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Deeper Hypnotic Abyss

Deeper Into The Abyss

Are you missing Me, My baby? I know you can’t get enough of your Erotic and sweetly wicked Domina Shelle. Come closer now and listen. This is personal and intimate. It’s all for you, My sweet. your defenses are down and your mind is like soft pliable clay on a potter's wheel. Let My sensual hands mold you into MY creation.

This week, I take you to a place where I will incite the thoughts and feelings that will linger and carry you through All difficulties that may come your way.....A place where there is only Obedience. I am simply bringing you Deeper Into The Abyss. Each word is a little trigger, making you completely receptive to everything I do to you. you take such pride in being Mine. Proud to be owned by such a powerful Alpha Domina...Who guides and inspires you throughout your life. Proud to be whatever I want you to be for Me. PURE BLISS!

I will place a trigger deep within your subconscious mind and you will find it very effective. I will always be the ​focus of your addiction and obsessive desires. Everything I do is planned and has a purpose. Each session that you listen to builds on the next. It's another step, another building block in your ongoing training and conditioning... your submission to Me makes you happy. My brainwashing is your arousal.

Listen NOW and accept all of My words as your Only Truth...Yes, you always do what I tell you to do because I have already programmed and recreated you this way. I am the focal point of every thought, every desire​.​ ​Everything you aspire to be channels through your submission to Me. Isn't it so sexy, one more steel bar added to the hypnotic prison of My Abyss inside your mind?

Be sure to listen to Abyss (1) - Endless Abyss, in My Special Deals, before listening to this session for added hypnotic surrender and PLEASURE.


I will be putting together some Pictures from My PHOTOSHOOT to make available soon for your adoring stimulation.... And surprises coming for those who sent a gift to Dress Me Up, very soon. Remember to save up for the next Photo Shoot once I get that castle booking.

Many thanks for all your Challenge To Please contributions. When My future looks bright and secure, so does yours, My pet. I give you so many ways to please Me and win My approval and appreciation when you spoil and pamper your sexy Princess. I think I’ll keep you.~ Giggles~

This week Sleeping Forest - Part 5 is in Special Deals. Recording back then, seemed like a more innocent time. Now the world seems more angry and distrustful. But that’s why you can safely come to your Domina in O/our private Erotic Hypnotic World and escape into your True Reality.


I will be able to record a WELCOME MESSAGE for newcomers to the Website soon. And then I will remind you to get in touch with Me for your Free Recording. For NOW continue your JOURNEY deeper into My world.

ABOUT My voice

What began as a sinus/respiratory tract infection which caused coughing and irritation to My vocals has become laryngitis. But you know Me and you know that I just keep going. Well, this time that didn't work out so well. So, after My most recent Dr’s appointment, My voice is on complete REST. NO talking at all. Can you imagine how hard that is for Me?
I’m so happy that I did a little recording before things got to this point, plus I have a small library of sessions that I record and save for emergencies. WOW, thank goodness I had a few of those emergency sessions. I know how much My training means to you. So, My sweet, if I am quiet you know why. I’m NOT working this weekend, I am resting My voice. Dr’s ORDERS! I don’t want to do long term damage as you could imagine.
Let’s hope early week, I'll be 100%. Things are too quiet around here and honestly I almost forgot how to write. Yes, I am writing on a pad instead of speaking. I feel like I’m in the middle of that Julia Roberts movie “Eat Love Pray”. Maybe I need to wear a sign to remind everyone “NO TALKING”. Giggles

NEXT WEEK I will take very good care of you, My baby. Come just a little bit closer so I can stimulate that itch of Longing Desire. And just maybe some sexy pictures for you...

My special deals for additional listening:

Endless Abyss --
you are My pet, My property, and you'll remain permanently enslaved in the Abyss.

Queen of Domination --
NAKED in front of Me, powerless to resist and mentally bound to accept My every suggestion...

System Override --
I will override your conscious mind and reprogram your subconscious...

The Sleeping Forest - Part 5 --
Fifth in the series. My COMPLETE CONTROL.

The Sleeping Forest Series --
The Sleeping Forest Series Parts 1-7 at a package price.

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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