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What is Erotic Hypnosis?

Erotic Hypnosis, often referred to as hypno-fetishism, has had a colorful and extremely long history.  Several cultures in different parts of the globe, including Western civilizations, have a history that contains tales of seduction, such as the myths about witches casting seductive love spells from the medieval era.

Since the previous half century, people have begun to dabble more and more with erotic hypnosis. In addition, several books have been written about the subject in great detail. Before a discussion of what erotic hypnosis can start, it is essential to know what hypnosis is. So, what precisely is hypnosis? Hypnosis can be defined as an altered condition of one's consciousness usually accomplished via combinations of suggestions and relaxation techniques.

Erotic hypnosis is a branch of hypnosis which involves the association of hypnosis with a person’s sexuality. My style of erotic hypnosis involves suggestions to boost a person's sexual experience via the elimination of inhibitions, increasing sexual responses and enhancing the senses. Erotic hypnosis is utilized by people all over the world who wish to increase their feelings with regard to sexual arousal.

Even though it is not exactly clear how hypnosis works, this type of trance can effectively be applied to anyone. ANYONE can be hypnotized, provided they want to be. Every day, people experience some form of self-induced trance; the difference is in the way each person responds to the different erotic hypnosis techniques as well as the provided suggestions. While some individuals respond to direct and physical suggestions, others react to emotional suggestions.

There are many individuals who have been reluctant to give erotic hypnosis a try. I have heard all types of reasons, from “I cannot be hypnotized” to “I lose focus quickly”. If you read through my testimonials, you can read for yourself how my hypnosis has affected others, even those who thought they could not be hypnotized. Erotic hypnosis can be highly effective, but each person's experience is distinctive. People do not respond the same way to hypnosis - some people say the experience is like being within a lucid dream, some said it felt like floating in air, adding that it is extremely erotic and exciting.

Why does Erotic Hypnosis work?

The practice of hypnosis has to do with using the simple power of suggestion to guide the brain to produce different responses to particular situations, thereby helping the person conquer a particular condition or behavior. For instance, hypnosis can guide the brain to stop craving chocolate, thereby helping in weight loss. By means of erotic hypnosis, the brain can be taught to respond to sexual circumstances without anxiety or stress, thereby rising above the inhibitions which are impeding sexual enjoyment or arousal.

Achieving Hypnosis

Modern hypnotists like myself, have studied hypnosis procedures that continue to be refined throughout the years. We are far beyond the cliché image of a psychiatrist swinging a pocket watch before the patient till he or she is hypnotized. Erotic hypnosis play involves getting the patient into a trancelike condition through focus and guided relaxation so that in the end the voice of the hypnotist is the only sound and thought the patient is responsive to. It is only at this stage that the hypnotist can place the new method of behaviors or thinking into the brain of the client. That suggestion will stay within the subconscious of the client, driving his or her responses to different situations. This may sound very easy, however, to accomplish this, it requires several years of education, knowledge, and experience.

Sexual Freedom

As soon as a hypnotist has effectively induced a hypnotic condition within the client, that’s when the power of erotic hypnosis can truly take hold. For my style of erotic hypnosis, many clients can attest to the fact that my voice is very powerful and hard to resist. I truly enjoy toying with your mind. The thrill that I get when a subject is helplessly obeying my commands is indescribable. Have you ever felt an orgasm under hypnosis? I have many clients that have been affected so deeply by my hypnotic control they would rather not orgasm any other way.

Where should I begin?

If this is your first time to my site, I would suggest you start with my Beginning Path page here: If you listen to the suggested erotic hypnosis files in order, you will have a really good idea of what My style of erotic hypnosis can do for you. If you are new and have questions, feel free to contact me!





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