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Trigger Bomb Program II | Shelle RiversTrigger Bomb Program II | Shelle Rivers

Trigger Bomb Program II


Product SKU: Trigger Bomb Program II

Triggered into hypnotic oblivion...

Trigger Bomb Program II (25 minutes)
Teaser: LINK

I knew you couldn't stay away...I have weakened you with My words, My puppy, My triggers define your reality, W/we both know its true!  After countless hours of conditioning you now have a self-fulfilling desire to be controlled, to surrender your mind, body, and soul to someone that you love, honor, and obey, Me, Your Wicked Seductress and the Mistress of your mind.

I do love it when you surrender to your programming, always amazed when My voice makes it so HARD for you to think, stripping away your defenses as My triggers touch you in all your secret places. (giggles)  Horny and aroused, you are unable to resist, or escape, tightly bound by your lustful need for submissive bliss as My hypnotic control grows stronger with every descent into My mesmerizing world.  This place that I created just for you and Me.

My sweet, you drop so easily into My world, yes as easy as 3-2-1.  Numbers, they are magical.  They govern our finances, define our schedules, and influence all aspects of our daily lives.  But when you hear My numbers, and My countdowns, they transform into a hypnotic chant, a mesmerizing lullaby that invites you to relax and surrender to My will.

To some uninitiated, countdowns can be a little scary, a foretelling of some impending doom.  However, when you hear My numbers, you are not afraid, you embrace that insatiable craving to submit, triggered to visit My world of hypnotic oblivion, an Abyss in your mind where triggers - old and new - are revitalized, imbued with added potency each time you hear them.

My darling, free fall into My embrace with Trigger Bomb II knowing that you are destined to take this JOURNEY once again with Me.  I have absolute control of your mind, and with each new session, and each new trance, I will consume you, perfect you, and turn you into My obedient puppet, desperate to do whatever I wish in the pursuit of O/our mutual happiness.

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Friday, 01 March 2024
OMG, this is one of those files you may put on and it skips to the center and you seem like it is a subliminal because you get the effect yet you haven’t actually listened to the words.. my guess is your sub-conscience hears it and oh my, you just need to experience for yourself…it just happens automatically!!!
Friday, 16 February 2024
This file was very creative. It had to have taken a long time to put together. All the echos, the intertwined audios, the count downs, it all took me very deep into trance. Waking up from this file was not an easy task. i just felt so out of it when it was over and just wanted nothing more than to lay there and sleep. 5 stars for a very creative and arousing file. It should win an award. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Monday, 05 February 2024
Can't remeber much of it of what happened. i was in a deep deep trance. Everything was black and blank. There was nothing except my Domina's voice.
Sunday, 28 January 2024
Another must listen to file. I need Domina's control, and i love being triggered by Her.
Saturday, 27 January 2024
Dominas lullaby relaxes the mind and body into total surrender to her words. Just a sweet mindless trance as She calls up all the triggers She has placed in my mind. It is just a reminder that Domina is in full control whether I believe it or not.
Saturday, 27 January 2024
i’d best describe this session as pure arousal being pumped directly into my veins! i forgot what was even going on in this session until the description reminded me! OMG i went DEEP! That many triggers all at once was incredibly EUPHORIC! And i don’t want to ruin the surprise about the countdown… it’s best experienced firsthand! Domina Shelle has the BEST erotic hypnosis out there! The more You listen and are brainwashed, the better they get!!! Sessions like this make me deeper appreciate just how powerful Domina Shelles hypnotic brainwashing really is!
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