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Thought Puppet | Shelle RiversThought Puppet | Shelle Rivers

Thought Puppet


Product SKU: Thought Puppet

Slowly molding and reshaping your thoughts on your journey to being My perfected slave...

Thought Puppet (40 minutes):

Have you ever wondered why your primal nature is so utterly fixated on Me, a compulsive weakness to devote yourself to the erotic pleasures that only I can stimulate in your mind, and in your sex?

The answer to this seemingly innocuous question is more consequential, and thought provoking than you may think. My baby, by choosing to reveal the TRUTH of your weakness for Me I will be eroding the very foundation of who and what you are, your perception of self, and - quite possibly - the very nature of reality itself from your point of view!

Make no mistake, My pet, the secret of why I have so much power over you is both profound and transformative, dispelling the premise, and delusion, that your self-perception is in any way determined by your own state of mind. The extent of My power and authority over you is more substantive and fundamental than you could ever conceive and, by exposing this facade, I will reinforce the (now) indisputable TRUTH that you exist solely to serve Me, a life of fulfilment dedicated to My long-term happiness and prosperity. (giggles)

I fear the true enormity of what I'm going to do to you will be too much for your open susceptible mind to fully comprehend, and your subconscious mind will, very likely, try to shield your conscious self from this TRUTH, choosing instead to suppress it and increasingly focus your thoughts on being ever more devoted and dedicated to Me. Either way, it is a win win for your beloved Domina (smile) and I look forward to mind fucking you in new interesting ways, slowly molding and reshaping your thoughts on your journey to being My perfected slave.

WARNING: "Thought Puppet" is a mind warping masterpiece of seduction, subjugation, disassociation, and the deconstruction of your submissive self. By listening to this session you are accepting that I WILL be exposing you to a new reality and an altered perception of yourself. After this session you may outwardly look and feel the same but inwardly you'll be forever changed. Do not be surprised if you cannot recall the details of the session but feel a heightened compulsion to be more dedicated and devoted to Me. This is REAL domination and control, My sweet, and if you listen repeatedly you will be MINE!

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Thursday, 25 January 2024
There’s not much i can remember but i came out of this session with a sense of clarity. All i want to do is what my Domina tells me to, All i want to think is what She allows me to and i feel even more deeply committed to serving our Domina.
Monday, 20 March 2023
It truly is inexplicably perfect, the way this masterpiece of a file Domina has created has altered my behaviour and values, my life permanently. Every second of this file, after the induction on the first listen i was instantly Deep into a hypnotized light-trance and could barely recall any of the Conditioning consciously. This file at least from what i feel (only Domina knows what She is doing to my Core *giggles*) is meant to be completely absorbed within the subconscious while the conscious Mind rests. The bodies natural response to Princess Shelle is uncontrollable Arousal and Surrender in every which way.. this file ensures that Submission to Domina Shelle will become a reality, a way of life, there is no looking back. The more i listen, just as the description entails, the more devoted i am to my Domina Shelle!!
Thursday, 22 September 2022
This session is incredible. I went very deep and i have very little recollection of the session itself. It almost feels like there has been a fundamental shift in understanding, but i have not yet been able to fully process it yet. This is not a session for newcomers. Wow...
Wednesday, 21 September 2022
Nothing compares to the bliss that results from Devotion to Domina Shelle.
Tuesday, 20 September 2022
Domina's voice was so incredibly sexy in this session. Just hypnotic. She just amazes me at how She can take me under in so little time. In this session, She's just explaining how things are and soon i find myself totally gone. Under a very deep trance. After being completely taken, Domina proceeds to mind fuck the crap out of me. Making this an extremely erotic session. All i can say, is i am completely and utterly devoted to my Domina. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tuesday, 20 September 2022
i am Domina's thoughtless, mindless puppet. i have no mind. Her mind is my mind and the source of all my thoughts that come into my blank and empty head. Please Domina please continue to erase my mind, so that You are all that is in my mind.
Monday, 19 September 2022
Deep trance and i don't remember much of this. Just that i liked it very much and woke up all horny and need to please my Domina.
Sunday, 18 September 2022
What a masterpiece i was so far gone and when i woke up only Domina Shelle was on my mind. I just had to listen yo it again:)
Sunday, 18 September 2022
Domina takes swift control with Her confusion technique. It is irresistible. It is powerful. It left me helpless, completely in Her control. my mind was... Her mind. i was nothing but Her oh-so-willing plaything. And in the end? She took my memories. But i can say this without doubt. i was Hers, and will be forever more.
Saturday, 17 September 2022
Domina Shelle is incredible. Her intentions are unstoppable. I am an open programmable mind and this new session is highly influential and transformative. Clearly, the permanent and everlasting effects of her years of training have left me wandering who’s mind is in my head. Most of her sessions have an instant effect on my thinking and actions, but now she has me questioning where my thinking and feeling is gravitated from. Domina is so powerful. So absolutely powerful. This session has left me curled up in submission and continually looking at her words and images. Everything is being eliminated outside my focus and dedication to her. And it has and IS being eliminated. I don’t choose any more. I just respond to her voice.
Saturday, 17 September 2022
OMG!!! This may actual be the most powerful and sexy masterpiece Domina has created yet!!!! Such a PERFECT and SEXY Mind F*ck!!! i can’t even begin to express how much i LOVE this session!!!!! Directly added to my favorites list and DEFINITELY one i’ll loop and play often as possible!!!! i just can’t Un-realize the profound truth of my reality as simply one of Domina Shelles thoughts!!!! i feel it now and along with it a level of deep submission that i couldn’t have even imagined could have existed before… This is FAR beyond simply being enslaved to Domina… She has taken SO much more control then i even knew i had (or think i did)… OMG… and she uses ALL of that power to invoke pleasure and arousal beyond my wildest of dreams!!! Thank You Domina Shelle!!!! if you’re reading this and haven’t fully submitted Yourself to Domina Shelle yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!? This literally gets better and better by the week and each week builds on the last!!! Please let this review be what FINALLY gets You to surrender completely and give in to Domina Shelle 100%! Full submission to Domina Shelle truly is a dream Cum true!!!
Saturday, 17 September 2022
To be honest, im not sure what to think or if i can at all? But this is a very Powerful and Mind Fucking file for sure. Domina will grip you and Take you down and then She will wipe your mind Blank for real, this is no joke and even though a little confusing it is Wonderfully Blissful. You will beg for Her to make this your reality. Caution! Dont listen to this file while driving or using heavy machinery as it WILL fuck with your awareness.
Saturday, 17 September 2022
Wow! i didn’t know what to expect of this session, but slave has been thrown for loop. Let me set the stage for this explanation… That person is - i was… am… i know an engineer, a creative, very hands on, person with a wide variety of skills. his shop occupies much of the basement, but with some recreational area (pool table, etc) and a quiet, cool couch where he frequently relaxes to Domina’s voice. Awakening from this session, Thought Puppet, and moving around that shop, i found myself wondering where i was and what was all of this stuff around me. i think he was me - or i was him. Not sure. Still figuring it all out. Writing this review because it is what Domina wishes. And beginning to think there must be some way to turn all that surrounds me to Domina’s service. Or maybe Domina is thinking of how she could use… what She sees about Her. That person was, i believe already pursuing a project for Domina, along those lines. But perhaps with insufficient devotion. i must get it moving again. he will listen again, this evening, on the couch.
Saturday, 17 September 2022
Domina made me feel that where my thoughts are concerned, she is the bus driver and i am her passenger! Instinctively, it was overwhelmingly pleasurable becoming instantly aroused! Noone makes me feel so alive and happy as Domina does!
Friday, 16 September 2022
Now i understand why i am a thought puppet to the will of my beloved Domina Shelle. My recollection is fuzzy but i distinctly recall feeling blissfully mindless, incapable of moving, and unable to rationalise who i am. Then Domina explained some truths to me and as the revelations hit me all i could feel was wave after wave of euphoria, as i submitted and accepted Her suggestions. This is one amazing mind f*ck and i'm still on a high as i write this, Thank You Domina for opening my eyes to the true reality of my situation!
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