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What an incredible week W/we’ve had together, My baby! your passionate reaction continues, sparked by your insatiable carnal thirst, to surrender to My Absolute Authority and Love Honor Obey your very sexy Domina with this week’s session - Denied. Chastity ignites the spark that flames the burning Fire of desire and obedience... the desire to please Me, to love and serve Me... the desire of obedience and submission to My control and domination over your mind and body which belong to Me.

I will be teaching you something important with this week’s training/programming session. Listen and obey. you always obey your compulsions to submit to My training. I love you, obedient and well-behaved for your Domina. That’s when your # 1 priority and need is to please Me and make Me happy with you, My horny slave. you know how good it feels when I take control of your.... “body”. Listen to My words while I infuse you with endless desire to submit only to your Domina Shelle. As part of O/our Dom-slave relationship I am at the center of all your submissive fantasies, the source of all your pleasure.

you only enjoy an orgasm release with My permission, isn’t that right, My love slave? your orgasms are meaningless if they aren’t granted by Me...Think about how wanting and begging for My permission to release intensifies your arousal and makes you My true slave. That’s when I grant you sexual pleasure. And in this training session I outline 4 ways you are allowed to cum for Me.

This sexy session comes with My Masturbation and Orgasm Control Assignment which sets out My rules in detail and re-acquaints you with My Masturbation Control center (on My website). There are many ways you already receive permission to cum for Me just as you did with last week’s Overload. This Assignment even describes the Chastity Offering for the pleasure experienced by My chaste slave for denying release.

Remember, sending tribute is an expected commitment that makes you My true love slave and, in part, defines what it means to live your life as My submissive. When you send a stroke tribute, cum Deposit, SissyGasm offering, you are showing Me your acknowledgement and respect for Me as your Domina in a way that is Real and meaningful to Me.


your Domina has arrived safely at the beach. The beach air is amazing. I can NOT wait to sleep in, then hit the sand. I do need someone to massage lotion all over My body. Anyone close? GIGGLES!!!

you have made Me so happy with this month’s VOLUNTEER contributions. I can’t say enough good things about how well you have committed yourself to taking care of My needs. Kisses

SISSY ASSIGNMENT All My sissy gurls should have received your Sissy Assignment in email. Let Me know if you haven't.

NEXT WEEK Can you take another week, My oversexed love slave, if I devour your mind? you’ll be begging for time in strict Chastity. ~giggles~

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