The Sleeping Forest-Part 5 - Point Of No Return

Fifth in the series. My COMPLETE CONTROL.
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Level: Powerful
Length: 39 minutes
Category: Brainwash--MIND F**K
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Part 5 in the series...Point of no return....

By now you have become so completely mesmerized by this obsessed with Her tale that you have no choice but to follow Her wherever She leads...It does not matter, servitude, slavery...submission to Her...kneeling naked...whatever She wants She will have.

The pull of your final destination is beginning to have an overwhelming effect on your mind.

You have been such a good boy, letting Me draw you in and filling your mind with My desires.

Still confused......but soon everything will be revealed.

You are so deep now in Her Her power....that there is no going back.

She has sealed your fate....through seduction and subversion.

***A SPECIAL KIND OF MIND F**K...the most that is ever-lasting.

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Friday, 19 February 2016
Well as i said in the last review it´s not so easy for me to remember what happened in which File by now, but after reading Point of no Return i know that i definitivly can agree to this, i would not say that this File was the Point where i could not return, maybe it happened earlier, well i am pretty sure it did and i am just not aware about it, but with this File i surely did got aware that there is no turning back, but to this time this don´t mattered anymore, cause i don´t wanted to turn back anyway, i wanted to get to the End, i wanted to find my Destiny and i still want this, i can´t say how eagerly i await the last Part...i just want to find my destine underneath her control...i could go out and scream it to anyone...everyone should know where i want to be, the proble is i am pretty sure if i do this i might get marked as insane, find myself in a straitjacket and far far far awy from my lovely Princess, unable to listen, well that would be horrible and at this point i surely would wear a straitjacket with an purpose, cause without her i definitivly would be insane, so yeah no going out screaming to everyone what i want for me, it´s better this way, but this is what this series is doing to me, i am already owned by her, i have a contract, i am collared, but still with Series she makes me crave for something what i already have, it makes absolutly no sense, but it is what it is and it can´t hurt to get owned over and over again anyway :P
Saturday, 06 February 2016
After listening to this file several times, here's what i can tell you about it. When i wake up at the end i am very very aroused and i fantasize about seeing Domina dressed in black and red. That's all i remember. i'm torn between moving on to the next file and repeating this one. Maybe i'll listen to this one more time before part 6.
Saturday, 27 September 2014
When you think you have seen anything in the Sleeping Forest, you are faced to part 5 and will realize that you haven't seen anything. Superb sound effects allow that you will dive in the story and fall again for Domina with no resistance. Then, out of nowhere, you will be striked by a massive amount of arousal. Things will happen so smooth that when you even realize, it's over. You will be in the point of no return. And surprisingly, you will want to dive in, to move forward, to keep on the road to fulfil Domina's plan. In the end of the file, Domina will put you thru a test, only to make sure you deserve to keep on the road for the next part. The entire series is a must for everyone that wants something different, creative and completely unpredictable. My mind will never be able to resist Domina Shelle Rivers.
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