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What a week. More on that later. My sweet, right now I am programming and training you to be the best you can be for Me, yourself and others close to you. Each step W/we take brings you closer to where I want you, so that always in the back of your mind, for all situations, is the thought: What would Domina want me to do? With this week’s Assimilated erotic brainwashing, I want you to imagine the most comfortable place you have ever been.... relax, listen and prepare for a Hypnotic Possession.

I am going to continue insinuating Myself into your brain cells until you have assimilated Me deep into your core being. I am engraving Myself as an important anchor inside O/our mind. I am here now. And I will always be here, inside of you. The voice in your head... the focus of your attention... the Object of your desires... your primary motivator. Feel the love... the erotic bliss of submission.

I can feel your getting closer to where you want to be. Closer and closer to where I am, infiltrating your being and coursing through your veins, having you tingle from the orgasmic bliss of My mindgasm. I am so much a part of you, now, that you can anticipate all My needs and desires. Welcome to your reality and destiny, My pet, My erotic hypnotic world... the place to Love Honor and Obey your Domina Shelle.
It's so sexy to be Assimilated by Me as I clone Myself inside your brain, dispelling the illusion of your self-control and free will, LISTEN NOW to Assimilated and focus on Me now and allow Me to lead you deep into the center of your mind so that W/we can be together again.


After being Assimilated, My baby, this week W/we continue retracing the journey with Sleeping Forest-Part 2 that brought U/us together for this Love affair. If you don’t have it you can find it in Shelle Rivers special deals.


I am planning a new Photoshoot later this month. After all the requests, I’m giving you a little Peekaboo look... at My face. ~Giggles~ And some new clothes to model, so you can help by making a contribution to Dress Me Up and get some personal pictures in return. I am even thinking you can buy the clothes I wear in the shoot, too.

I have a little more time to file My taxes, so you can still support My Challenge To PLEASE which is a big help not only for My future security, but in lowering My taxes, now. Yippee!

My baby, I had a pretty big setback with My asthma this past week, but finally I am getting to feel normal again. Everyone still needs to be cautious with these Covid variants infecting more people. That’s one reason to Surrender PM every time you go out. Giggles ... Seriously.

NEXT WEEK W/we explore your true reality. Awake, asleep, conscious, subconscious. I create it!

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Ice Queen --
OBEY My very seductive ICY cold commands...

Purple Heart --

Hypnotized --
This is PERFECT if you are just COMING to ME...Or is the DEEPEST trance if you already belong to ME.

The Sleeping Forest - Part 2 --
The Descent.

The Sleeping Forest Series --
The Sleeping Forest Series Parts 1-7 at a package price.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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