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Love, love, love. My sweet baby, I want to start by saying how much I appreciate all your messages of concern and good wishes to get well. It’s what got Me through this terrible time. I never remember feeling so sick and exhausted. But I was comforted to know I will always have you with Me and you will be there whenever I need you to take such good care of Me. I’m finally feeling a bit better. It seems to be a slow recovery. I’m getting caught up on Yellowstone and rewatching some of the Game Of Thrones. Are you into Yellowstone? I guess this is what people do when they aren’t working? Giggles! I’m still POSITIVE, so not working this weekend. Maybe I’ll catch up on some of My writing.

Here W/we are in December. This is My contracted weekend. It’s been a very good year for U/us. W/we have been able to get away from some of the troubles of the world and just take care of each other. Now, it’s all about Christmas so let’s begin O/our holiday season together. I want to share a few holiday thoughts i sent to My special contracted slaves.  

This is a time to decorate and eat a lot of holiday food, even if you do not celebrate Christmas in a "religious" way. It’s the spirit that counts. Keep everyone you love close to your heart and be generous with your time and affection. Give away those things you are not to be using. Think of homeless shelters and a Salvation Army donation. This heartfelt gesture gives someone a happy Christmas which is a terrible time to feel alone. Know that you are in My life. W/we will always be together!


Remember, for O/our family of six. If you would like to join Me in making their Xmas a happy one, you may purchase an Amazon GIFT card from Shelle's Wish List...or send Me a GIFT card from Walmart or even Target. I will plan to give the GIFTS to Anna and family in about a week. This will give "her" time to shop for the children. If it’s easier, this week, I’ll give any contributions to Challenge To PLEASE to O/our Christmas family.

REMEMBER OUR NEW words/phrases…There will be MORE next week. An assignment coming soon. Giggles!

Shellevite: a devotee to the glorious cult of Domina Shelle. Willing to obey any command to advance the cause of world domination for the Cult of Shelle.

Shelletophia - A rumored place that grants slaves luckly enough to find it the ablity to avoid the disappointment of even coming down from their shellephoria state of mind.

Domina-water - which happens during a Domina Drainage. When Domina Shelle’s voice is heard even in the background all thoughts liquify and drip, sometime run out like water through a colander leaving the patient / victim without anything in their head. Just blank and empty.

Shellelicious - The lustful longing feeling from viewing a sexy image of Domina Shelle Rivers. The last thing you remember before becoming lost in her.

Shellephine - a chemical released in the brain when one listens to Domina Shelle. Known to cause a huge increase in pleasure and subservience to Domina Shelle. Caution, constant exposure may cause long lasting addiction.

Comwooding - That means commanded to take a wooden spoon and slap my cock and balls with it.

NEXT WEEK: Well let’s wait and see…Follow Me on TWEETS. I will lead you right into My trap.

Here are this week’s special deals:

Love Honor Obey --
you crave to be dominated by Me, to be completely powerless in My presence...

Shhh --
Shhh, don't ask questions, just OBEY and LISTEN...

Aural Mind Fuck --
good pets deserve to be praised and rewarded.

Mind Games --
A perfect COVERT Hypnotic Mind Control.

Point Of Impact --
Does it excite you to be lead blindly by your beautiful Domina?

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