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OH MY! Between these darn power outages and the extra hours at the hospital, you haven’t been getting the attention you need... I'm thinking I need a generator ~giggles~. But I know that you are thinking of Me all the time, now that I mean the world to you. With My recent sessions I am trying to give you the feeling that I am right there with you, seeing and knowing what you are doing, especially with this week’s TRIGGERED. you will listen to this session and you will be triggered automatically to think of Me. I have permeated your entire being, mind, heart, body and soul. I will always be here for you when you need control, just how you like it.

Think about triggers in your daily life. Have you ever had a song stuck in your mind...out of the blue? Something conscious or subconscious? Or thinking of an old movie, a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. A craving for a piece of chocolate. What’s bringing on that arousal? It's all about TRIGGERS!

This is the most POWERFUL Trigger that I have created for you. you won’t escape from it. you’ll embrace it and come back to it again and again. Triggered by something you do all the time. Be warned. It will affect you for the rest of your life. you can’t get away from Me, even if you ever wanted to. I love knowing you're completely addicted to Me. Think of Me, feeding your addiction when you listen to this session. I love brainwashing you, My subject, leaving you open and even more suggestible to My will.


My baby gurls, everything has gotten pushed back but you should have your sissy session of Transcendance soon, if you purchased the original. If you didn’t, you will find it in New Releases this week.

you can secure O/our future together with a Challenge to PLEASE for My retirement contribution that also helps Me since it is tax deductible. And since We are going to have to get a generator with all these power outages I will use some of these funds to get the generator sooner than later. Yippee!

As W/we get closer to Valentine’s Day, I’ll have some special gifts for you and let you send Me your Gift of Love.

NEXT WEEK I am going to wrap you up so tightly and maybe a happy ending. Be patient, pet. ~giggles~

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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