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Gardener of Financial Domination | Shelle RiversGardener of Financial Domination | Shelle Rivers

Gardener of Financial Domination


Product SKU: Gardener of Financial Domination

Financially benefiting Me...a blissful findom addiction...forever enslaved to My will.

Gardener of Financial Domination (38 minutes):

Do you feel the need to please Me, My pet, to serve and spoil your Domina with adoration and selfless sacrifice, compelled to financially unburden Me knowing every contribution helps to make My life easier?

Serving and pleasing Me is your pleasure and W/we both know you have a burning desire to be mine, to be emotionally, and sexually (giggles), consumed with thoughts of Me, devoting your mind, body, and soul to the one you love, honor, and obey above all others.  It is immensely flattering to see the financial support from a well conditioned findom slave, to see how I hold a very special place in your mind, and in your heart, granted the freedom to make changes as I deem necessary as I cultivate your compulsive cravings for financial domination, a fervent desire to submit to a powerful mesmerizing Domina that deserves your reverence.

Yes, My sweet, the truth is I conditioned you to be this way, to pamper Me and yearn for My attention knowing that each time you tribute Me, and please Me, it sends you deeper into the Abyss of findom oblivion.  Session by session I have nurtured your desire redirecting, and refocusing, it to serve My needs and My desires, the personification of findom pleasure through mindless submission.

Be assured you are blameless for your weakness to My words and your findom conditioning to spoil and pamper Me, the Gardener of Domination, the one that planted this seed of financial submission.  As a true findom addict you embrace the reality I define for you devoting yourself with an all consuming passion to pamper and please Me, knowing I will take you to the very edge of your limits. (giggles)

Awww, My puppy, I know these feelings are powerful, and often overwhelming, but this is the pleasure of submitting to your findom cravings, specifically to Me, the one you are forever committed to serve and please.  Like a prized flower blossoming in My secret Walled Garden, you are a sweet red rose cultivated to bring joy to My life and, in return, My words feed you with a growing findom desire to submit ever deeper to My programming, happily accepting that you will never leave Me and I'll NEVER set you free.

Financially benefiting Me is now the focus of your existence, a blissful findom addiction that leaves you hard and horny knowing you are forever enslaved to My will.  So, allow Me to play in your mind - and with your wallet (giggles) - as I fertilize your submissive desires, and programmed fetishes, as I bind your sexual pleasure to serving and please Me, on the edge, desperately seeking My attention and earning My approval.

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Saturday, 17 February 2024
This is a powerful file and the warning is real, listening this might get expensive. My Domina's voice and words made me so weak and eager to please and spoil Her. i love how my Domina can make me so horny that it is all i can think of.
Friday, 16 February 2024
This file made me so fucking horny. Domina wasted no time in making that happen. The count down was relaxing and the trance felt so good. i trust Domina completely. i know She would do me no harm. Domina makes it feel so good to be financially dominated. In the file She explains how dangerous this can be, but She does not want to harm Her slaves. The file was good. She made me so damn horny during the whole audio. If you are into financial domination or want to just explore it, you might want to listen to this one. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tuesday, 13 February 2024
Domina Shelle offers a safe place to explore all of my fantasies! This file starts like a harmless convensation about findom desires and why they are so appealing to some. i follow Her voice spellbound as she guides me to the pleasures and fears that lie ahead. My curiosity the is first spark - it is enough for Her hypnotic powers to change me forever. Open and suggestible i just can follow with increasing desire how she nurishes that first curiosity and lets it grow in my subconscious mind. There are no limits except the ones she allows me to have! Thank you Domina! I like to be a well cared for and trimmed flower in your garden!
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