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LAB RAT EXPERIMENT - Triggered to Obey

After giving Me such a wonderful Valentine’s Day, I want to give you a special reward with this week’s Brainwashing session, LAB RAT-Blank Mind.  I know how much you love My EXPERIMENTS.  This time, My lil Lab Rat, I will place you spinning on your running wheel to keep you highly motivated until the Experiment is over.

I will be testing and measuring the control that My POST HYPNOTIC suggestions have on your subconscious and conscious mind.  Testing to see if the outcomes are the same on both subconscious and conscious Mind.  Or whether your Domina has more control over the subconscious, triggered by post hypnotic suggestions, or more control through direct obedience from your conscious mind.  you simply are to listen to this session and with your BLANK MIND follow all My instructions and put your obedience to the test.

With the purchase of this session you will be signed up for the ongoing EXPERIMENT so I know who is taking part.  you will be notified when the EXPERIMENT is over in a REAL EROTIC way.  Then I will measure the results.  Details later.  There is no need for more information at this time.  This EXPERIMENT will last until it is FINISHED...giggles!  Don’t worry your subconscious mind will know all that you need to know.

NOTE:  THIS IS A REAL EXPERIMENT - By purchasing this session you are relinquishing all rights to your conscious and subconscious mind over to ME...I will do with you all that I want.  I can NOT be held responsible for any long term or permanent effects caused by this EXPERIMENT.  TRUST Me like you have so many times before and go now and download the session.


I want to thank you, again, for showing Me so much love for Valentine’s Day.  It’s very gratifying to know how devoted and committed you have become to taking such good care of your Princess.  If you sent a gift and have not heard back from Me, personally, let Me know.  Thanks, My puppy, for the positive response to My Valentine gifts to you.  Did you happen to see the short Valentine's Video I posted on My YouTube Channel?  Go and comment on it.

My loyal and devoted servant, keep up all the good work you do for Me with a small Challenge To PLEASE contribution to My retirement fund with time running out before Tax time.

I am still reviewing the Stories you sent as part of your School Assignment and will keep you up to date.

NEXT WEEK I have a brainwashing conditioning session to reinforce My POWER over you.

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