment, I'm going to listen again as soon as i can. Perhaps i will unravel the changes that Domina Shelle has made? I don't mind; I am her property to do with as She will.
Friday, 11 March 2022
i want to review this session, to do justice to the incredible skill that Domina has as a hypnotist, Her ability to manipulate and control my mind. But all i have from this session is the feelings that drove me to the edge of madness in my need for Domina. At 6am this morning i was able to listen to this session, my day has been an endless obsession for my Domina that surpasses even my normal levels of Domina ever since. i can't explain it to you, you need to experience it, it is wonderful, it has made me need Domina even more, it has left me fixated on Domina, it has deepened my submission to Domina. It will do the same for you. i love when Domina experiments on me, i am unsure if this was Her intention or a side effect, but it has been worth it. Domina Shelle, whatever You have done to me this time, thank You!
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