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Product update

Extended JOI - Pleasure TRAINING

Edge Program 101--Ride the Edge

This is going to be a very sexy March, My lil sex toy. Last week My contracted slaves enjoyed the benefits of Ownership. O/our Secret is out. you Love, HONOR and OBEY Me even more and My video gifts sent you to Nirvana. Say: Thank You, Domina. Good boy! Let’s continue this week with Edge PROGRAM 101--Ride the Edge. I love conditioning your eager mind to reinforce My power over you. I often use the expression: OBEDIENCE to Domina is Pleasure. In this session, I’ll teach you a new skill, My preferred way (the right way) for you to EDGE that hard slave c*ck that belongs to Me, My slave 624. you are going to experience that greater pleasure of Obedience.

Yes, I am going to SEXUALLY manipulate you and use your arousal to reinforce your devotion and commitment to Me. I always get what I want, one way or another.

Pet 624, serving and pleasing Me gives you purpose and makes your pleasure more meaningful. Plus RIDING the EDGE is so sexy for you, My mind-F*cked toy. you want to last longer because that’s what I want you to experience. No matter how horny you are, you wait for Me to COMMAND you to orgasm, because you know pleasing Me by putting Me FIRST feels better than to pleasing yourself. I love brainwashing you! Giggles!

contracted, spend time with your March gifts to spark your imagination. Then listen to this week’s session. If you’re interested in being contracted, you can always email Me with your questions.

My sweet horn-dog (giggles), if you are grateful for My permission, I will let you decide if this is a good time to please Me by sending a STROKE TRIBUTE or OFFERING.


Trip to Tenn. update. WOW, it’s been a BUSY week. My sister’s TRANSITION has been a good one. I’ll tell you more later. Thanks again for all the LOVING SUPPORT!

If you really want to Love, Honor and Obey your Domina Shelle, then serve Me, goon and send to Challenge to Please to serve and please Me and make Me so happy with My good boy (and gurl). Another good lesson to learn. ~giggles~


Next week W/we are going to take the next step (Brainwashed to be HORNY). Yes, another lesson about SELF CONTROL is so good for Me...I mean for you, of course!

Take a good look at this week’s special deals:

Seeds of Submission --
I will cultivate a garden of blissful submission deep inside your mind.

Watched --
Powerless to resist My permissive programming and My new playful suggestions...

Prisoner Of The Magician --
Naked, confused, and now enslaved...

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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