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Voice in your Head | Shelle RiversVoice in your Head | Shelle Rivers

Voice in your Head


Product SKU: Voice in your Head

As you feel the compulsion take over, feel My voice in your head...

Voice in your Head (59 minutes)

A masterpiece of subjugation, indoctrination, submission and control.  This confusional style of mind manipulation will take you over the edge.  This session will take you down so deeply it might even be a little scary... for you anyway *giggles*

My words are affirmations in your mind, accepting that you are already subjugated and My statements simply clarify your own reality.

Let go and listen now....this session is a compulsive can never resist.
Let the bliss fill your mind and body as I drill deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind.

Like a parasite latches onto its host, My voice will do the same to your mind.  Using it for MY benefit, changing your behavior and taking absolute control.

This is a perfect follow-up to Breasts in your Head.

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017
Domina Shelle has nestled her way into the center of my mind. Incessantly tinkering; fiddling in kind. Her words are powerful forces; shaping the landscape to Her design. All to one purpose: the absolute control of our minds.
Saturday, 07 October 2017
This file fits right in to my need to listen to the most powerful files our Domina has to offer. I really need to focus on Domino Shelle's voice as I sometimes drift in and out of trance during long files like this. Don't remember too many of the details so must have dropped pretty deep. I crave to come under Her complete control, to become hopelessly addicted to the sound of Her voice

Thursday, 29 June 2017
A voice in my head. This might be the most welcome parasite I have ever had. Working it's way deep into my mind. What an awesome file!
Sunday, 18 June 2017
OMG - She says f*ck in this file! - Several times! i heard it and loved it. f+ck f*ch - so sweet. What she is f*cking up or around with i cannot remember - i was too busy waiting for the next f*ck !
Friday, 09 June 2017
This file is truly a great work of hypnosis. DO NOT MISS OUT! I can testify to two facts: This file will make you feel really really good, and when it is over, you will belong to your Domina forever. Domina Shelle will take up permanent residence in your mind, and you will love it. I certainly do.
Friday, 10 March 2017
This file pushed me through a breaking point. Dominant Shell blew my mind and took control leaving me with no choice but to obey. Before I knew it I felt myself dropping into a deep sleep, waking up with my whole body in sexual ecstasy and Dominant Shell's voice bouncing through my mind. The voice is calling me and reminding me of being owned, brainwashed and indoctrinated. I wake up and hear the whisper in my head calling me and increasing the physical urge of my body to sleep for Domina Shell and to blank my mind to be controlled. I need Domina Shell's mind to feed of my mind... Pushing it deeper in subservience.
Thursday, 09 March 2017
I've probably listened to this a dozen times since She released it. i can't seem to get enough of Her voice. i drift off, and then i wake up and wonder what She's done with me. So i listen again.
Thursday, 09 March 2017
Dominas voice has been not just in my head but pretty much controlling it for a long time. Her sweet voice melts me in my tracks. This file is a beautiful work of art by a beautiful artist. I'll repeat one thing Domina says and it's so very true. She says to go ahead and try to walk away and live without Her if you can. I for one know that cant be done. I need my Domina more than the air I breath.
Wednesday, 08 March 2017
i may was worried about the lenght of the File, but well it didn´t felt like an hour at all, i can´t tell if it was because i blacked out and missed some parts (not sure about this) or if it was because time flys when listening and falling for her, maybe the reason was both i really have no idea, for me it felt like i listened maybe 20 Minutes, but i absolutly loved what she did to me, this File surely isn´t for beginners, as well as guys that just play around, for this File you need to be ready to dedicate yourself, althought that isn´t right to say, if you listen as beginner or someone who is just plying aroun i can assure, you will not be playing any longer, there will be nmo way back after this, you will be infected, you will love it, you will want nothing more as to be the best possible slave you can be for her, this might not happen instantly,m but it just wil be a question of time as soon as you listened to this one, so yeah be aware that this File isn´t taken to be easily...

i for myself listened to this with the plan to sleep afterwards, but i simply couldn´t not before i wrote her a Mail to thank her for what she did to me, it´s such a honor to be allowed to serve and please her...

i am thankful for every second underneath her, so again thank you princess for allowing me the honor of serving and pleasing you, i love to be yours ^-^
Wednesday, 08 March 2017
This is not for the beginner or the casual fan. This is for those dedicated to Domina Shelle. Cement that dedication and listen to this file.
Tuesday, 07 March 2017
That was the strongest hypnosis I've ever experienced so far. I'm still speechless and I do not know what to say. I'm glad to have felt domina in my head. It is an indescribable feeling to be able to experience the power of Princess Shelle and at the same time my powerlessness. I'm happy, but I'm also a little afraid of where that can lead.
Monday, 06 March 2017
Wow, this was an amazing file. Thank You Domina. So powerful.
i've never felt more mind fucked, used an dominated that i was right after this file. When it ended, i couldn't move for almost half an hour. i just lied there on my bed curled in fetal position. Stunned. Mind blank, couldn't think. Occassionally i felt that in inside my head, my Domina was smiling and giggling at me.
Sunday, 05 March 2017
My inner voice is very quiet after listening to this file. I'm not sure, which of my thoughts and actions are mine and which are her will and commands. This is one of those sessions, that are so strong, that they catapulted me into a new level of submission.
Sunday, 05 March 2017
This is great trance by are Domina Shelle she is giving you what you need her sweet voice of guides of your life . Yes the reward is your blessing by her voice . It is a great one
Sunday, 05 March 2017
A day doesn't go by that i don't hear Domina Shelle's voice in my head. i know under certain situations, Her presence is controlling my actions or in-actions, depending on what SHE wants. This is a very powerful and exciting file to own. SHE has taken over and settled down inside my mind and i love every moment of Her control!
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