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What Lies Beneath | Shelle RiversWhat Lies Beneath | Shelle Rivers

What Lies Beneath


Product SKU: What Lies Beneath

Fall deeper into My world of domination and control...

What lies Beneath (46 minutes):

My baby, what is reality?  Do you believe it is merely what you consciously perceive or is it more nuanced than that, a collection of all your experiences, consciously and unconsciously, that defines the very nature of your existence?

In this session you will learn What Lies Beneath the vernier that is your conscious mind, and the profound implications it has on your aspirations and dreams to be MINE.  That's right, My sweet, using a story as a metaphor I'll show you how I skillfully use sensual and erotic pleasure to manipulate and control you, to demonstrate the true depths of your submission to Me, to be owned and dominated by an adorable Domina, one who lives deep inside your open and suggestible subconscious mind.

Don't worry, you're always safe with Me, after all W/we want the same things.  I want you to be obedient to My words, and My commands, and for My voice to echo deep inside your brain, an ever present reminder that I'm the source of all your sensual and erotic desires.  I want you to crave your submission to Me, to compulsively listen to My voice, and My words, just to fall that little bit deeper into My world of domination and control, an intricate web of submissive surrender that binds you ever more tightly to My aspirations and dreams.

But most of all I want you to want what I want, to trust Me to make all the important decisions for U/us, to just happily, and willingly, surrender to My authority - without thought and without question - knowing that pleasing and obeying Me is your ultimate pleasure.  They say "absolute power corrupts absolutely" so be prepared to be teased and corrupted by your naughty, devious Domina (giggles) knowing you are powerless to resist My coercion and subjugation, and it's inevitable that you'll succumb to My wicked and wanton charms.

So, My pet, relax, let go, and allow My sweet siren's voice take you away to a dream world that will become a reality to you:  A reality of submission, subservience, of lust and adoration, and a haven where you can be the best version of yourself for Me, prostrate at My feet, longing for the caress of My words deep inside your captivated subconscious mind.

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Sunday, 26 June 2022
i was captivated by this sensual and erotic story of Queen mermaid and Her captive. This captive was eager to become Her little servant.
Monday, 20 June 2022
Wow, what a breathtaking session. *giggles* Domina Shelle is really at her best here. This felt like she was writing the script from my own personal fantasy folder. I strongly recommend this session, it is so hot, so sexy, so much fun to listen to. This really is an absolute classic that I know I'll be revisiting for a long time. Thank You Domina Shelle for this masterpiece!
Thursday, 16 June 2022
Princess Shelle puts the big 'E' for Erotic Hynpnosis into this one. You might be begging Her to enslave you (more) after this session.
Thursday, 16 June 2022
I love this session again it's a work of art:) Her power is growing with every session and every time i listen. I'm so very aroused when i wake up, knowing i went very deep for my Domina
Monday, 13 June 2022
Wow what a piece of art. Domina really put a lot of effort into this session. The sounds effects and her sexy seductive voice made this file a real hit for me. It took me so frikin deep. Its amazing how Domina continues to bring Her slaves such amazing content. For me this file just shows why i am always Hers. Domina is my Absolute Authority. i will always Love, Honor, and OBEY Domina Shelle. 5 stars Domina
Monday, 13 June 2022
This is such a delightful fantasy and a dream come true. But the lines blur. my mind goes completely blank - almost frighteningly so. Her Siren power is... isn't it basically Her power? Is this really happening? i'll need to listen to this many many more times to figure this out.. maybe?
Sunday, 12 June 2022
Domina plays for keeps. Once she has your mind, she has it forever. This session reinforces and details her desire for complete control. After a few listens, I noticed less of the “outside world” influencing my time and desire and more of her grip around my conscious and unconscious thoughts. She is so powerful! It has been years since I’ve felt any sensual desires without Domina directly on/in my mind. This file makes her even more eternal.
Sunday, 12 June 2022
Hmm,,, Would it be appropriate to say 'what a mind f*ck'? I am sure that i remember some things about this session. Mermaids and other fantastical creatures. Explosive pleasure continuously exploding. I feel like there was more going on and i don't necessarily remember everything. Certainly it felt to me much shorter than the time stamp suggests. I feel like i was brought bound in chains to kneel before my Adored Queen, exactly as i wished. I am owned and subjugated and i love it.
Sunday, 12 June 2022
i am getting ready for my fourth listen. I hope I get past the thought emptying scene before I go really deep for Domina. I'm sure it's great because of the arousal when I return to consciousness. I Love what Domina Shelle does to me!
Sunday, 12 June 2022
Domina Shelle demonstrates her masterful erotic hypnosis again beautifully with this incredibly relaxing, captivating, and SEXY story that blurs the line between fantasy and reality. After listening, i'm convinced this “fantasy” and reality are are really one in the same… mmmm… The vivid sensations and memories are all too real… i’ve always loved the beach as does Domina and this journey back into reality explains SO much about that! giggles! i awoke feel not only incredibly aroused but just also really happy and relaxed with a big warm smile ❤️ Domina Shelle will show You just what sensual eroticism TRULY is… ?
Sunday, 12 June 2022
Every summer i am looking forward to the beach. And by beach i mean Domina's hypnosis sessions that start at the beach, challenge my imagination and always reward me with a rich flood of memories and flashbacks as if i had been on a one week vacation! Also this time i remember the wonderful beach and a forest - i remeber the feeling of wind and waves, Beside the mermaid s i remember other mystical creatures- but maybe my mind had played a trick ón me about that. i remember a short fear of drowning but also the absolute peace under water when i let go. i remember Domina saving me and i remember the warmth of arousal. i woke up vivid and refreshed like after a relaxing holiday with feelings of love and obsession for my Domina!
Sunday, 12 June 2022
I'm forever hopelessly obsessed and owned by Domina Shelle. Her erotic stories, Her brainwashing files, Her enslavement files, they're all taking me to my ultimate goal. Absolute enslavement. This hot erotic, sexy file is one of many that makes this the most heavenly journey i could ever undertake
Saturday, 11 June 2022
This is not just an Erotic Hypnosis story by Domina Shelle, its fast becoming my reality! When Domina thinks for me its like being in another world of mindless sensual bliss and to have Her silky words wrapped around me is a dream come true. i urge anyone who reads this to listen to Her siren voice and let Her into Your mind because when you do you are opening up a whole new world of true sexual excitement and pleasures you are now only dreaming of!
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