BIMBO--Sedation and Seduction

You do NOT have to be a SISSY to LOVE this file. ACCEPT MY CONTROL-TRUST my wicked sexy mind CONTROL.
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Length: 58 minutes
Category: Sissy SEDUCTION
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This file may cause behavior changes in even the strongest man slave. Although, you do NOT have to be a SISSY to LOVE this ONLY need to have a DESIRE to LOSE all CONTROL.
Everyone has hidden fantasies, SECRETS that no one knows, but for Me-The Mistress of minds-Nothing is hidden.

I know what turns you on, and I know what you need.

This file is a POWERFUL one, a file which may cause some changes in the way you behave, I LOVE playing with your mind, as I take full do what I want what I want...we want the same thing.

I will take you into a deep state of Trance with a POWERFUL induction that will open your mind and allow me to manipulate you.

NOTE to My curious slaves----- This file is a must --- Let GO and do what I want. Feel the XXXX---tacy...we do it together.
Have you ever envisioned My sexy hips with a STRAP_ON.... I have.

It's time to Listen and Obey.  You may put on something pretty if you want to.

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Thursday, 30 March 2017
Although sissy isn't my thing, i love this file. Like Domina says, all you need is the desire to lose control, and She makes being controlled by Her so sexy that you'll gladly submit over and over again. i must obey my Domina.
Sunday, 12 June 2016
DOMINA Shelle, this is not my interest initially, but You asked me to listen to it, and I need to do what You say, i must to obey. That's my natural reaction. It's good to be hypnotized by You, this was no different. This was pure pleasure and I must admit going into sleep was good and i see Your point it's just about submission and obedience. Your will is just my direction, no big deal....
Sunday, 20 September 2015
WOWWWW, this was incredible! Domina Shelle can use me as Her bimbo sissy anytime!
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