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Drip Drip Drip--extreme EROTIC HYPNOSIS

TIME is FLYING BY...W/we have now completed 1/3 of 2020. And what an unexpected start to the year. I recently looked back to My promises for 2020. Do you remember what I said in this year’s first blog? “It's going to be the best year ever. We are going to travel uncharted territories on our continuing JOURNEY as we delve deeper into your mind. What are your plans? Do you have goals? I have goals, lots of surprises will just have to wait and see. Just buckle up. you are in for a WILD WICKED ride!” Well, out there it might be the worst year ever. But inside, deeper into your mind W/we are doing OK, don’t you think, My baby? Better than OK.

My sweet, it’s Nurse Shelle who will be taking you this week...She has special treatments ready for you, with an extreme erotic hypnosis masterpiece, Brain Drip. Give in to your compulsion, your obsession, My little lab rat, while I administer your Addiction drip. My Dopamine chemical treatment goes right to your pleasure center, deepening your enslavement to your Domina. you are ADDICTED and obedient. I am training and conditioning you and you will just lay back and comply. My DRIP makes you submissive and weak for My control, unable to resist whatever I tell you to do. Sounds very promising, doesn’t it? you will be inoculated from all outside distraction, so 100% of your attention will be focused on your Domina.

Experience this new reality, living under My unconditional control of your mind, body and all your pleasure centers in the luxury of your enslavement when EVERYTHING you do feels better when you do it for Me. I am the source of all your pleasure, your addiction and your fix, so you wait patiently for My next instructions so you can please Me with your submission and obedience. See how well this additional time together is working out so well for you, My slave? ~giggles~


My pet, this week I have a writing Assignment for you. So many things have changed, and at the same time, your core self may remain exactly the same. Sign up for My Mantra Assignment. Details to be downloaded.


***CHASTITY. During this pandemic, I’ve tried to focus on sessions that would be helpful getting you safely through this time. For My Chastity slave, I want you to bring your sensitivities, personal needs, when you listen to My voice. If there is an orgasm release session, offering Me your denial is how you sacrifice for your Domina. As My obedient chastity slave these acts of subservience and submission, relinquishing all sexual control to your Dominant is the source of your pleasure. A physical orgasm you understand is only a temporary relief, while building up your greater horniness, keeps you hard and more desperate to please Me. Bound in Chastity for Me keeps you constantly stimulated, My loving slave, and keeps Me so happy with you. Let your continued chastity keep you close to Me and bring you through each day, one at a time.

***I know you miss Me as, temporarily, I’m working extra shifts at the hospital. So CONTRACTED, I’ve posted new pictures on SFS so you can spend more time with your VERY alluring and DANGEROUSLY POWERFUL Nurse Shelle. Giggles

***I have a new SFS slave story....Chapter 2 of Shelle and the Professor. I wondered what Shelle was going to do to Her professor. ~giggles~


There will be some expert updating, programming and reprogramming. Imagine, My sub-BOT.

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Focus --
This session is very powerful and somehow creeps up on you...

Lost In Paradise --
Feel the full effect and power of My voice as you enter My paradise...

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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