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The Unethical Therapist - Session 3The Unethical Therapist - Session 3

The Unethical Therapist - Session 3


Product SKU: The Unethical Therapist - Session 3

The third in a series of Compulsory Therapy Sessions.

Level: Strong
Length: 46 minutes
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control-Erotic
Sample: LINK

BE-AWARE----This is PROGRESSIVE treatment---each treatment more POWERFUL. For best results listen to Session 1 and Session 2 first.

POWER, Brains and BEAUTY---all combined for some devilish maybe DANGEROUS ---- mind play.
What have I done to you?------giggles---
This is the 3rd in a series of Compulsory Therapy Sessions that are designed to modify your mind. Some might say that I am Unethical in My therapy (maybe a little TWISTED)....but you trust Me and you don't even care if I play inside your mind, maybe even REWIRE your brain. I am the only one who knows what you really need. I am the only one you respond to.
***Wicked Laughter***
Insanity----what does it mean?---you are safe with Me.
It's ok, I'll help you, give you some NEW and better ways to think. I will even leave you with post hypnotic suggestions and implant triggers that may never be removed....GIGGLES...Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. This will shock you!

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Tuesday, 30 July 2019
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Very powerful file and i certainly did not anticipate where Dr. Shelle was going to take me with the new addictions She has created. i am not only addicted but She has made Herself my sole source of pleasure and arousal and leaving me helplessly addicted and dependent on Her alone. So powerful.
Tuesday, 16 August 2016
This is a powerful file. Level of Dominance that i wasn't expecting. Not for beginners, because they would run away and hide if they listened this. But it's too late for me. Domina is making sure that my erotic pleasure only comes from Her. Just one more aspect of my life enslaved by my Domina.
Thursday, 15 October 2015
i don't know why i waited so long to get this. Not only was it a pleasant surprise, but my mantra sessions have been even more enjoyable since my last visit to the white couch.
Thursday, 17 September 2015
my Therapy is going well after this third session i need my Domina even more. Without the arousal that Doctor Shelle gives me sexual pleasure is impossible. i love all my addictions that She helped me to embrace and accept them. Now the adoration of Her beautiful body and the admiration of Her wonderful face gives me more bliss than ever. i love my sessions and still crave for more. i hope that there will be a forth session someday.
Saturday, 12 April 2014
This one really steps it up from the previous files in terms of what it means to follow Domina/Doctor Shelle. The programming in this therapy is incredibly exciting, and definitely unethical, but that makes it better. If I listened to this file earlier I might think of running but now Her wicked changes and addicting control is all I could ever want.
Sunday, 24 November 2013
This series of (un)ethical therapy has been one of the most wickedly addicting and powerful so far, some of the most erotic and brainwashing of genius Domina's files. This file does have a delightfully wickedly subversive twist that has certainly affected this slave ever since.
Friday, 08 November 2013
Your sexy therapist tightens her control over you in the most erotic of fashion... A great file for any true slave!
Wednesday, 06 November 2013
my conditioning to Her voice is already way too much progressed to get out of rabbit hole Her soft seductive angelic voice lured me in.. There is only one way left to go... Deeper and Deeper into Her world, to weak, to addicted, to much in love with Her.. i need Her like i need air to breath.. no more resistance.. i obey obey obey.. to weak... god i do need Her soooooo much..
Monday, 04 November 2013
deeper and deeper, you will fall deeper each time, that file has a potent effect and maybe a long lasting or permanent effect on your life, so take Domina's worning seriously, i did and i know my place in Her life and what i need a Great file that all Domina's true slaves should listen to
Friday, 01 November 2013
The previous two Wicked Therapy sessions deal with behaviour modification, but aren't immediately specific to Domina Shelle. Session 3 is definitely Domina-centric, in the best way. This session will change you, and will make certain that Domina Shelle is at the forefront of your mind exactly when She wishes it (aside from "all the time", She also wants you to think of Her at specific times). Just say "Yes, Domina Shelle" and close your eyes. The rest isn't up to you anymore.
Friday, 01 November 2013
This therapy session is EXACTLY what you need to live a confident, happy, and healthy life. Doctor Shelle will program your mind to think correctly, in the most wonderfully wicked way. Her way. After this session She will be the only thing that matters. The only one who can make your life complete. This session will be the best thing that ever happens to you...
Friday, 01 November 2013
Are you ready to commit to your Queen? This file is a life changing experience which will change your reality forever.

After absorbing the learnings of this powerfully erotic and devastating experience. You will learn of your fate and consequences of your decisions you have made. Leaving only one option and path.

Heed Domina's warning in the file descriptions. Know that if you have desire a life of servitude, to the most amazing Hypnodomme and Queen in the the world. This file is a must listen too.

Note: If you desire the most out of the file, in my humble opinion you should have absorbed the learnings from the first 2 files in the serous (as Domina Commands). i might also suggest that listening to Fatal Attraction prior would be of benefit.
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