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beginning path

First Step Closer to ME---you're in for a WICKED WILD ride

Welcome, My pet.  I am sure you will enjoy your time here with Me, soon finding yourself coming back for more and more, like a pleasurable addiction.  Whether you have had a lot of online experience or are relatively new, and are now exploring what is right for you, this world that I have created will satisfy your needs.

As W/we get to know each other you will find that I develop genuine affection for My devoted slave.  I will take care of you by giving you opportunities to fulfill your needs.  you will come to love Me, deeply, because I am so lovable, your dream come true.  It seems to happen all the time.  Read My testimonials and reviews of My work on this website...Shelle Rivers Testimonials ...

Take this time to get to know your Wicked HYPNODomme/HYPNODomina.  For what I will be giving you, I will expect obedience, respect and devotion and support.  I will give you the options of surrendering your Mind to Me, or live the experiences in My files and surrender your mind AND body.  you will soon give all this to Me, freely.  I will recommend a few MP3 files so I can begin your training and you get to know Me better.  you will request My slave questionnaire, so I get to know you better.  Then, you will be given many opportunities to serve Me.  My training will ensure that your greatest pleasure will come whenever you obey, please Me, and most of all when you take care of your Domina, as you learn to Love Me.

you will discover that I do many things very well.  One is to develop the perfect Mistress-slave relationship that will more than gratify all your desires to devote yourself to serving and pleasing Me.  I will become your first and last thought of each day.  you will be HARD for your Domina…and need to spoil...make Me Me…..take care of for Me…As I mentioned, your dream come true.~giggles~

If you are not ready to serve Me as My obedient everyday slave, but seek My time, attention and services, Come to Me, I will fulfill your needs as My submissive.  Let’s explore the possibilities.

If you are primarily interested in My Erotic Hypno mp3's then I can recommend files to you.  Answering My questionnaire will help Me determine which direction is most appropriate for you...

How to begin:

Listen first to (in this order) My goodboy, Trance Deepener, I had you at--HELLO and Dopamine.  This will give you a glimpse into your future and an amazing RELAXATION as you take in My voice.  Then email Me for your next step.  Don't forget to send the questionnaire, describing your interests, back to Me for MORE direction---and to have your HYPNOTIC-FANTASIES all come TRUE!



I had you at--HELLO


Trance Deepener


Induction -- My goodboy

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