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Product SKU: Tinkle

LOSE all control.

Session Length: 49 minutes
Level: HARD
Category: Pee Fetish

EXPERIENCE MY POWER----this is an extraordinary session.  Don't be afraid to TRY something NEW!  Push the LIMITS!

EXTREME FETISH---maybe--or maybe it is just about giving in and you LOSE all control.  YES, I mean all control--you will not be able to resist what will happen to you.
Testing and expanding your willingness to obey may lead to exploring some deep seeded fetishes.

Pee. ~giggles~ What’s going to happen, My pet?  Well, as I push your limits you may start with some resistance, then under My hypnotic influence, you may begin to not care what happens to you because you know it’s for Me.  Then, finally, you will care and fully embrace the ending because you crave surrendering COMPLETE control to Me, as your Wicked Domina.


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Tuesday, 02 January 2024
Reviewing after the first listen. This is the first file I've ever purchased from Shelle. I've never experienced such deep hypnotic control in my life. Did not wet during the file but shortly after in the afterglow of trance. Worth every buck! I'm frankly a bit scared to buy other files from Her: they indeed pack a punch!
Tuesday, 06 July 2021
This was previously hard limit territory, as far as i was concerned, then in one of O/our chats, Domina mentioned this, and a couple of other files, and as is typical, due to the power She has to convince me, i went from 'hard limit' to 'so what was my objection again?' within a few simple sentences from Her. The fact that She framed it as it's the act of surrender, not the act itself that is of importance, and that i could feel free to wear an adult diaper whilst listening, that shredded what little objection i might have clung to, should i have felt so inclined. With all objection removed, before even listening, i used 'Relax & Let Everything Go' first, almost as a preview, to get used to the ideas and sensations and Domina helped me to let go on the third play of that. Only then did i use this, and with being mentally prepared, this one only took the first play, for Domina to achieve Her goal. For those who have reservations, i think how Domina 'sold' the idea to me, is the best way to consider it; there's no need for mess, and it's not about that act itself. It's about proving to Her, by proving to yourself, that She really does have total control. i have to confess, it actually felt far more satisfying, and amazingly, even far more arousing, than i ever even dreamed possible... Giving control to Domina is a huge turn on, so how could it not end up being arousing though?
Saturday, 23 December 2017
OMG.... i've only experienced something like this a few times before, but it was completely different from what Domina Shelle does to me with this file! i have had times when i was made to pee, but i was able to control it and stop wetting.... but i've listened to this file several times since i purchased it, and i just can't stop it when i start to pee myself. i hope Domina Shelle doesn't mind that i've started to wear a diaper before listening, but even doing that i wet so much that it still leaks and soaks my pants and shirt. So awesome to lose control so helplessly.
Friday, 15 September 2017
Domina is always right – What she has written in the description is absolutely true. I crave Her control and power over me and i find pleasure in the loss of them. Social shaping and expectations, self-image, education – is it self control? To feel the control and power rush away and to recognize Domina taking over is still the ultimate rush. The first time i was scared – my heart was beating, something I me was resisting and struggling but my conscious mind under Her guidance finally succeeded. And the clear evidence of Her power made me proud and happy. On the third repetition there was less resistance but a few session might still be needed before it will happen automatic, instantaneous and unconscious. Very extreme and very efficient obedience training – 5 busting full yellow starts!
Sunday, 21 August 2016
This session is so relaxing that it's easy to just let mind and body go. When I peed myself, I once again realized, how much power Princess Shelle has over me.
Saturday, 05 September 2015
Excellent recording. Domina made me pee myself. I ad no control.
Tuesday, 17 March 2015
Wow feels great to loss all control to this Princess
Thursday, 26 February 2015
Do you need proof that Domina Shelle has control? If so, this file will take care of it for you! Relaxing and powerful, all you have to do is go with the flow. This file made me feel the most submissive i have ever felt in my life, and it felt amazing! Thank you Domina Shelle for this amazing file! Definitely take the necessary precautions!
Saturday, 24 January 2015
journey slave review Well Reviewing this is pretty simple, don´t ask yourself if you like or dislike what will happen...Only ask yourself this: Is your Princess/Domina worth it that you humiliate yourself for her amusement? Do you want to experience what can happen if She takes total Control? If so, simply listen to this and be prepared for what happens, i guess it´s oblivious what she will make you do and of course there is a Reason why she wrote "Towel not Included"
Saturday, 24 January 2015
I love this file. It really shows me the power Shelle has over me. It's so wonderful if Shelle has some power in the real life and makes me do what she wants. More of those files please....
Friday, 23 January 2015
You should really take care of neccessarey procautions before listening. i myself know now that my latex sheet is used should have been bigger :S ... But for the file itself is truly demonstrating that Domina Shelle can take control of anything She wants. Her voice took me into a deep relaxing state just as always. This time new was the conpletely paralyzed state of my body. Unable to move or to think clearly my Domina had an easy job to break the dam and let the golden relaxation flow. A bit disgusting maybe as i awoke but truly a unique demonstration of Domina's powers.
Friday, 23 January 2015
That's a nice different one, just take your precautions and enjoy losing control to the best Princess on earth :)
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