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Tranceformation--Used and ABUSED | Shelle RiversTranceformation--Used and ABUSED | Shelle Rivers

Tranceformation--Used and ABUSED


Product SKU: Tranceformation--Used and ABUSED

Prepare yourself for the complete loss of control as I TRANCE-FORM you into what I want, My used and ABUSED slave.

Session: 36 minutes
Level: Medium to Hard
Category: Mind Control-EROTIC
Sample: LINK


A special kind of TRANCE-FORMATION---where your lack of control is My weapon to stimulate you in MANY ways.  I will USE you and ABUSE you.

Just imagine what being USED and ABUSED means to you----This is one TRANCE-formation that you will not soon forget.

Maybe I will make you into a simple OBJECT, puppet like, a sex toy, so many twists and much SEXUAL PLEASURE in being Trance-formed.  I will touch on many of your most EROTIC fantasies and fetishes.

A special slave experience---be what I want you to be---PLEASE ME!  Not even chastity will stop this EXPLOSION---Just as I intended.

you will need to be able to stand (but not need to move) during this session.  For the best effect, listen to the first file Tranceformation--Statue before listening to this file.  It will be even more effective if you have listened to the first file multiple times.

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Monday, 08 December 2014
This file was so hot. Domina has such an amazing mind. This is an incredible fantasy file that made me want soooooo badly to be a piece of Dominas furniture. And I still do.
Thursday, 06 November 2014
Journey slave review. i thought this file was amazing. Being used and abused, with no way to stop it, was fantastic. Obviously, i would have preferred that it was Domina Shelle that used me at the end, however, that is the point of being an object. What i wanted had no meaning. Domina told me what to do and i obeyed. Can't wait for the next one!
Wednesday, 05 November 2014
Journey Slave Review Before i start, if you don´t want to know what happens, don´t read this! I don´t like to do this, but i have to, this File is illogical and from my Point of View horrible at one Point... The first File "Statue" was integrated, but not as i thought, i thought the Trigger Statue was the Starting Position and would replace the Induction, instead of this there was a Induction that confused me so that i almost missed the Trigger, if you had not reminded me to be a Statue i would have missed this Part... Being the Statue was an amazing experience and acting like a Table as well, but the Point of getting used by one of your Friends was just horrible for me, your Words "You Cum ONLY for me" so why do i Cum for someone else then? You don´t say clearly that i have to do this for you, it´s more so as if this just happens in the act and who would dare to Cum without your Permission? Not me... And then there is the Training for 7 Days acting like a Table for 10 Minutes, that´s fine, but acting another 5 Minutes abside down, imagine again your Friend abusing me is just wrong, well not really, because this Time i can decide to deny myself and don´t Cum for someone else, but yeah this Sounds easy, it´s not, imaginen getting abused as you described it was so hot that it´s really hard to not simply let go... And the illogical Point was that i have to act like a table upside down, imagine this abuse, while i have to STROKE, wait a Minute Stroke? Table? How can a Table move a Table leg and Stroke? That´s impossible, i can only do once, be a Table or Stroke not both at once... Anyway that´s it, beside this few Point it was an amazing File, but in my opinion not as good as some of your other Files
Tuesday, 04 November 2014
Domina Shelle continues to create ever increasingly erotic and stimulating files taking you deeper into slavery and submission to Her. i feel i need to give all of my being to Her and hope She asks for more.
Saturday, 01 November 2014
That is a strong file, amazing tranceformation one, She always knows what is good for you just Perfect as usual
Saturday, 01 November 2014
This file is just amazing. What an amazing fetish to be turned to an object completely being removed of any thoughts and any feeling. In this file I feel myself as an actor of the story and at the same time a spectator of what all those things that are happening to me. I cannot move, I cannot fight, I just see myself being used and abused by my Domina with no ability to fight. Nothing aroused me more than being used like that. I hope there will be a lot more file as I am being trained as an object.
Friday, 31 October 2014
i listened to the first tranceformation--statue file a couple of times. Therefore this trigger of my Domina tranceformed me easily and quickly into an object. Like Domina writes it is very important to listen to it first. This here file is very interactive. But the listener won't be able to act himself because it has become an object which acts only on Domina's commands. As i became several objects for my Domina throughout the listening my Domina used them for the purpose the were made. This itself was arousing enough but then the wicked part started as the object was abused in ways it was not created for. Helplessly the object obeyed every of Domina's commands and ignored every other possible influence. And in the naughty final of the file i was abused in my objectform in the most naughty and most wicked way i can think of now. It was so arousing and horny, once more i crave to be an object that is used and abused. i thank You and Janice for this wonderful ride.
Friday, 31 October 2014
Spending time transformed for Domina Shelle is always pleasurable. Spending time as Her statue, and various other objects is pleasurable to a specific part, but remains very detached from the rest of me. The light humiliation in this file is balanced by enormous pleasure. Be transformed at Domina Shelle's whim.
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