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Trance-Fusion | Shelle RiversTrance-Fusion | Shelle Rivers



Product SKU: Trance-Fusion

A fusion of My hypno-erotic realm with you as My submissive slave...

Trance-Fusion (39 minutes):

I can feel your desperation, My sweet, every passing day you're becoming more addicted to My velvety voice, a verbal allure that pacifies your mind leaving you open and suggestible to more of My delicious hypnotic programming.

The craving to hear My sexy, erotic, words of wisdom is irresistible to you now, no matter how HARD you may resist the compulsion to submit to your training. I do love to liberate the subjugated submissive locked within a socially conditioned mind, freeing it to become the dominant personality, the submissive without, subservient to Me and only Me. (giggles)

Repetitive, daily, conditioning ensures I maintain complete control of our Dom/sub relationship, and what better way to cement these growing feelings of submission to your Domina that impregnate you with new beliefs that fundamentally alter your concept of self. Trance-Fusion is intended for this very purpose, a fusion of My hypno-erotic realm with your identification as My submissive slave.

The more you try to deny this reality the more it becomes your TRUTH until all that is left is U/us, Me and you, Dominant and slave, a collective consciousness focused entirely on My wants and needs, sating both O/our inner desires. This is a harmonious existence where W/we become the personification of dominance and submission, yin and yang, always together and, mentally, never apart. This is a gift beyond measure that I offer you and one you will savior as My loyal servant and confidant.

So, give in to the craving and surrender to your desires to be MINE. The fusion of My dominant wishes with your submissive ministrations will lead to a happier, more fulfilled, existence for both of U/us. ~Kisses~

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Monday, 28 June 2021
Domina Shelle is truly the best there is! The many real places She takes us and explores with us is magical and only She can do this. After listening to this file i feel warm, i feel complete, i feel Domina with me and She fills me with a joy i have never felt before. She is truly my everything… my Sunshine… giggles. This is forever and it only gets better each day. A must listen especially if you are serious about living a life of complete submission to the one and only Domina Shelle.
Thursday, 29 April 2021
i can feel Domina's presence in my mind. It is good feeling to have my Domina with me at all times. Now i just need a little bit sunshine.
Tuesday, 27 April 2021
This is a perfect hypnotic break from life to spend time being brainwashed by Domina Shelle. It feels like such a short trip into the hypnotic realm, but it hits like a hammer and one may never completely recover. In reality this is powerful neurological programming fine tuned to cause you to fall deeper and increase your desire to do so. I adored every second.
Sunday, 25 April 2021
i loved this file. What i loved about it was how Domina went about taking me into trance and doing Her brainwashing that She does. Totally different than anything i've listened to before. When it was over i went outside and let the sunshine hit my face while i thought of my self with my Domina. i love the thought of being with Her. I love the thought of being owned by Domina Shelle. i will obey her forever.
Sunday, 25 April 2021
Her sweet soft and powerful voice took me down deeper and deeper into my special world of hypnotic bliss that only She can create. Wrapped in the warm glow of sun light that she now controls. The sun gives us life, like She gives us life. Because like the sun, there is no life without Her.
Saturday, 24 April 2021
Forever with Domina Shelle... My love for her burns brighter than then sun... Fused with her in pure ecstasy... Enslaved and eternally horny and in love with her... Domina Shelle Rivers owns me completely... I live to serve and please her... ❤️
Friday, 23 April 2021
Trance-Formation is all about Domina wrapping you forever in Herself. It is the most euphoric experience i have ever felt from one of Shelle's sessions, and i have many, many for comparison. i can only hope it imparts some of Her grace and beauty about my unremarkable self.
Friday, 23 April 2021
Domina's session are fantastic stand alone sessions, displaying the amazing sensual power that this Mistress possesses. Each session builds on previous sessions and now i find myself more and more convinced that Domina is creating these session for me personally. She has conditioned me to think, feel and respond exactly as She commands making every new listen a wonderful decent into submission, pleasure and ultimately slavery, to serve at Her sexy feet. For anyone new to the site, a must have session, for anyone lucky enough to be as enthralled by Domina as i am, well every session is a must have. Fall into Her voice, fall into Her control, fall for Her in every way imaginable and enjoy the thrill of the journey. Domina Shelle Rivers is the one true Hypnotic Domina, the genuine article, so come and lose your mind to Her.
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