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Powerless to resist My permissive programming and My new playful suggestions...

Watched (35 minutes):

My horny little puppet, are you ready for Me to pull on your strings again, to demonstrate how powerless you are to resist My permissive programming and the new playful suggestions I'll implant deep inside your pliable mind?

W/we both know it's a rhetorical question, My sweet, you are here because you are compelled to return to Me, to surrender more of yourself to My conditioning, falling ever deeper into the peaceful, serene, sound of My voice as you descend into My paradise of submissive bliss.  This haven is where you open up to Me, happily embracing all of My sensual suggestions, and since you are hopelessly in love with your Owner - a truly special kind of love that only W/we share - your open and receptive mind fixates on pleasing Me, by always being the best version of yourself just for Me.

That My words have such power and authority is unsurprising - after all I enslaved you to be My obedient, adoring servant - but, what you may not realize is how much of a thrill your Domina gets from watching you submit to My brainwashing:  from the relaxation spreading across your face, the slowing of your breathing, to the rapid hardening of your sex! (giggles)

Mmmm, it is such a turn-on to see you surrender your mind, body, and sex to My dominion, to witness - first hand - how you love, honor, and obey your Owner, without thought or question just adoration and devotion.  Some may consider Me a voyeur but I just enjoy seeing your GROWING desire to serve Me, to please Me, to perform like a puppet for Me all for My pleasure.

This power I have over you is so intoxicating, it is almost as compulsive as your craving to stroke and edge for Me whenever you hear My voice.  In this session you'll discover just how addicted you are to being Watched by your Domina, and that surrendering to My hypnotic control only binds you closer to Me, always and forever MINE.  Being spied on by your Owner never felt so good and all you have to do is LISTEN NOW and OBEY, letting Me do all the thinking for you, just the way W/we both like it... ~~Kisses~~

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Friday, 27 January 2023
This session was immensely pleasurable arousing! The induction was slow and relaxing and before I knew it, I was stroking and obeying my Domina. I love being conditioned.
Saturday, 14 January 2023
"Watched" made me feel even closer to Domina as i know, in my hypnotized state, she is lovingly and dominatingly here next to me. i felt so much intimacy and pleasure feeling Her total domination of my mind and body. my heart felt so much love, desire and submissive devotion than ever before!
Friday, 13 January 2023
Power and perfection in one mind blowing session. Domina Shelle is the pinnacle of hypnotic domination and Her ability to subjugate Her listener is second to none. When Domina creates an Enslavement type session you know it is something special, a combination of intense conditioning along with another layer intended to draw the listener in, subjugating their free will and leaving desperate for more. i surrendered to Domina a long time ago but that feeling of been taken by this amazing Woman never gets old and this session delivers on that count. There is no limit to how far you can fall for Her and that is the beauty of Her work, it gives and gives and in return She enslaves a little more of your will ensuring you will be back for more - and i know i certainly will...
Tuesday, 10 January 2023
All of Domina Shelle's files are sexy, but this might be another level. The link between programming and narrative in this session is very close, and Domina exerts Her control over the listener throughout the session. As others have mentioned the level of arousal is very high. Everyone will enjoy this, however the programming will be most effective on experienced subjects.
Tuesday, 10 January 2023
Hmmhmm, this made me so horny. Domina is playfully controlling me and enslaving me to Her will. i was put into trance as Domina reprogrammed my behaviour.
Tuesday, 10 January 2023
I don't know what to say about this session, It was just so super good and I went so very deep. I never don't believe I have ever been this aroused before:) Thank You Domina. I love, honor and obey You
Sunday, 08 January 2023
OMG! WTF! That was an awesome session and ive added a new favorite to my growing list of Dominas files. The session picture says its Enslavement, but the whole file was pure brainwashing. They really are one in the same aren't they. Domina just out did Herself with this file. Her sexy seductive voice, Her tempting words and OMG the way She took me down, just made me that much more open to Her and Her suggestions. i loved how She took me. i love being taken by Her. i loved how She brainwashes me into new ways of pleasing Her. Wow to be Watched by Her would be just amazing. This session just took me so damn deep that being Her puppet is where i long to be and was. i can't wait to listen to this again. i am so taken by Domina and Her hypnotic programming. There really is no turning back from this. i will always Love, Honor, and Obey my Domina.
Sunday, 08 January 2023
Oh my, this is the one I've been waiting for! A slow seductively silky induction into a deep deep trance to exactly where Domina Shelle wants you to be. Then you are at Her mercy and omg is it exactly the point i want to be as well. Not going to say any more except it is utter BLISS and the file I've needing for a while now, spot on Domina Shelle, You have don't it once again!!!
Sunday, 08 January 2023
Domina Shelle REALLY IS the most lovely, powerful, and beautiful hypnotist in the entire universe!!! Domina is living up to Her new year’s resolution ABSOLUTELY!!! i feel like Domina has spent loads of time listening to and studying all of Her wonderful love slaves and is now laser targeting our deepest desires… Dominas erotic hypnosis sessions have always been incredibly masterful and this year everything feels more wonderfully and erotically personal than ever before! i just LOVE Domina Shelle with ALL of my heart!!!!! ❤️
Saturday, 07 January 2023
Wow!! just wow! Domina is are Her most wickedly sexually powerful in this file. I have never been on the edge for so long, just soaking in all Her powerful suggestions. A beautiful erotic masterpiece from the beautiful powerful goddess, Domina Shelle. Thank You Domina for taking absolute control of my mind forever
Saturday, 07 January 2023
If ever there was a session that demonstrated the power that Domina Shelle wields over a submissive mind, it is this one. It feels like Domina has looked into my soul and then written a session that presses every one of my buttons. She shows an understanding of who and what i am that is astounding, using the delightful instrument that is Her Angelic Voice, i am dragged into a trance depth that is beyond my wildest dreams. Her Sultry Angel Song drags me to heights of arousal that are blissful and then She reaffirms my place in life, confirms that i am Her slave, Her property, and leaves me sated for a brief while before i need to submit to Her voice again. i am very biased, i am blessed to be Domina's slave, to have been listening to Her hypnosis for over 12 years and i know that She defines my reality, but this is an incredible session, Hot, Sexy, Erotic Hypnotic brainwashing at its best. A brief warning, however, this is highly addictive and very very effective programming, but with Domina you will always be safe and cared for. She is the best.
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