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Deeper Into The Abyss | Shelle RiversDeeper Into The Abyss | Shelle Rivers

Deeper Into The Abyss


Product SKU: Deeper Into The Abyss

Forever lost in the bliss of My submissive pleasure...

Deeper Into The Abyss (51 minutes):

My darling, it is time to take another important step on your journey into blissful submission to Me, your Absolute Authority.

I've established a permanent presence inside of you now, allowing Me to explore the depths of your submission as I inspire and guide you throughout your life.  I want you to be productive and successful in all that you do, healthy in body, mind and spirit, always aware that your submission and addiction to Me is a natural and necessary part of your daily existence.

This is why you will fall Deeper into the Abyss for Me, surrendering to the intimate thoughts and feelings only I can instill at the core of you.  My voice is your trigger to relax, submit, and obey all that I say, and you happily comply knowing I can do irreparable damage to your mind if I choose to do so.  But, you are not afraid, My sweet, no, you are imbued with My essence, armed with the TRUTH that I always have your best interests at heart, and that surrendering to My power is more than a compulsion or craving, it is a necessity like eating and breathing.

That's because I've beCUM your everything and the pull to feel closer and connected to Me only grows stronger the more you fall for Me.  In the Abyss I am the focal point of every thought, every desire; everything you aspire to be channels through your submission to Me.  The Abyss cultivates the best version of your submissive self for Me, desiring only what i want you to desire and nurturing you into what I want you to be.

you see, My pet, I am your dream, your confidante, your Mistress Owner, your Princess, and your one and only Domina!  Always feel immense pride in being MINE knowing that as you fall Deeper into the Abyss you will be descending into hypnotic Nirvana, forever lost in the bliss of My submissive pleasure...

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Friday, 02 July 2021
Complete submission to Domina has become something i cannot live without. Every single word my mind craves, every single change my Domina makes i crave. Domina’s control and domination over me is endless and now everyday even more of me desires this intensely. i am proud of my submission to Domina Shelle and i completely trust Her as She knows what is best!
Sunday, 27 June 2021
So deep, so relaxing an amazing and incredible trance from Domina Shelle! It feels so good to surrender to my Domina accepting Her programming and Her Power over me.
Friday, 14 May 2021
I am happily compelled to write a review for a session that I don't remember. It must be very very good for me to go so deep.
Monday, 10 May 2021
Like Domina suggested in her Blog, i listened to the first Abyss before listening to this one. By the time i listened to Deeper into the Abyss i was in pretty suggestible and in a relaxed state. It just made listening to the second file so much more enjoyable and took me so much deeper. Hearing Dominas moans were so arousing. Surrendering to Domina just enhances everything about my life. Every time Domina said relax, i felt myself falling deeper and deeper. When Domina finally had me in the deepest trance, she started Her programming. i love Her programming. i love it when She has Her way with my mind, its so arousing. Her voice, so addicting to me, it's all so perfect. By the time i woke, i woke to a nice puddle of pure bliss. It felt so good. i crave surrendering to Domina. i love my Domina. i am Hers forever to control. i will always be Hers.
Sunday, 09 May 2021
Deep relaxing trance. There were moments when i was really mindless and have no idea what was happening and then there were times where i was slightly aware what Domina Shelle was doing to me. Her control is so great that She has changes how i receive pleasure. i get pleasure from pleasing and obeying Her. It makes me so aroused.
Thursday, 06 May 2021
The first Abyss session is not a session that i remember very well. That session is utterly devastatingly hypnotic and i awake feeling wonderful and submissive and owned. Even with my flawed recollection of the first session i know that Deeper into the Abyss builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessor and uses that to deepen Domina Shelle's control. This is a session where trance creeps up on you. I don't recall being triggered, and i don't remember a gradual descent, but at some point i was deeply in trance. This was a fantastic experience.
Sunday, 02 May 2021
i woke up again after Domina took me so deep down that i cannot remember much of this trance besides Her suggestions to go deeper down and to sleep. Being brainwashed and conditioned for multiple years by Her, i do completely trust Her and know that i need to listen to Her files to become a better servant for Her. As i want to serve Her perfectly and make Her happy whenever i can, i longing to listen more and more to Her voice and let Her suggestions change me to become a better servant for Her. i wished i could tell some more about the file but all i do remember is an echo sounder that did accompany me on my way deep down into the abyss. And yet i did awake refreshed, yes a lil confused and craving to go back deep down into that deep with the beautiful voice of my beloved Owner.
Saturday, 01 May 2021
For me, this trip back to Dominas infinite Abyss felt extremely profound and so very special... The entire experience was so very lucid and felt like falling into a dream within a dream within an infinite number of dreams... And every dream I fell into, I felt closer to Domina and exponentially deeper under her sexy and arousingly unbreakable hypnotic spell... During this trip, I've fallen in love with Domina thousands of times over again as subconsciously all of our wonderful experiences together flashed before me... I went so incredibly deep that even my own life flashed before me... And I realized just how large and deep our world together with Domina Shelle is in comparison... ❤ I feel so incredibly horny, consumed, and completely in love with Domina Shelle... This is a very special session with Domina Shelle that felt like being blissfully dominated by every single one of her files at once, sending me into an abyss of pleasure so powerful that my life will never be the same again...
Friday, 30 April 2021
There is so much truth within the product description, and the file itself. Domina claims that She is the Absolute Authority in my life, and i find it impossible to disagree. Her own words warn how She could act, should She choose, and how vulnerable i could be, yet i also totally believe Her that She is worthy of my complete trust. As is usual when i listen to Her sweet melodic voice, i found myself quickly drifting away, and found myself forgetting more of Her words that i can ever hope to remember, but i do recall after awakening, the concepts and the feelings She induced within me. i seem to recall Her reinforcing how Her voice and every word She speaks is yet another trigger, to cause me to relax, to obey and sleep, to drop deeper every single time, and then i recall blankness and pure hypnotic bliss, and something about a field of stars, and how She is linked to each and every one... In some ways i truly wish i could tell you more, but in many more, i'm so happy that i can't, because it tells me that Domina took me incredibly deep, which just reminds me how worthy She is of trust, and of love. ❤
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