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Worship - Kneel at My Feet | Shelle RiversWorship - Kneel at My Feet | Shelle Rivers

Worship - Kneel at My Feet


Product SKU: Worship - Kneel at My Feet

There you are under My feet, under My power, under My control.

Session Length: 37 minutes

This session includes EXTREME Hypno-Enslavement, mind and body FUCKERY.

I am going to hypnotize are going to kneel and serve will be hard and horny. your c*ck will be engorged and dripping.  Take off your clothes and prepare for a MIND FUCK, one you have dreamed of for a long time now.

Accept your place on your hands and knees at the feet of your Goddess.  Serving Me.  Naked, HORNY and mindless as you find yourself where you have always wanted to be...kneeling, swollen, and waiting for your next command.  A slave's place is at the feet of his Domina.  Imagine what it would be like, your kneeling, My sexy legs open...your c*ck hard and dripping.

Feel the power of My voice as you submit to your powerful DOMINANT Woman.  Accept your place, feed your hunger to serve your Domina.  Listen now in complete OBEDIENCE!

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Friday, 15 October 2021
No matter if you like Feet or not, the result will be the same, you will find yourself at her Feet under her control in no time, you will not even realize it at first, but as soon as you wake up you will know you are where you belong under her Feet, ready to obey her every command ^-^
Friday, 29 January 2021
To kneel at Domina's feet, to feel that i finally know my place; beneath Her, offering worship, my mind unable to think of anything other than pleasing Her. Then when the moment arrives, to give up the chance of orgasm, as a sacrifice to Her, showing that i truly do consider Her pleasure to be more important than my own. Yet that act of sacrifice doesn't actually end up feeling like denial of pleasure at all, because kneeling and pleasing Her is a pleasure all of its own.
Friday, 28 August 2020
Domina's feet are such a sexy place to worship. Both as an act of submission and as a newly acquired fetish, i love being at my Domina's feet. This file is hot, sexy, and lets me bask in a growing submission to Domina.
Monday, 05 August 2019
It all begins being aroused by the slow erotic in and out pulse of her heel sliding from her stilettos. Her glorious presence brings me to my knees in awe as I crawl on all fours to her feet. Gently with her instruction I begin to stroke them to an arousal, wash them in a silver basin of fragrant oils, and then give each toe worshipful kisses. Stroking my own cock is dull compared to the pleasure I feel from tantalizing her tingling, aroused feet. There is no need anymore to touch my cock to get an orgasm when I can climax by merely touching and serving Domina’s feet.
Thursday, 29 June 2017
Wow! Under her fet where I belong. It is the ultimate experience!
Sunday, 18 June 2017
What makes a moment the perfect moment? - The right place! The right company! And the quality time we spend together! This file is my perfect moment. Under Her is the right place and Dominas feet are perfect company the enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Worshiping Her Toes is my perfect moment. May it last forever!
Thursday, 08 June 2017
Very erotic fantasy of kneeling in front of Domina and serving Her feet. That sound effect which went from left to right combined with Domina voice moving from one ear to another at different speed was interesting. i don't remember experiencing that technique before. It had dizzying effect at least for me. i guess that means it worked.
Wednesday, 31 May 2017
I almost had a hands free orgasm listening to this. Domina was so sexy in this, and the things She said, and how She said it was to erotic. I never thought it possible that Dominas voice could be sexier, but Shes really blowing me away lately with Her soft, smooth, erotic, sexy voice. I've been obsessing over Dominas perfect feet all day.
Tuesday, 30 May 2017
This file creates almost a movie like imagination of Domiinas feet. And she shows the path to obedience to you. It's very sexy but also character building at the same time...
Monday, 29 May 2017
Surrendered L came the tweet from Domina Shelle and slave knew this file must be heard without any delay. Delicately Domina Shelle had her slave hanging, dangling at the edge waiting to fall... unable to resist falling. Beneath at Her slender feet a slave yearns deeper to be a slave, submissive to this beautiful and powerful Goddess. Her power had become an irrisistable attraction for what better place can there be than kneeling at Her perfect feet. How great is the joy of hoping to massage Her arches and kiss her every toe. Feelings of deep lust driving a slave to a stupor of mindless frency and deep dedication to serve and put Domina Shelle's pleasure before his own. Compelling commitment focus slave, even when given the choice, to sacrifice cum for the pleasure of service to Domina Shelle. The only reward needed is to see a Mistress smile at her slave's hopeless need to serve
Monday, 29 May 2017
A wonderfully worshipful and seductive session. Domina Shelle will have you craving to fall to your knees from the first sentence She speaks during this session. A few minutes later and you will feel so content you may never want to move again. I loved this file, just as i love being Domina Shelle's slave.
Sunday, 28 May 2017
Wow! This is one of the sexiest files I have listened to! A must-have for every foot-slave!
Domina Shelle managed to bring me very close to the edge only by talking about her feet and shoes and I felt like I would cum any moment for a great part of the file. This is truly a masterpiece!
Saturday, 27 May 2017
This is a remarkably seductive session as You are skillfully indoctrinated to a have a new fascination - and likely fetish - for Domina's feet, shoes and boots. Make no mistake this is a very powerful session and even though there is no explicit command to cum, just listening to this session nearly caused me to have a hands free orgasm. Domina's narration of events is extremely vivid and throughout the session Your sole focus is her feet. To say this is arousing and compelling does injustice to Domina Shelle because with repeated listening the session will change you. After this session the words servitude and worship will forever be synonymous with Domina Shelle furthering your submission to a very special and powerful person.
Saturday, 27 May 2017
A file that is urging me for a deeper servitude to my Domina Shelle. i must kneel and bow down to Her beauty as i focus on Her gorgeous feet. Shivers of ecstasy running through my whole body as Domina described the scenes how to worship Her and Her adorable feet. i long to caress them and maybe be even allowed to taste them one fine day. Thank You my Domina for strengthen my need to submit even deeper to Your control and to adore Your perfect feet even better
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